Lobbyist fails to deliver

SBS drama, “Lobbyist” starring Song Il Gook & Jang Jin Young drew to a close on Boxing Day, December 26th. Despite it being the final episode, the rating for it was similar to what it’s debut episode got and shocked the television station and it’s production company.

According to ratings supplied by AGB Nelson, the final “Lobbyist” episode got a rating of 13.0%. Another media research company, TNS Media put it at 11.1%. The production company & SBS were full of confidence for this 120 million drama and had hoped that it can fight head-to-head with MBC’s Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi. It had at one time attracted attention at the start with it’s unique theme of lobbying and exquisite overseas location, but the weak script saw it coming up short at the end when it promised so much at the beginning.

Competing dramas in the same timeslot, MBC “New Heart” & KBS “In-soon is Pretty” got ratings of 21.0% & 6.3% respectively and was pretty much unaffected by the finale of “Lobbyist”.

My thoughts
This came on the back of me watching TODAW and the pre-drama hype seems to indicate that it would be somewhat similar. Well it started ok and then bam, it just detoriated into a melodrama and simply horrific poor acting by the Americans that they used. They also seem to blow most of their budget overseas and it sort of bit them back in the latter episodes with the lack of “explosions”. Didn’t fare any better when they were in Kyrgyzstan and slightly better when back to Korea.

The acting was generally passable with Song Il Gook who did his best with the limited script. Jang Jin Young was unconvincing in parts while Han Jae Suk was severely hampered by his weak character. Poor script and severely hampered by lack of humor and interesting sub-characters to fall back on, incredible. The music was the only redeeming point.

Promised so much but failed to delivered. To think it even wanted to overtake Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi down when they went head-to-head, what a joke! I couldn’t even understand what the ending meant!

One thought on “Lobbyist fails to deliver

  1. I watched maybe 7 episodes of the drama, and didn’t want to sit through another episode. The acting and plot were so-so. I feel bad though because it cost millions to make this drama. And too bad because everyone who watched Jumong were anticipating this reunion of the cast. I hear Song Il Kook is getting married; whoever the bride she, she is a lucky girl! Hope there are better projects for him in the future…

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