Abysmal ratings for Robber despite convincing acting from cast

SBS Wed-Thus television drama, “Robber” continues to struggle as ratings for Episode 3 continued in the single digit range.

According to TNS Media Korea, the January 9th episode of “Robber” got a rating of only 6.2%. This was significantly lower compared to MBC’s “New Heart” and KBS2 “Hong Gil Dong” which got 23.1% and 14.9% respectively.

“Robber” started out with a rating of 9.2% for it’s debut episode. But despite convincing acting from Jang Hyuk and Lee Da Hae, the ratings have slumped since then. The 2nd episode shown on the next day got a rating of 7.5%.

KBS2 dramas who have been stuck in the single digit range consistently for their Wed-Thus slot last year has finally broken the “curse” by achieving double digit ratings this year thanks to “Hong Gil Dong” strong showing.

Over at AGB Nielsen, the rating for January 9th saw “Robber” getting 7.3%. “Hong Gil Dong” and “New Heart” got 15.0% and 23.1% respectively.

“New Heart” probably has a core set of viewers since it started earlier and had the fallout from “Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi”. Plus the Koreans seems to love dramas with hospital themes. “Hong Gil Dong” despite it’s weird fusion saeguk theme has managed to draw viewers in while “Robber’ seems to offer nothing much in terms of novelty factor despite some solid acting from the cast.

6 thoughts on “Abysmal ratings for Robber despite convincing acting from cast

  1. well kbs has its daily dramas to fall back on, and even though hong gil dong has double digit ratings, i don’t that that’s doing very well, because they didn’t increase and 15 is not very good for any sageuk.

  2. I really like Hong Gil Dong. It’s a little bit strange but the writers (the Hong sisters), some very pretty/famous people (though you might or might not like them) and of course, the fusion thing itself really brings in curious viewers.

    As for Robbers, I think the main problem with it is that it’s predictable. it’s not that it’s BAD, and the actors’ solid acting makes it above average from other predictable romantic comedy, but it’s humor is not edgy-sharp witty–passable, but not that great. A predictable plot line and just okay comedy isn’t good enough to draw in the crowds, despite strong leads.

    Hong Gil Dong seems to be a bit low….XD I’m a HGD fan so I’m hoping it goes up and up! But we’ll see. The battle rages.

  3. It is such a shame that people are missing out on Robbers. It is such a gem.

    The storyline may sound cliche but the drama itself is not. After watching 4 episodes so far I must say I’m in love with the drama. This is such a character-driven drama (to quote a friend of mine)….it’s not flashy or sobfest like some dramas. Instead Robbers focuses on character development. Upon watching it you’ll understand that things aren’t really as simple as it might look like in the first place. The characters are so rich with emotions. I thought there is always a nice balance between comedy and drama in each episode.

    Anyway what I’m trying to say is…please don’t let the ratings prevent you from checking out the drama. Please do watch it and you won’t be disappointed.

  4. Watched HGD and Robber back-to-back over the weekend and both dramas are actually quite good, pity that they are in competing timeslots.

    For Robber, i am surprised that there isn’t any lull between scenes despite it being a melodrama. normally there would be scenes u just want to FF. somehow i feel that the nose-bleed for Oh Joon means a sad end for him. he was like a total jerk to the airport lady yet i can’t lambast him since he knows it himself and just wants her to move on by being nasty.

    HGD really cut it for me this week. Things really moved along and stopped being awkward for me although i still can’t quite stomach seeing that techno dance again! KJH was freaking awesome in his role and SYR was equally great as his sidekick and her eating habit is so funny. Loved how they used flashbacks to tell us their childhood and it was a change from the norm of seeing kids turning into adults. Things are starting to unravel bit-by-bit now and I am hooked now. But i still can’t accept JGS role, so boyish looking.

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