Infinity Challenge gagmen appearance on Yi San offered something interesting

“Although interesting, scenes that involved them felt out of place.”

In the “Yi San” episode shown last night, all “Infinity Challenge” hosts made their cameo appearance in one scene and spiked the ratings (TNS Media Korea) to 28.8% but there were both praise and criticism of their appearance.

All the MCs played the roles of passer-by, officer, guard, carriage carrier, Qing Dynasty merchant, guest at the inn. Some felt that although it was interesting trying to spot them in the drama, but because of the entry of these “people”, it somehow hampered the flow of the drama. Some commented that Yoo Jae Suk who played the role of a flirt and was teasing the innkeeper’s wife was very good, Jun Hyung Don who played a merchant was like the real thing with his big belly and fluent Chinese. The others also played their roles to perfection.

But then, it was not just one or two that appeared in that scene but all six of them. Some viewers shook their head and said it was hard to adjust seeing them in the drama. One suggested, “I was shocked at first to see Park Myung Soo carrying the carriage. But subsequently I saw them come out one-by-one (lesser impact)…When the scene moved to the Queen Dowager trying to take advantage of the Emperor dementia illness, I was unable to concentrate on that. Although it was an interesting idea to include them in the drama, but it would be better if it was fleeting rather than so prolonged and obvious.”

Lately, netizens had been putting photos of “Infinity Challenge” hosts side-by-side with characters from “Yi San” which bought an idea to both sets of production and they decided to let them enter the drama production in small cameos. Their cameo appearance will continue today and “Infinity Challenge” will broadcast a special episode of this on Saturday, January 19th.

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