More arrested as Edison Chen sex photos saga draws to a close?

With no leaked pictures or videos since the photoshopped Joey Yung one, more news broke today that the Hong Kong police has apprehended four guys and 2 girls in association with the case early yesterday morning.

They managed to find in their possession over 1000 “pictures” thanks to a tip-off from the public. The suspects apparently knew each other and will be charged with the offence with posting the pictures on the internet next week. They are however unrelated to the man caught earlier. The pictures involved Edison Chen and other female artistes linked to this case. 

The three suspects that were caught are in the information technology industry and it’s believed that the pictures were copied from Edison’s Apple laptop when he sent it for repair in 2006 through a proxy. Another source however states that the leak came after Edison sent his digital camera for repair where it was discovered that pictures and videos of him and female stars were stored in the memory card which was later duplicated on a CD and leaked.

Although police have refused to confirm their stand, but it’s believed that they believed the photos are real and not photoshopped. They are still open to any more leads and will continue their investigations as they believe that the original poster is still at large right now. They also revealed there’s no financial problems as reported earlier with Edison or his family. Only two unidentified artistes have stepped in to lend their assistance to the investigations.

So it seems like the scandal is drawing to a close with no new pictures/videos posted and more arrested to deter those who dares to spread more damage. Meanwhile, there was no sign of Edison Chen’s official statement from himself yesterday as promised by him on his blog regarding this scandal.

10 thoughts on “More arrested as Edison Chen sex photos saga draws to a close?

  1. Seems like the original poster know his stuff…if you’re gonna commit a crime, don’t do it at home with your own computer…like those people who just got arrested.

    So you can rest assured there’ll be more to come, after all, how can you catch someone if they’re not at the same spot all the time?

  2. this is really turning into something much bigger than i anticipated…it seems there’s so many twists and turns..

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