More damaging pictures of Gillian and Cecilia released

Into the 13th day of the scandal, although no new starlets has been exposed in the form of videos and pictures as promised, more damaging pictures of Gillian Chung and Cecilia Chung has been released.

Edison bringing all the starlets down with him

The number of Gillian pictures released has widened to include set photos of her in black lingerie while another new set is of her in a white bra and panties. It’s estimated that Edison must have took her pictures from 2001 to 2006 judging from the looks of it. Gillian has the longest timeframe amongst the female stars to have her pictures taken. One of Cecilia’s photo exif information showed that it was taken in June 2005. While for Bobo Chan’s case, her scandal with Edison started from 2001 and ended in 2004 and from the arrangment in Edison’s room, the photos must have been shot between 2002, 2003.

And from this, we can see that Edison must have relationships with 2 or more starlets at one given time, or maybe even more. It seems like the more revealing photos are those whom he must have a relationship with while the others must be just flings or a one night stand.

This incident has shocked the entire world not just Asia alone and Edison’s name has become the butt of discussion all over. He must have some psychological problem to be filming every female star he has been with. Edison Chen has also been the most searched term on Google over the past few days.

I seriously doubt that Gillian can remain in the industry any longer because the world is realistic especially towards woman celebrities, it might be forgotten easily in the Western world but not in Asia. Her “Happy CNY Greeting” done for Hong Kong Disneyland was secretly removed from the website suddenly.

Total damage released as of February 10th 2008

There were actually posts yesterday about a Edison Chen video with Maggie Q doggy style, photos of Jolin and Vincy Yeung. The video was nowhere to be seen because it was deleted soon after it was posted. The Jolin photos are not the real deal as it was just someone who looks like her posing as a Jolin wannabe. Maybe he couldn’t get Jolin and so got someone who likes her?

The 3 photos of Vincy Yeung in the showers looks to be real and I really despise Edison for doing this since Vincy is only at most a 16 year old student probably when he started wooing her. With her uncle, Albert Yeung triad connections, Edison is better off going into hiding.  

The various forums in China and Hong Kong are now being policed heavily so links appear and go in a flash. “Kira” is probably just biding his time.

51 thoughts on “More damaging pictures of Gillian and Cecilia released

  1. THis is insane… i feel bad for cecelia, she went through so much to be with nicholas, i bet a divorce is coming, no guy can tolerate seeing more and more photos of her wife doing another guy.
    But these celebs are so dumb. when they break up with edison, at least tell him to get rid of the pictures… they should have expected this to happen.

  2. i shouldnt be saying this, but edison is such a jerk. Theres witnesses of him in New York City lately. Its not the first time my friends had see him shopping in Soho. How can he act so leisurely at a point like this?!

  3. edison chen is a jerk and should be shot for taking these sexual, intimate photos of these girls. he’s not man enough to be responsible for these photos.

    and in a way, these girls should not have gotten involved with him, having known that he’s been with all of these girls.

  4. Edison is my idol. He is man enough because he’s the greatest. He must have lured him so how to get. They say he has a small penis but it looks pretty long to me just not as wide as mine.

  5. I’m sorry but the girls were willing participants in this just as much as he was, why feel sorry for them and not for him? it’s not like the girls were unaware the cam was rolling. the whole situation must be humiliating for all of those involved. so they took some frisky photos of themselves in private, it’s their business. i bet many people do that in private. what is indecent is that there is some jerk out there who is getting a kick out of distributing these photos and ruining people’s lives. have you no shame? no morals? is your life so incredibly pathetic and miserable that you must drag innocent people’s lives through the mud? while he hides his head in the sand, those affected must face it publicly. it’s embarrassing and humiliating for them. put yourself in their shoes, how would you feel in this situation? yes you could say they shouldn’t have taken these pictures, but they were not meant for the public. these are private photos and just because they are celebrities does not mean that they are not entitled to a private life. yes, edison is stupid for not taking better care so that these photos were not leaked..that is his mistake and he’s paying for it now. but does he and the girls really deserve to be put through this? to the person distributing thse, shame on you.

  6. F**K Edison!! He’s the biggest jerk. He’s not a friendly guy…very cocky!! Haha….thanks Kira!!! Karma is a fuck.

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  11. Who else is bored with this whole thing already?

    I am bored and frankly disappointed. The girls aren’t that hot. Gillian is the best out of all of them but without makeup, she looks nothing like how she normally is in magazines or on youtube videos.

    Cecilia? She is just not attractive to me, even if she shaves. The rest of them are forgettable as well.

  12. hope everythings gonna be alright…

    and i hope nicholas still stick together with cecilia and give her support…it’s a pity if they got divorce because of this..

    Gillian…phew..i never expect that she’ll be involved in this kind of scandal…^^””””, chai you!! everyone make mistake, i’ll pray 4 u…

    Edison…omg…what a cassanova…
    no wonder if he ran away to NY, since Albert Yeung (maybe) looking for him…

  13. Think about this recently. Not too sure about the answer myself. Seems they have not done anything wrong. What they have done are what I think most people love to do it BUT for moral reason only. Consider this, what would people say if you kiss a girl’s face publicly some 150 years ago in a Chinese City. Guess this would not be acceptable. Again, we seem to agree that they can do the thing, what make the issue so controversal is that we can see the pictures and that the police cheif has handled this in such an annoying manner. Will we be more acceptance to this type of thing some 50 yrs later? Or if we don’t, would our grandchildren see this as a casual stuff.

    I am confused on this type of things myself and I have no answer.

  14. Whoa!

    The first new set of pictures of Gillian were taken in Four Seasons Hong Kong! Expensive sex.

  15. I thought it was reasonably well known that Albert Yeung pimps his women out at HK$100,000 per night? So the cost of the room at the Four Seasons is insignificant.

  16. yah its actually it me am kira..i am edison…ahhhh…i am nuts…
    mystery unfold…
    could eDicKson be kira?….

  17. with regards to post #39, that’s a hoax. is the real deal and is not associated with eeg at all.

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  19. Uhh, why are you guys uploading/linking all this crap? What, are you going to use it to get off on it tonight? He slept around and took pictures; the ladies were also aware that he took pictures, but never expected it to be thrown to the public. We get it now. So, GROW UP. You got the pictures? Good for you! You’re now holding on to someone else’s SEX pictures! *GASP*

    Poor girls. But at the same time, they never should’ve consented to having themselves recorded. Isn’t that the most obvious thing to do? O_o Oh wait, the most obvious was probably not sleeping around to PR, but of course, after that, if you do, don’t record yourself. -__-…

    Btw, Coolsmurf, do you have the same ID on YouTube? XD If it is, I watch your clips from time to time. 😛

  20. This Edison guy sounds like a total sicko to me :S i didn’t even know who the hell was he i just know by all those pictures all those women will have to take the blame for it…and he is what chillin in US!

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