Hong Gil Dong edges out Robber in debut episode

A new ratings war has commenced on the Wed/Thus timeslot in Korea following the end of “In-soon is Pretty” and “Lobbyist” last week, as the battle between the succeeding dramas, “Hong Gil Dong” and “Robber” took place last night.

According to ratings released by AGB Nielsen, the ratings for KBS drama, “Hong Gil Dong” and SBS drama, “Lobbyist” got ratings of 15.8% and 10.3% respectively for the national rating, far surpassing the ratings of its predecessor’s dramas.

The rating of “Hong Gil Dong” was exceptionally outstanding as it was doubled that of “In-soon is Pretty” by 7, 8% and has injected a new lease of life into KBS as its ratings for dramas recently has been less that stellar.

But compared to the current leader, MBC’s “New Heart” in the Wed/Thus timeslot who had a ratings of 22.6%, it was behind by about 7%. But KBS who has always been No.3 and now becoming No.2, it is clearly a morale boosting victory plus the fact that it has a good lead of 5% over “Robber”.

Although “Hong Gil Dong” has got the upper hand in the ratings war, it is just only the beginning. It is interesting to anticipate what “Robber” would come up with to bring the viewers in and chase “Hong Gil Dong” in the ratings war.

7 thoughts on “Hong Gil Dong edges out Robber in debut episode

  1. Oh yeah…the new dramas are out! Well, of course I haven’t seen either yet but I will definitely give both a try.

    Which one are you liking Alvin?

  2. i have no idea akon at the moment, but hong gil dong does seem to have the edge in terms of its fusion of different elements.

  3. I’ve been wanting to watch both of these shows but kinda want to watch Hong Gil Dong more =P
    But Lee Da Hae is in the Robber lol, I’ll just have to wait for the subs to come out and watch both of them.

  4. i don’t know…for me, Hong Gil Dong looks more interesting even though dear Jang Hyuk is in “Robber.” I think it’s the costumes in HGD that do it for me and the fact I enjoyed the previous productions by the Hong sisters. For me, I think LDH can be too (or overly) cutesy cutesy when she’s acting…it’s just not that genuine. B/c she is genuinely adorable, she shouldn’t really put too much effort into coming on as cute b/c she is already cute–no need to o/d it. And I know that a lot of people don’t really like Sung YuRi…but I adore her. Sure her acting was horrible in One Fine Day but I thought she improved in Snow Queen and I love that “bitchyness” quality to her…so it’d be interesting to see how she adapts to her characted in HGD–and the commercial ads/previews for HGD are just more appealing…more colors…more liveliness…more light-heartedness =]] wooht wooht– but Jang Hyuk does look as dashing as ever–although i sorta prefer his hair-do in Thank You more…lol (yea yea, that was shallow…)

  5. Episode 1 subs of Hong Gil Dong is out but it’s not released by WITH S2. A new English fangroup called KST (they usually do Viet subs this is their first English project.)

  6. With S2 has released subs for both series ep 1 now.
    I was thinking of skipping HGD at fist cause when i hear “fusion” i just get really bad vibes to that knight
    movie a few years back (but then, thats Hollywood)

    But since subs are out i guess ill watch both 🙂

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