Robber Preview sees Jang Hyuk & Lee Da Hae kissing

In the recent preview for upcoming SBS drama, “Robber“, a romantic kissing scene betwen the two main leads, Jang Hyuk and Lee Da Hae was shown.

The preview opened with a white rose blooming followed by Jang Hyuk & Lee Da Hae kissing. But following that, the camera showed Jang Hyuk with a speculative sinister smirk on his face and broke the romantic notion of the scene. This also heightened the curiousity of watching viewers.

This kissing scene was filmed under extremely bad weather conditions but the two leads were able to overcome that and showed their great acting skills and winning the applause of the production team.

This was more so since they managed to convincingly pull of acting a pair of lovers with good chemistry with each other even though this was only their second meeting on set that day.

“Robber” talks about a love story between suave man, Kwon Oh Joon (Jang Hyuk) who lives off women by cheating them and a outgoing and positive single mum, Jin Dal Rae (Lee Da Hae).

Jang Hyuk’s character uses his good looks and sweet talks women into doing anything for me and his success rate is 100%. Lee Da Hae’s character is a widow who lives with her 5 year old daughter and mother-in-law after her husband passes away.

The drama will air on January 2nd following the commencement of SBS drama, “Lobbyist” and shown weekly on Wednesday and Thursday nights.

Trailer was shown at the end of Lobbyist Episode 23

16 thoughts on “Robber Preview sees Jang Hyuk & Lee Da Hae kissing

  1. Do u know if Lee Dahae and Eric will do a drama together ? I heard it long time ago that they were filming it but no news after that…

  2. unlikely for now since Eric is going into the army soon and Dae Hae will be busy with this. maybe 2 years later…

  3. they were suppose to but the drama was cancelled due to some conflicts on eric’s end. too bad huh?

    anyhow. the video was taken off coolsmurf. 😦

    i didn’t know you were a da hae fan! i feel like our tastes are so similar. lol. 😀

  4. reinstated the video! da hae was good in “My Girl” but her next drama “Hello Miss” was kind of disappointing…hope this restores her reputation for me…

  5. thank you! and i am with you on that assessment. personally i think da hae picked the wrong drama because the story of “hello miss” was rather…..i don’t know….i thought it didn’t utilize her talents very well.

    i still think she’s a good actress given the right drama. hopefully it will work out!

  6. Wow coolsmurf..I didn’t know you’re keeping a watch on this drama too.
    This is definitely my most awaited drama of 2008.
    Jang Hyuk and Lee Da Hae seems to have really good chemistry definitely looking forward to seeing their interaction.
    Have you seen the 5 minute preview of episode 1 yet? It looks

  7. i am free in the wed/thus timeslot and there’s hong gil dong and robber to chose from, so yeah.

    i watched it too, and it feels like it’s gonna be a comedy…

  8. Hi Guyz!..All I can say for the series “Robbers” was ok. It wasn’t really that good and it wasn’t that bad either.I loved Lee Da Hae. But I think this wasn’t the series that was right for her career. I mean,no offense but Da Hae isn’t fit to be a widow.I mean this actress is super pretty!She shouldn’t have a child yet!…LOL!So,I hope that Da Hae would pick the right dramas for her just like what Akon said.I heard the when Lee Dong Wook comes back from his military training,they will be doing another series for SBS!…Wow!..I hope that’s true!..So that’s all for now!..Bye!!…

  9. I’m giving ROBBERS a low rating. Lee Da Hye character as a mother doesnot match. Acting just average. Sorry no offense but I’m not impress on this movie.

  10. Sorry the film ROBBERS is disappointing. Batch actor-actress match, poor character match, lousy script. I give this film a low rating. It would be better if Song Hye-Kyo is the actress.

  11. ROBBERS, actually good another view on being a bad guy and a widow. LEE DA HAE is pretty good but not great. I agree with a better choice of drama’s. With her talent it would be a waste to put it on some amateur script.

    Jang Hyuk is actually HOT in this film. Though they are mismatch with LEE DA HAE. LDH is just too pretty for the role even if they tried to make her look like a commoner.

  12. I’m not sure about the script but JH and LDH are great in this drama. They have wonderful chemistry together. Their kisses and acting are too good to miss.

    I’m anxiously anticipating their new drama Chuno together again. I’m sure this will be even better because of the production team, casting are just 1st class.

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