Infinity Challenge joins Yi San drama production

The six hosts from MBC variety show, “Infinity Challenge” will have cameo roles in the next episodes of MBC drama, “Yi San”. I have stopped watching this quite some time ago, maybe it’s time to catch this for the sake of seeing them.

The six members joined the filming of “Yi San on the 9th and 10th of January and played the roles of passer-by, guard, carriage man carrier, inn guests, etc.

Jung Hyung Don won the praise of director, Lee Byeong Hun after speaking fluent Mandarin in his role of a Qing Dynasty merchant. Meanwhile, Yoo Jae Suk (MC Yoo) said his lines in a modern way that was not fit for a saeguk drama and it was only after a few takes before he finally got it right.

Director Lee Byeong Hun said with a smile, “Their acting was very natural and the atmosphere was very jovial. Viewers might wonder for a moment if they have seen someone familiar walk past since they will only appear 2-3 seconds.”

These special moments with the “Infinity Challenge” hosts added to the mix will be shown on the next two episodes of “Yi San” on January 14th and 15th.

One thought on “Infinity Challenge joins Yi San drama production

  1. i guess they needed to spice the drama up! …i personally don’t watch sageuks…but this seems interesting (for those 2-3 seconds of course lol)

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