Charice Pempengco Star King #48 performance + interview hardsubbed

Happy Chinese New Year!

As a reward for this Charice video for reaching over two million views on Chinese New Year in just three amazing months, I have decided to release the second video of her appearing on Star King #48, King of Kings Special. Includes her singing “I Will Survive”, interview, “Listen” and “I Will Always Love You” duet with Lena Park Jung Hyun. The subs for this are different from the one I posted on Youtube and has been tweaked for better understanding.

Do not post this on any forums, boards, communities, blogs, personal sites, video streaming sites such as youtube, veoh, etc. Ask before you do so!

Credits: coolsmurf (cut + subbing + encoding + uploading)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 (MU)

Download (MU)


Please do not hijack the link and post it somewhere else, direct them here.

43 thoughts on “Charice Pempengco Star King #48 performance + interview hardsubbed

  1. thank u very much coolsmurf! ur so cool! u should be awarded on national television as well or should be in the news! I saw ur other videos and think u are very generous in subbing a lot of korean shows. I’m actually a fan of such shows thats why ur work is very much appreciated by me=)

  2. Thanks coolsmurf for you support to Charice Pempengco.Hope to see more viewers on all you posted videos.Take care and God bless you always!

  3. Congratulations, coolsmurf! Wow, 2 million mark and I’ve lately seen that this subbed video even made it to a t.v. news in France. The anchorman, even said – good thing the video was subbed so they could also understand….Good job, coolsmurf and more power to you!

  4. Wow! 2 million views already?! I didn’t notice that was coming…I did see the first million though.

    Well, here’s to many more “millions” to come lol. 😀

  5. Yo Cool smurf Thanks For uploading My video I just Want to Ask permission To used Some Of Your Viedeo To post On my Personal blogsite I havn’t Got Of that copy for my spare Ei! Thanks

  6. Hi coolsmurf,

    I have tried to download this video clip by left clicking it, but nothing shows up. Is IU not working or simply it is a dead link? Please reply. Thanks!!!! 🙂

  7. @huezune2000, it appears that IU is down for site maintenence. i will re-upload if it continues.

  8. Hi coolsmurf,

    I am having problem with the 3rd file. When I am extracting the first and second file, it is not recognizing the 3rd file. I think, the 3rd file is star King # 38 video.

  9. @jealousyou, it should work now, i was in a haste and pasted the wrong one. thanks for pointing that out.

  10. Hi again coolsmurf,

    It works now. Thanks again for your generosity. If you’re in my neighborhood, email me and I will take you out for lunch.

  11. thanks for this! its sooooo clear!<3
    also thanks for subbing and introducing me to super junior and korean tv shows…

  12. Aww…the 2nd link of HFS seems incorrect…would you please re-up it again…thanks! ^^

  13. Thank you so much for everything I appreciated and enjoyed watching Korean shows and movies so much. Thanks for all the help..winks

    Keep up the good work!

  14. You’re amazing for doing this. One big problem. I can’t play the video! >_> Apparently I’m missing a codec, but the two times I try installing the codec, it’s still not working. Help!

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