Charice Pempengco Star King #38 performance + interview hardsubbed

As a reward for the video reaching over a million views on Christmas Day 2007 after just two months, I have decided to release this full Charice video appearing on Star King #38. Includes her singing “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going”, interview and “A Whole New World” duet with Super Junior member, Kyu Hyun. The subs for this are different from the one I posted on Youtube and has been tweaked for better understanding. Happy Holidays!

Do not post this on any forums, boards, communities, blogs, personal sites, video streaming sites such as youtube, veoh, etc. Ask before you do so!


Credits:Β coolsmurf (cut + subbing + encoding + uploading)

Download (MU)


Please do not hijack the link and post it somewhere else, direct them here.

47 thoughts on “Charice Pempengco Star King #38 performance + interview hardsubbed

  1. Seen her second guesting in Star King but no subbing. I like the first episode than the second one, nonetheless, she is still amazing and she can move too.

  2. AWWW thank you sooo much!!!!!!!!!! i finally got a hold of a bettr quality to store in my computer….. kamsamida* looking forward for another charice on star king subbed!

  3. You need to have a program that can join the files together.

    Examples include WinRAR or 7-Zip.

    After you install the program, make sure to ENTER THE PASSWORD that will allow the program to join the files.

    The password is mentioned in the post.

    If you managed to do all that and just have a problem “watching,” then use an alternative media player such as VLC or Zoom Player.

    Hope this helped somewhat.

  4. yes you’ll just need a WINRar application for you to extract this:

    like site to download winrar:

    and i dont think that you’ll be having problems with the player since it is in .avi format

    Uhmm coolsmurf, are you going to have direct downloads for dec 29’s star king too??? *crosses fingers* thanks again for the DDL. the subs were in better quality. i know understood the joke the other judge made about the size of the stage… comparing charice’s and other other woman judge’s size on the stage… it was kinda blurry to understand the inside joke there but i finally got it.. THANNK YOUUUUUU!!! much appreciated!:)

  5. coolsmurf thanks for the effort and thanks for sharing…. we so much appreciate your kindness… and have a happy new year and more power to you ^_^

  6. Thanks for sharing STARKING #38. I really enjoyed watching it in my own laptop. Very clear and able to see thel emotions in their faces. I really appreciate your generosity.

  7. Hi coolsmurf, can you teach me how to download it? sorry i’m new!! πŸ™‚ appreciate ur help. i really like charice cuz she is amazing!!!

  8. Hi! I just want to congratulate you for reaching 3Million views in this video…

    Thanks again for subbing this episodes…

  9. the hyperfileshare link keeps on disconnecting in 3.87mb. i already tried it several times. 😦

    i hope you can upload this video on rapidshare or mediafire.

    thanks a lot ^_^

  10. hi coolsmurf.. i downloaded these videos but the password is not working properly, what is the right password? i used but it didn’t work. please help i really want this video.

  11. can you pretty pleeeaaase upload it in other links because the hypershare links stops at 3.82 mb…

    thanks !!!

  12. Coolsmurf is kind & Great! jst like Charice…
    THANK YOU Soooooooo much the vids!
    LUV u all…

  13. I’ve watched it a million times already. I just couldn’t stand not having it in a much better quality than ordinary flv. Thank you SO much, mate. I’ll download it as soon as I have the time. Cheers!

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  15. hi.. can i have some too? it looks like it’s already unavailable and i’ve been looking all over the site to get this vid with hard subbed.. please, help me, i want to have this vid..

  16. hi.. good day to you I just want to ask a permission to use the picture above for my blog. I recently opened a blog about super junior and I wanted to use this pic. Im hoping for your consideration as a senior in blogging. Thanks…

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