Two of SG Wannabe members dating co-stars

Two SG Wannabe members were recently revealed to have been dating fellow colleagues which has been acknowledged by their management.

Kim Yong Jun from SG Wannabe was revealed to be in a relationship with ex-Sugar member, Hwang Jum Eum. According to sources, they have been dating for six months already. Because they were in the same company, they had many chances to meet each other and they subsequently became a couple.

With regards to their relationship, many of their colleagues gave them their best wishes. One of them said, “Both of them are kind-hearted and they get along well. I feel that they are very compatible and seeing that they both look out for each other really makes one feel envious of them.”

Kim Yong Jun debuted in 2004 with SG Wannabe and won the Daesang Award at the recent 22nd Golden Disk Awards. Hwang Jung Eum debuted as part of girl group, Sugar but left in 2004 to become an actress. She is now working towards her goal and starring in weekend drama, “Winter Bird”.

Meanwhile, another SG Wannabe member, Chae Dong Ha was also recently revealed to be dating Lee Bo Ram from SeeYA and this was acknowledged by their management company. Amidst the recent spate of couple breakups, this is good news indeed!

3 thoughts on “Two of SG Wannabe members dating co-stars

  1. HJE remember her from the Love Letter days.
    “Tung tung couple”. Both of them now dating others 🙂
    Good luck to them.

  2. Lol. Somehow I find this all amusing and so coincidental.

    HJE…ahh…totally remember her on variety shows. Such a ditzy character on those shows! And I didn’t know she was in Sugar… how weird. I always thought she was an actress.

    As for Bo Ram, I keep going back to the time when SeeYa was performing on X-man and Haha and Lee Jong Soo kept bugging her! Hilarious!

  3. Oh my god. I’m soooo disappointed. I usually do not care about celebrities and who they date, but Hwang Jung Eum?! He can do SO much better! I don’t care if it’s her real personality or she’s acting, I hated the way she carried herself on those shows…
    And as for the Chae Dong Ha and Lee Boram, I think this is a weird couple, but I suppose if they are happy, that’s fine.
    I don’t know… SG Wannabe used to be my all time favorite but they’ve just lost something since their 3rd album… They’re not the same anymore musically.

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