Joo Jin Mo, Park Ji Yoon Bichunmoo Drama to be shown finally

The Korean-Chinese production, “Bichunmoo” starring Joo Jin Mo & Park Ji Yoon will finally be shown to Korean viewers soon.

The drama started filming at the end of March 2004 and was completed in May 2005. And after a long wait of 2 years and 7 months after production wrapped up, the drama will finally be seen by Korean viewers at long last.

Outdoor scenes for “Bichunmoo” was all filmed in China and total production amounted to about 700,0000 USD. This is a pure martial arts drama and talks about a tragic love story between a guy and his love who aren’t afraid of impending death. The drama will be edited from it’s original 38 episodes into 14 episodes and shown on SBS every Friday night.

Yesterday afternoon at the press conference held at SBS building, female lead Park Ji Yoon expressed, “There were many tough moments that can’t be described during filming, and this is a production which many have devoted their hard work to completing it, we had high hopes for this, but sadly it was never shown, so we were all pretty sad. I thought that this would be my only regret in my life, but I’m happy now knowing that it would be broadcast soon.”

Meanwhile, the male lead, Joo Jin Mo expressed, “I can’t really describe how I feel now”, as he gave his thoughts on the eventual broadcast.

“Bichunmoo” is directed by Yoon Sang Ho who also directed the mega blockbuster drama, “Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi” last year. The show which was produced with a budget of 60 million won in 2004 will finally be shown on Korean television starting February 1st.

Although the movie, “Bichunmoo” was kind of corny compared to similiar flicks now, it was pretty cool when I watched it light years ago. I hope this would be a good drama to look forward to.

6 thoughts on “Joo Jin Mo, Park Ji Yoon Bichunmoo Drama to be shown finally

  1. I think this drama is as good as Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi. This drama was very good in my opinion, it’s sad that it wasn’t shown in Korea until recently. The drama is very interesting, and if you like Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi, you will like this drama as well. This drama I liked in the beginning, in the middle and even the ending to my opinion was extremely good. If Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi had an ending like this i wouldn’t be complaining about it’s ending….byes i hope you watch this drama becasue it’s so GOOD!

  2. actually I really love this series . PJYoon and JJM are just awesome . sad that the ratings wasn’t good , well , I love to see Park J Yoon and JJM so it doesn’t matter to me . Just hope to see PJY n JJM in a modern project soon

  3. Hi,
    If any of the cast or anyone related to making this drama ever stumble across this site and read this, I hope you all know you did a really great job. The ratings did not do it justice. The music was beautiful, the cast were extremely good: man they can act! Cinematography was such a treat for the eyes. Just as good as a lot of the tragic period dramas, I think comparable to Damo, Legend, if not better as they had to act alongside people who did not speak their language and still had to portray it on their faces as though they understood each other. Great work you guys! Love your work. Definitely recommend it.

  4. I watched the drama for times already since I bought it last 3 weeks ago. I will not waste my time watching it over and over again if it is not a very good series. Sad to say that I found it quite short. I love Ju Jin Mo in this film, in fact this is the first time I’ve seen and noticed him. Since this drama, I looked for his other projects and I love 200 lbs beauty, fashion 70, Musa the Warrior. Every night for a week my sister and I repeatedly watched 200 lbs beauty and we seem can’t get enough of Ju Jin Mo.. hehe! She also became a fan of Ju Jin Mo! His acting is awesome! not to mentioned his very good looks! everybody will be hooked once you watched him. Anyway, hope to see more of his project and I hope more people will support him!

  5. yo solo puedo decir que me encanto pero soy una gran fan de joo jin mo el cual me parece un gran actor a veces las criticas no dicen nada para mi cuantos dramas o doramas que ha sido mal criticados o de baja audiencia me parecen magnificos es cuestion al final del que lo ve

  6. Loved it. Loved the story, the actors/actresses, and the ending. I first saw it on Taiseng DirectTV USA when it was shown the end of 2009/beginning of 2010 and ended up buying the DVD set.

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