Kang Soo Jung getting married soon

I quite like her after seeing her always getting picked by Kim Jong Kook when he was on Heroine 6. Congrats to her!

Since becoming a freelancer MC, ex-KBS announcer, Kang Soo Jung (31 years old) has been busy with several assignments. She recently confirmed that she was indeed getting married soon after speculation about it in the media.

DY Entertainment announced yesterday in an official statement that Kang Soo Jugn would be getting married on March 15th to a fund manager identified only as “Kim from Harvard” in Hong Kong in mid-March. Kim works at a financial firm in HK and his entire family is there.

Although the date has been fixed, the exact wedding location is still undecided and will either be at the Peninsula or Shangri-La Hotel.

The two of them met three years ago through Kang Soo Jung’s friend and subsequently started dating since and became a couple. Their families met in December and wedding preparations soon began

Kang Soo Jung assured her friends that she will continue to to work in the entertainment industry despite her getting married and will shuttle between Hong Kong and Korea. She has been taking cooking lessons from early last year

News of her getting married was first reported in January 12th on a female-related website and caught the attention of netizens. Both of them was actually spotted having dinner on Christmas Day in 2006 and also created a scandal. But Kang Soo Jung denied at that time and said that they weren’t dating and she will gracefully announce her relationship when the time arrives.

Kang Soo Jung graduated from Yonsei University with a Life Sciences degree and had entered KBS in 2002 as an announcer. She came to prominence after starring in variety show, “Heroine 6”. She announced in 2005 that she had become a freelancer and is currently the host of several programs on the three major tv stations in Korea.

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