Furore over Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi ambigious ending

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There has apparently been many upset viewers after watching the final episode of Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi. This was not helped by the script writer Song Ji Na who posted a copy of the original script on her website which had a vastly different ending. No matter what, the PD makes the final call since he is the director and he must have wanted an ambigious ending that makes people wonder rather than one where it’s predictable and everyone lives happily ever after.

My two cents worth

After watching the finale part twice and reading all the mutlitude of opinions on both Soompi and chinese forums, I have no real complaints about what the PD wanted to put across. It made more sense than the original script and were much more concise without being too cheesy. It would be really weird if Damdeok ended up with Sujini and Ajik happily ever after.

But because the PD made changes to the script, it wasn’t as good since the editing was just so bad, particularly the transition parts. Didn’t like how many of the secondary characters weren’t shown or explained properly and some were like killed off too easily in the final episode. Too many loopholes and poor editing was pretty evident in the last episode. Damdeok just suddenly appear at the final scene, how did Sujini eventually end up at Abullansa and many more. And we never will know who exactly is the owner of the Jujak. They didn’t even show the awakening of the Jujak power. It shocked me when Kiha became the Black Jujak because all along from the start, we are led to believe that Sujini is the one judging from the synopsis and production pictures.

The PD decided that Damdeok should destroy the Cheonggoong which sets off a chain reaction, destroying the four sacred symbols. He wants to tell us that Damdeok wants us to not follow the marked destiny that heaven had set out for us. Rather, the people should go out there and find their own ways and means to survive, rather than relying on objects from heaven. So in a way, he was returning the heavenly power back home and leave earth as it is before. And it is befitting of the series english title, Legend. And so the legend of that and the four sacred symbols ended with Damdeok.

I have nothing against the ambigious ending of Damdeok ascending to the heavens and bringing the four symbols together with him. He just wanted to end people’s dependence on them and create bloodshed over them. I believe that Sujini understands his intentions and she wouldn’t want him to kill Kiha and then be together with Sujini and Ajik.

An underwhelming ending as the director seem to have taken the easy way out with a sloppy finale. The last episode really spoiled the rating for me. Other than the piss-poor finale, the series were generally good with excellent acting and impressive CG. Cannot think of anyone other than Bae Yong Joon as Damdeok.

Differences between the actual and original ending

1. Abullansa Battle

The original script was more detailed. Cheoreo and Jumochi were acting as cover for Damdeok as the latter raced towards Abullansa. Damdeok actually requested Sujini to go and save the child first. Gochooga tried to clear the path for Sujini and died as a result of that. Actual ending showed Sujini galloping away towards Abullansa. No mention was made as to what actually transpired while Gochooga was just shown getting stabbed and dying.

2. Damdeok & Ho Gae’s 1-on-1

Actual ending sees General Ko dying and an angry Damdeok flinging a spear towards Ho Gae chest, killing him instantly. The original script was more detailed. It made mention of whose child it was, the death of Ho Gae’s father who committed suicide. Their battle was also longer and sees Ho Gae getting injured on his shoulder and wielding his spear with another hand. Also a scene where a dying Ho Gae asks Damdeok to save Kiha and calls him an old friend.

3. Dae Jang Ryo possessing Kiha

In the actual Abullansa scene, Kiha had a battle with Dae Jang Ryo over Ajik and we see them struggling with each other to stab Ajik. The original script wrote that Dae Jang Ryo had no chance of killing Ajik who had the blood line of the heavenly god and mother earth. Dae Jang Ryo eventually manages to cut Ajik’s fingers and the blood awakens the four symbols which made the owners stronger and more powerful fighters, but these were not shown.

4. Symbols awakening and how they were destroyed

The original script had a more detailed view of what happened when Damdeok broke the Cheonggoong. The four owners subsequently got weaker as a result of Damdeok’s action. Cheoreo had his left hand sliced off. And during the process, Damdeok was in pain as blood started flowing from his ears and mouth, we can also see his intestines. Kiha dies while Sujini saves the world as she can put out the fire.

5. What happens in the actual script ending

The actual ending didn’t show the aftermath of Abullansa. In the script, we can see Gooknae Castle returning to peace and Sujini drinking again happily, wine battle with her subordinates. Damdeok and Ajik are playing around and teaching him how to fight. It also showed how General Ko died tragically.

6. Back to modern times

We are transported to the present as Sujini and Hyun Go (their reincarnated form) arrives at Korea Incheon airport with backpacks, getting ready to visit the Gwanggaeto Stele in Abullansa. As they are reading the words off the Gwanggaeto Stele, we can see a short-haired Cheoreo and Ho Gae in a suit some distance away. We also see Damdeok in a crowd somewhere unknow.

For some reasons unknown, possibly due to budget, lack of episodes, or Bae Jong Joon who was really banged up, those details were omitted.

Original ending script (credit: soompi)

(starts after DD killed DJR, and KH is already on her way to Black Jujak-ing)

DD: Kiha. [turns and looks at KH, who has apparently lost consciousness] Please, stop now.
DD: [picks up the bow, and with tears in his eyes, pulls back the string to release the arrow. stops, and puts down the bow]
SJN: [from behind DD] please, stop my sister, before it’s too late.
DD: [turns around to look at SJN, who, carrying her child in her arms, looks at him imploringly] is this supposed to be it? wait 2000 years to gather all the gods who are activated by the blood of the Jyushin king… and all i can do is kill the mother of my child?
SJN: the world is going to become an ocean of fire. stop my sister before she commits a bigger sin. please.
DD: [looks at SJN with a sorrowful face before turning to look at KH] if we’re talking about sins, i sinned too. i didn’t believe you. i have to say this to the heavens: this is being human. regretting the things that you do wrong, and learning the things you don’t understand — that’s being human. Yes. now i understand.
DD: [holding the bow handle in both hands, breaks it and throws it behind him] KH. don’t you understand? Heaven is asking us whether or not we can stand on our own, or if heaven has to guide us with its power.

(the pieces of the bow disintegrate suddenly. KH opens her eyes and with an unseeing face, turns toward DD)

DD: Heaven never chose us. We are the ones who chose heaven.

(the Baekho relic disintegrates. At that moment, DD feels the effects and wavers on his feet)

(JMC, still fighting, throws up blood and falls down. Cheoro sees from far away. JMC uses his ax as a crutch and supports himself)

DD: the answer to the question was the Jyushin King. that’s what the Jyushin King was supposed to do.

(the Chungryong relic disintegrates. DD stumbles. SJN looks frantically between the relics and DD. She knows that everytime a relic disintegrates, DD sustains a wound. Blood drips from DD’s ear.)

(Cheoro stops and feels theh pain. He wavers. The Hwachun soldier next to him takes the opportunity and swings his sword. Cheoro’s arm gets cut and blood spurts out. He drops his spear.)

SJN: [screams desperately] please stop, unee. (older sister) if all the relics disintegrate, the King will die. please. help him stop.

DD: [blood drips from DD’s mouth] this is my answer. I find that i must return heaven’s power to heaven. I’ll also send the Jujak’s power too. So… you’re going to be ok, no. I answered everything.

(the Hyunmoo relic disintegrates. DD falls to one knee, but manages to withstand it)

(HG collapses as if he felt a huge shock)

(KH looks tenderly at SJN. SJN looks back. only SJN can hear the words from KH’s heart)

KH: my little sibling. Put me out.

(SJN looks at her crying)

KH: this is what i want. help me.

(the red Jujak jade starts to glow –> like all the other relics started to glow before they disintegrated. it starts to rise in mid-air)

(SJN’s hair is tossed all over the place by the wind created by her power. the red Jujak relic flies into SJN’s hand. She holds the Jujak relic to her chest (like Hwangwoong taught Saeo previously), and the light emanating from SJN lights up the whole area. The flames that had been burning start going out. The light envelops DD, and DD, whose breath had slowly been stopping, raises his head)

(KH looks at the child, who is lying peacefully on SJN’s lap. DD looks at KH. KH looks at DD and smiles. Suddenly, KH starts to disappear. –> when fire is put out by white light, it disappears.)

(DD stands up before the disappearing KH, and we see his silhouette. The unconscious child opens his eyes from the brightness and turns to look at DD. SJN looks at DD. SJN still clasps the glowing Jujak relic in her hand, which did not break but remains intact.)

(the scene fades on DD’s silhouette)

(at this point, there’s a narration in HG’s voice, about what is written on the stele of Gwanggaeto –> i translated it on a previous page)

(CR, JMC and the Hwachun soldiers they were fighting with, cover their eyes from the bright light and look to the sky. The darkness lifts, and a clear sky/bright sun shines thru)

(HG lifts his head and sees the blinding light, as do his surrounding Gomoolchon compatriots)

(HG’s voice over narration continues)

# Back in Goguyreo – on the street

We see people talking and moving around. among them, we see CR walking and holding his spear to his chest. Passing underneath a bridge path, he feels something and smiles widely, while stepping quickly to the side. JMC, who had been waiting on top of the bridge platform to attack, jumps in. CR ducks and doesn’t want to fight at all. CR tosses a big container at JMC, who, after tossing the container away, discovers that CR isn’t there anymore. JMC complains to himself.

(voice over continues)

# In the barracks…

The arrow-wielding troops are gather around, shouting and cheering on something in the middle. there is a liquor-drinking contest going on. SJN, wearing armor, is having a contest with another soldier. they are drinking from big bowls of alcohol, surrounded by empty bowls. SJN, having finished her bowl first, holds it above her head to show that it is empty and sets it down with a thump (now showing her real self.) Her opponent is still drinking.. and while still drinking, falls over in that position. SJN won. Her cheering fans let out a big yell, and SJN pounds her chest while grinning.

(narration continues)

# Training area

The young AJ (whose name is Guh Ryun), uses all his strength to swing his sword as he attacks his opponent.

(more narration, important part of which: the King wanted 100 years of peace. the years following the 100 years would also belong to the people.)

Only then do we see who Guh Ryun’s opponent is: it’s DD. Laughing, he is being his training partner. From the side, an aged General Go watches, also laughing. DD grabs GuhRyun’s wrist as he makes a final attack, and brings him in for a hug. it’s clear that he really loves him.

(more narration: but at the age of 39, the King left the world. His son, King Jangsu, spread his father’s land even more widely and for 100 years, peace reigned.)

104 thoughts on “Furore over Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi ambigious ending

  1. wow… i was also a little (more than a little?) disappointed in the ending…… i feel like the series would have done well with an episodes 25, 26, 27! to finish up the storyline. and yes, terrible awful dreadful editing….

    which is still not to say i’m not buying the dvd set when it comes out~ whoo~

  2. Yes. I feel that the series ended far too soon. Plus I feel that the sujini-damdeok relationship was not developed to its fullness. It seems unfair that damdeok ad a baby with Kiha while all Sujini ended up with was a hug! I felt that the flashback version of the story (where seo becomes the black jujak) was happier than the present one. At least in the 1st version we could see that DD loved SJN. At the end when DD doesn’t kill Kiha I felt that he almost betrayed SJN’s love. (He killed Seo in the past but didn’t kill Kiha in the present? that’s a little double standard isn’t it?)
    Anyway, I agree with you when you say it would have been ridiculous if it had a happily ever after ending. I just wish they somehow showed solidly that DD loved SJN not Kiha and that not killing Kiha was an act of mercy/wisdom and not the result of any lingering feelings.

  3. Hmm the original ending sounds alot more planned out. But it was most likely because Bae Yong Joon’s injuries to keep them from making the full blown final episode. I for one was hella disappointed in the final episode, but i can’t blame them. Watched the special afterwards and BYJ could barely even walk. Still wish it was explained better though. Also would’ve loved to see the “back to modern times” reincarnated scene. 😦 oh wells

  4. man i was dissapointed as hell with the ending cause the series was so good and if it stuck with the original script it could have stayed that way damn…

  5. eh i dislike both ending >.< , but yeah i would love to have more details on what happen after the king disappear , like 1000 years later the airport thing would have somewhat satsify me, but in the end BJY was injure badly so i guess it was a good thing the plot didn’t drag out still ByJ and LJA should’ve been together, i was actually shock that kiha was the evil phoenix and find out that whoever bear the king child will be the evil one, very fresh plot im usually able to predict the ending but this one caught me by suprise

  6. The ending was made too early…it doesn’t do any justice for all the character…I mean…WTH it ends up with a narrating just like that?

    We want to see what happens afterwards…how does Goguryeo back in peace, what the characters do after etc etc…

    Ah well, such a dissapointment and I’m sure we would want to wait for BYJ to fully recover and then make the original ending. I wouldn’t mind waiting if I can see a good ending to finish such a wonderful series!

  7. OMIGOD!!!! Can they redo the whole ending?!?!?! It really sucks!!! I would prefer to watch the original ending where SJN releases her side of her power to counter that of KH. Can the producer and writers redo the ending pls?Pretty pls…so as not to spoil a good show?? And is it clear to all of you who DD loves the most? SJN or KH?? And how come there’s not much of flashback between DD and SJN?? Disappointing ending. *sigh*

  8. I’m so unimpressed by the ending too, i would have been happier to wait for BYJ to recover and do a proper ending. I also felt the way SJN and DD reunited after a decade apart was deficient, it wasn’t fulfilling at all.
    It was good how they had the comparison between KH and SJN, how in one lifetime KH wanted to have his child and did in the next life, while SJN who never got to mother a child, was able to do so in her next lifetime. It was just so sad how SJN and DD’s love story that spanned over 2000 years amounted to nothing in the end. Perhaps that gave the theme song “approval” more meaning. (lyrics: “when we are born again, may heaven approve our unrealisable love”)
    The whole series from first episode was so captivating, i wished they could have done what they did with Jumong and extended it, they were getting good ratings anyway, just for the sake of entirety and completeness. But what can you do, BYJ was injured so badly…damn that actor that fell on him, he should be blacklisted 😛 j/k!

  9. I feel everyone’s agony over the ending! I, for one, couldn’t believe that they left it like that with so many questions hanging! It was a disappiontment, perhaps, it was because of BYJ’s injury that they had to cut it short. Its unfortunate to see his acting go to waste over a ending, but really I thought this was his best role yet. It fit him so perfect! He was amazing as the other actors were…aww when I think about them and the ending, I feel bad. But I can’t still help “loving this drama, despite the ending…so I’ll just have to support it!

  10. I would love the drama so much more if they could redo the ending. The drama was so good to begin, and it was so interesting that I believe it must have caught anyone’s attention. The ending in the Drama was so lame… it was very annoying and a very big cliff hanger, it was so dissapointing too. If they would have followed as the orginal script and only gone a few more eposides further if needed, the drama would have been so much better. I think it’s a real dissapointment. What annoyed me more about this story is the fact that it seemed as though BYJ was just beginning to like LJA, and then it ended in such a rushed way. Also the fact that the ending it had, was really stupid it didn’t say about any of the other characters, or about the son and LJA. I think it’s better to end a drama that all your fans will like than in a way that gets everyone so dissapointed or annoyed. I really enjoy the drama, if i don’t watch the ending over agian…Byes…

  11. just finished watching this on dvd last night, i spent 3 sleepless nights over it… yes, i was quite disappointed … however, after reading this, my might have beens were quite answered.. thanks Coolsmurf for this info… at least at the back of my mind the gaps of the story or ending were filled…

    haaay, it ended too soon, additional episode could have helped.. however, that might have put bae yoong jun’s health at risk…

    i love your site and thank you….

  12. Whats up with the ending when I have spent 4 days watching all Eps??

    I am supporting the group who are disappointed with the ending.
    Would be nice if it end clearer
    Like who Damdeok love the most?
    Is it Sujini or Ki Ha?
    How did the rest of the Guardians died…

    Simply love the part when Sujini went missing for years and Damdeok was missing her like mad…
    But the ending spoilt everything..
    Would prefer DD and SN to be together rather than with KH ;p
    They are a cute couple together 😉
    Nevertheless, I still love this show
    Would be perfect with a beautiful ending

  13. Agree, love to see Damdeok and Sujini together at the end. The ending was really a disappointment. Anyway, love this serial as Yong Joon acted with all his heart and Ji Ah is really an upcoming shining star. Yong Joon and Ji Ah really a matching couple.

  14. i love bae yong joon. i am waiting for this tae wang sa shin gi but with all the comments about the ending that i have read i have mixed emotions, excited and a little bit sad. Excited, of course, because i will see bae again acting but a little bit sad because i know that the ending of the story is maybe disappointing. anyway i will still watch it because of bae.

  15. Well it WAS abit dissapointing … hope they could REALLY show until wat happeed after the war …HOW DISAPPOINTING !
    but nevertheless…i must say that the ending sucks…the original ending would be much preferred

  16. Thank you so much for this info! I had really been wondering about the ending since the outcome in Episode 24 seemed so unclear. ^^

  17. The edited ending sucks. Transition is not smooth at all with lots of explained parts. Since the production cost is already so high, how can the PD change the ending just to save money.

  18. All fans of Bae Yong Joon and E Ji Ah will not accept such lousy ending.

    They should make an alternative ending special to compliment the current one so as to let viewers choose which ending they want.

  19. Hiya Coolsmurf!

    Thank you so much for this post. I was linked here by someone from Livejournal.com

    I really enjoyed reading this – thoroughly, from A to Z 😀 I had no idea that there was an alternative ending which they did not proceed with (which I agree with you, was probably because of BYJ’s injuries and perhaps lack of budget). I am quite satisfied with the ending but did feel that there were loopholes that could have been better clarified (how Sujini arrived at Abullansa, how Damduk suddenly appeared by her side, and the ‘future’).

    Would’ve loved to see the scene of Damduk hugging his child when he trains Ajik 🙂

    Again, thank you so much. I have been obsessing and writing and screencapping about The Legend in my own blog for like, weeks already. And also listening to the OST over and over again ^^


  20. i kinda got the drift of the ending and took my own interpretation to it. i don’t mind about damdeok having to go to heaven and and it all but how the narrative ending was played as such, is what i was not so satisfied about…

    it was supposed to be a rescue on the descendant king and a reunion with his true love and yet they looped it to end the story…. i have not read on the real story as it was written but i was hoping for more epilogue on the rest of the characterse left behind by damdeok… e.g. some love angle for the good fire goddess (forgot her name) and the ‘ghost’; and to at least fortell a good ending in way for the rest of the guardians even when damdeok decided to join quija in heaven.

    it was really short for me.

  21. I was feeling really down over the abrupt ending.
    But now… I felt much better knowing why it ended that way, due to unavoidable circumstances.

    A BIG THANK YOU for the translation of the original script!
    Really appreciate it. =D

    I really pity the character KH. She loves DD steadfastly throughout the whole show. Yet she was so misunderstood… Both of them were so cute as kids! I think the kid KH is pretty. ^^

    I hope that after DD gets well, the ending would be remade. I would die to see the scene of DD hugging his son. That would be really heartwarming!


    I shall just pretend the original ending is the actual ending to make myself happy. =)

    I’m finally at peace.

  22. hello there, im myrhan chen.!!..

    eNjOy ReAdInG, my novelahh? huh..(^_^)

    now when i finish reading the original script of the story..now i can understand now the whole drama especially the finale…

    “But for those who still want to khow who is the leading lady,and the kings woman….”

    **for me its SuJiNi..why? because in the first up to the last episode seo is d lover of huanwoo,in dis incarnation sujini is the one who helped d king and the one who can save d king…coz we all khow that she is the red pheonix..ryt?
    but in the first we thought tht she’s d black,but i realize tht she is the red, coz in d historical synpsys the red phoenix is the one who can save the world in the fire made by the black phoenix.the one who help d king in wht d kng do
    in saving the king frm d fire of d blck p. yes,its all what sujini’s did,and the reason why d king choose sujini is bcoz she’s always there to make a smile for him.but even we khow tht kiha scrifies a lot for damdeok…but as d story flows, sujini still d kings woman,however many trials,prblms tht make them two separate…in d first up to last,only sujini is d king’s woman…..coz think wise in order to khow who is the leading lady is to look d cast list..who is d second lady role after d lead role?,i saw its (lee ji ah) sujini, ryt? so all of the reasons is connected to SuJiNi,so all it means tht d leadng lady is lee ji ah as SuZiNi..
    but its only for my understanding,even if i said the truth,it still depends on d readers on how they bealive and understand… i say this coz im only concern for those ppol who still has a question in their mind..i khow coz i finished watching d aired drama complete and finally read the original script..thts why i khow who is d true owner of joojak its sujini coz she’s d one who can only use it nd can control or like can wake its power..d black joojak is kiha who can turn d world into d ocean of fire tht may cause ppol to suffer,d red phoenix who must do its job by killing the fire made by the blck p. in saving d whole world, if d king ddnt kill d source.and by saving and helping the king whatever the king does.and by being the true lover of damdeok tht’s all what sujini’s did.

    pLeAsE tRy To UnDeRsTaNd…my trnslation and explanationz.. (^_^)

    i hope it may help….!!!

    * [^_^] & (^_^) *

  23. hey … coolsmurf … jus wanna know where can i get some the original script? … also … wanna ask if tae wang sa shin ggi is based on comics, books, novels, or is it jus writen without any reference???

    can u e-mail me the answers?



  24. the original script is in korean and i am not sure where to get it either. it’s written from scratch based on history of the real king in the past combined with some fantasy and drama elements.

  25. The series was good though it must have portrayed every single event..
    It was not given a clear ending..
    Ny wayz..love bae yong joon & lee ji ah..

  26. thanx for the previous answer…but is there any stories based on the movie since the movie isn’t based on any other stories…and u did a reali great job translating….i was jus wondering which website had subtitles…i thought MBC practically threatened all subbers to stop their translating…even pirated software companies where sued…my fren bought 1 pirated dvd which wrote there WITH SUBS but it isn’t….and the reason was they couldn’t sub the movie or they would be sued…so i was jus wondering if you could tell me where did you get all the subs (i mean your print screens are with subtitles)..thanx…0_0

  27. Hi, I was also sooo disappointed with the ending as it left so many questions – what happens to them all – if the king and the guardians all die, does Sujini as she is part Phoenix?

    Just wanted to say, your site is fantastic!

  28. I just finished watching TWSSG last night and was disappointed with the ending. Coupled with the fact that the stupid DVD was corrupted in the last 5 crucial minutes of the show… I could so relate to the Black Phoenix erupting into a flaming inferno!

    It really wasn’t the sort of ending I was expecting. It left too many loose ends and all those other things that have been commented above. Perhaps BYJ’s injuries was a major factor that prevented them from filming the original ending.

    Now that I have read the original scripted ending (thanks to CoolSmurf), I feel a lot better about the story. The original ending had more closure. Yes it was a very happy ending in the original script but that’s not just it. It gave proper closure to the characters that have provided the stimuli to otherwise slow parts of the show and gave the central characters (Dam Deok, Sujini, Kiha and Yon Hae) their depth.

    I truly enjoyed this epic historical fantasy which was so well produced and directed. I am also a little embarrassed to say that I was affected by the poor ending but I guess that means that it has fulfilled it’s goal to truly get into the hearts of the audience.

  29. i finished the drama for 2 days. (HYPER MODE!!) bcos every episode make me wana watch more, i didn’t know that it was only 24 eps. so wen i was in the last ep. i checked it if it is really the last ep. in the ending, i’m disappointed. bcos so many hanging questions.. and the ending was just a narration. harhar. the original ending is pretty good. haha. and the modern time is kinda interesting haha. wat if they did the original ending and there is a season 2 haha. XD. and at the season they are in the modern time. LOL. haha. but anyways, i read somewhere that the director is planning for season the key is to bring the casts together. hm. i dunno how would the season 2 would be i’m looking forward to that, cos the ending i was disappointed. i dunno wat the story wud be in the season 2 haha. i dunno if its really confirmed.

  30. hi! where can i get the original script?

    im really not disappointed on how the story ended. im quite impressed on how the scriptwriter manage to end it substantially.

    by the way, i find your site really great! please email me at cacasantos_vii@yahoo.com


  31. hai…

    just finished watching TWSSG last night…

    and to be honest, i am so disappointed with the ending. i know the reasons why the ended it abruptly. but then, i liked the original ending more.

    while i was watching the first scene in epsiode 24, i felt elated coz finally, DD finally realizes that he can’t function well without SJN.

    but as the episode went on, it sagged so much.

    i didn’t understand why KH became the black Phoenix. why SJN suddenly cannot fight with KH though she was more powerful. why all the guardians instantly have stomachaches (with the way they acted after DD broke the bow handle..hehe..). why DD went to the light without even saying goodbye to SJN and his son. what happened to KH. and what was the result of DD’s ‘sacrifice’ for his kingdom…

    instead of giving answers and closure, the series’ ending left me empty.

    everybody would have been happier if the original ending was made.

    and seeing the characters on the modern times would have been a much more loved than the disappointing one that they’ve showed. tsk!

    a season 2 should be made to put everything into place. i just hope they do that………

  32. I’m so glad that I found sites like this. I really want to share my feelings and thoughts about TL, esp about DD and SJN. I need to let out this disappointment at one form or the other.

    Let me tell you, TL is being aired here in my country. I was hooked immediately by this series. As I become addicted to it and to my eagerness to know the whole story, I bought a dvd copy. Haayyy… *”so very sad”*

    I was really, really, really very disappointed about the ending. I have a heavy heart after watching. I was so caught up with DD and SJN LOVE STORY that I was VERY disappointed of them not being together at the end. I feel so DEPRIVED. I try to satisfy myself by watching over and over the scenes that they were on. I’m also trying to conjure some scenes in my mind. I even wrote an added plot between them just for myself, still thinking of a great ending though. *”sigh”*

    The original ending is very detailed and a much better one than the actual outcome but I still like it if they showed DD and SJN ending up together or something.

    Here’s what I thought:
    DD may love KH first, but his love for SJN is much deeper. It goes to show when SJN gone missing. DD realized what SJN’s worth in his life. Remember the scene where DD tried to remember SJN. He did not thought of the part wherein SJN was hugging him or that SJN implying to him to tell her that she’s pretty. What DD thought is the last words of SJN. “You’re Majesty. Your back smelled nicely. You don’t know that, did you?” It speaks of INTIMACY. *”weeee”* *”die and gone to heaven happy”*

    If you were inside DD’s head, what would you think his thoughts would be after that? And if you can feel what he feels, what DD would be feeling at that time? (Blood rushing). *”weeeee”*”*sigh”*

    For me, this was the turning point for DD. A confirmation that DD loves SJN and wanted to be with her in an intimate way. They should have shown some scenes of it after finding each other again. The intimacy part I mean. Even if it’s short. A KISS would really make a difference on the part where DD found SJN. Also, on the part wherein DD was giving SJN her armor. It would have been great if they showed a more intimate or really cute scene here by showing DD and SJN really missed each other. But I guess, in this part, it just shows that WAR and CIRCUMSTANCES sometimes doesn’t give time for intimacy. What do you think fellow DamSu?

    So many things on my mind. TL does trigger my imagination. It inspired me much. Especially DD and SJN love team. DAMSU FOREVER!

    I would surely love a great season 2 of this! The same cast of course! ~~~BYJ & LJA fan forever.~~~

  33. ermm…coolsmurf…the link u stated is fine but when i try downloading it states that there may be a corruption which prevented me from viewing…

  34. @lyn, there’s nothing wrong when I download it, maybe u can try using another browser like firefox or opera.

    and there’s unlikely to be a season 2 with the cast from season 1. they spent so much time just to film season 1 and byj was in pretty bad shape at the end plus some others.

  35. I think I would also have preferred the original ending as it explains Sujini’s role better in terms of her mystical powers. As it is, it leaves you wondering about all the fuss and why Sujini had to stay way from Dam Duk for so long?

    I was hoping for a least once kiss with Dam Duk, if not then at least a kiss with the cool dude who used to be a monster.

    Btw, thanks so much for the info. I was really scratching my head at the last episode.

  36. @all4movies
    Me too. I preferred the original but still it lacks some things.
    What I understood was KIHA became a black phoenix because she became the mother of DD’s child. They should have shown some stuff showing SJN can control her power more. Correct me if I’m wrong. Isn’t when SJN and DD were together and feeling emotional does the orb of the phoenix glow? KH can control the power since she was the reincarnated KHAJIN. So SJN can will it too and pacify it whenever she wanted to and she was the one who was chosen to be the guardian of it from the start. Right? So the four guardians are Cheoreo, Jomoochi, the old man and Sujini. KH is not one of the guardians. Right? The stone will only be activated by SJN being close to DD. did I observed it right? **consfusing.**

  37. haizz . . .

    I’m a little disappointed about d ending 2
    DD, SJN, n KH 2000 years triangle love end like this

    But i really like this drama
    Especially SJN
    She is really cute ^^

    Hope dat TWSSG will hav season 2

  38. hi coolsmurf,

    just wanna ask you something, in your own opinion and/or based on the script, who’s the king’s woman??

    i’ve read all the comments in koreandrama.org and most of it are about whos really the kings lady…and since ur page brought us a clearer view on the finale, why not might as well give us a clearer view on this topic, ryt?!? hehhe

    and the lyric “our unrealisable love” to whom it is pertaining to, kiha or sujini? 🙂

    anyway thanks

  39. imo, sujini is the king’s woman and the lyric “our unrealisable love” is to kiha. actually it’s pretty cloudy and vague.

  40. I totally didnt get that ending.

    When DD broke the bow, did the axeguy and the spearguy and the staffguy all die? Or did they just weaken or something?

    And if SJN is the owner of the pheonix (fire power thing, dunno what to call it. I had weird subtitles on my DVD), what happened to her? Did she die too? Same question for Kiha.

    That ending was soooo horrible. Incredibly horrible. It was as bad as the ending of the Forbidden Love drama (the one about the nine tailed foxes and stuff), and the stupid ending of Memories of Bali (seriously). I mean, I understand the whole “concentrating on the battles and moral issues of the king instead of his love story”, but that ending just kept viewers with their jaws dropped and an inch to losing their minds and pulling out their hair.

    It was as if Sujini was this extra character no one cared about. She was just there, and there wasn’t any clarity given to her and her sister’s roles in being the two reincarnated hosts of the pheonix. Besides, don’t they know what happens if the king suddenly leaves a losing battle, and the king’s best soldiers (die or weaken) and his generals were all dead or going to be dead? I hardly think that kingdom of theirs could have survived. There’d be all this internal strife all over again, and who knows what’ll happen if the other countries start invading.

  41. i hate da ending too. i was like is that wat happened??!! i wish i didnt watch da ending at all. so sad i wish it was long also

  42. Aww, if Sujini didn’t end up with Dam Deok, then she should have at least ended up with the very cool and quiet Cheoreo who obviously adored her.

  43. woah… so many months and this forums is still hot and happenin’! hehe..

    and yeah, i TOTALLY wasn’t satisfied with the last episode! gosh. the ending left me moody for like 1 week! lolol.. it’s like everyone just died and left poor SJN alone with Ahjik. sheesh.

    transitions were horrible, lots of lacking details, and it felt like the producer and director were just tryna rush through the scenes and just get the drama over and done with. haish..

    in any case, i’ve been hearing rumours that there MAY be a part 2, modern version that is. but personally, i think it’d be sufficient if they just make another better ending, to satiate the audience who are left stunned with soo many questions and ambiguity.

    and oh yes! the POOR cheoro! his part was really vague and his role wasn’t portarayed enough in the drama. but i did feel sad bout his unrequited love.. sigh.

    ok hope there’re still pple reading this forum! cheers.

  44. what made me so dissapointed about the end of this drama!!!!! how can Damdoek leaving his country, his son ,and his lover just like that!!! what will happen to his country if DD leaving this world?? right?? in the end of this drama, DD broke up the blow and all the owner of that four god guardians die also..right??then what happen after the war with yan..??what happen to the SJN and the Ajik.??haiz….i am really so dissapointed with the ending….i know the ending will be like that bcoz of the BYJ injuries badly right??they want to cut it short..but even like that they should not just end with this…they should made a perfect ending..really ending and not just will leave many questions behind like this ending..i can sure if they redo ending with the happly ending or a fully perfect ending..i can sure will be more person will be like watch this drama many many times…thanks..

  45. hi..coolsmurf^^
    actually i want to know what will happen in the end of this story??is this the truely ending that show in the drama??i want the truely ending…do u know and can u tell me??

  46. i know upsite got the original ending..but it made me a little confused…can u just simply explain it and write it into a paragraph…i just wanna know what happen after all??thanks^^

  47. I am another person who is very disappointed with the ending too! The storyline for this drama is exciting and interesting except for the ending. Where is their pride, to give viewers such an ending when they started off the story beautifully? I think this is the only flaw in this drama, so sad. Maybe they should make a special with another ending.

    Thanks coolsmurf for posting the original script ending. I prefer the original script ending. Maybe they could have come up with a better ambigious ending rather than this.

    I would love to see the scene where SJN can use her power to out the fire. Another thing, Ho Gae dies too easily same goes to DJR, a least there must be some fighting scene between them, so disappointed again.

  48. I must say (even if I was late comer to the show), i was very much disppointed by the ending. I faithfully watch evey episodes. If the production can redo the ending, pls do so. The original scripts has a much stronger ending than the cast show. Or if they can just reinforce some unanswered qns, it will be much better.

  49. I prefer the original script as it has more explanations and do not need much inference skills unlike the current ending. After watching the finale, i was left astounded as it just ended so abruptly.
    But one thing i still dont get is, whether Kiha is good all along. Did she portray herself as a bad person so that she will not be an obstacle to DD in becoming the king? The previous king told her that both of them shall not be his stumbling block so did kiha did it all for him? or did she really turn bad?

  50. I have to say that I agree with the original script, as the story flows better and make more sense. I was really very disappointed with the actual ending as the whole drama was holding up very well until the end. I can understand why Kiha turns into the black Jujak or phoenix, but Sujini has the power to put out fire and I was actually expecting her to be able to do something. But it didn’t turn out that way, so what’s the use of having Sujini having some power in the first place? I find the ending lame and sloppy, I don’t mind a sad ending but at least provide a logical conclusion. It is indeed a let down.

  51. Hi really thanks for this site..at least im contented to know that sujini, damdeok, general go and the rest with damdeok is alive. I really very disappointed with the ending. i preferred the original ending. it’s more sense! i really would love to see how sujini puts off the fire and all, plus the scene at the incheon airport in the mordern time. At least, for this scene, im satisfied! rather than to see dont know what happen to the four symbols in the end, damdeok walking towards the bright light infront the sacred tree, sujini watching as he goes and just like that. I know because of BYJ injuries, the production team had to end it short BUT i really wouldnt mind waiting for him to heal and finished filming the original ending. i would really preferred that. How i wished there is another making of tae wang sa shin gi drama, althought i knew its impossible cause this drama alredy cost them more than billion dollars, i dont think they will film another one again. But my mom said that its POSSIBLE if there is alot of people requesting since its so good rating. sigh. that also had to depend on the director and the rest of the cast if they are not filming other drama or what. but i knew that currently Lee Ji ah(sujini) is filming another drama called [beethoven virus]. im looking forward to more drama with Lee Ji Ah and Bae Yong Jun acting together again. they are a perfect couple on-screen. =)

  52. What an ending..too abrupt. Really diappointing. Mr. Director, season 2 PLEASEEEEEEE (same cast of course) – more on damdeok and sujini. Too much to ask??

    Unfair to leave it just like that. Throughout the drama, we see how thier relationship grows and how they develop feelings for each other. You can’t leave it hanging just like that after all that anticipation. What’s the point of developing the two characters without a proper ending to their story??

    Damdeok searched for Sujini for years and when he finally found her, he got to leave??

    Geezzz i hate guessing..

  53. I’m a fan of Bae Yong Joon too ^^ and I found the page KpopVideo.com, they have a hug and updated collection of Bae Yong Joon’s pics, vids and news. Hope you enjoy it ^^

  54. it’s good to know that i’m not the only one who’s pulling my hair out because of that stupid ending!!! it gave me sleepless nights (hehehe) trying to ask myself if i’m that damn already that i cannot fathom what happened to the ending. I was trying to reason out, Sujini was Damdeok’s true love, so he can’t just leave like that…i even tried to make an ending on my own…anyway, thanks coolsmurf for furnishing us the ending’s original script…now, i understand why…
    it’s just so depressing to know that they changed the original script…the fans would surely feel a lot better if the director did otherwise…i wonder, what could be in this director’s mind? (grrrrr)
    the story was so catching that after seeing that dreadful ending, i just felt “numb”…
    by the way, i strongly believe that Damdeok loves Sujini the most…or shall I say, it’s Sujini whom he truly loves and not Kija…if you all could recall, it was never shown in the series that he ever misses Kija. What’s between Damdeok and Kija is just a childhood dream…he was just hurt when he thought Kija betrayed him and that was it. But with Sujini, he just can’t bear to be away from her…remember, Damdeok went to rescue Sujini alone after Cheoreo kidnapped her. He was even willing to give back the 10 cities that he conquered in exchange of Sujini. What’s more, he was more than willing to leave the camp and look for Sujini when the latter went away. And there was this episode when one the “teacher’s” subordinate read a letter which reminded Damdeok of Sujini’s words, General Go, said himself that Damdeok was acting so weird since he heard of that letter. He was so excited to go to that tribe because he knew he would find Sujini there…Imagine having the same intense feelings after being away from each other for years (he never felt this with Kija nor has he done extraordinary things for Kija)…that’s true love. During the last episode, he chose to look for Sujini first and foremost before anything else when someone informed them that he happened to see Sujini in one of the villages…haaayyyy!!!! but all these things were ruined because of an awful ending…
    i’m hoping to see more of Lee Ji Ah and Bae Yon Jun series…with good and satisfying ending this time…

  55. Wow, nice blogs you have. I’m a newbie in blogging, just started June 16, 2008.

    I believed that BYJ and PD wanted an open ended ending that’s why they leave the ending the way they presented it on TV, for the possiblity of TWSSG 2. An open ending means more possible ideas to be created, It’s much easier to create a new craft with this kind of ending, leaving questions unanswered. Watching TWSSG 2 may reveal all the unanswered questions.
    As for my opinion the ending they made created questions among viewers but the ending was fair enough although there’s flaws if the story will insists on Kiha as the Black phoenix. It has a weak backbone.

  56. thanks Gorj. Your thoughts are the same as mine. You described it accurately.

    Yep..totally agree with you 102% 🙂

  57. ……i like BYJ acting…his very amazing…but lousy ending…anyway i still support this good drama…becoz of BYJ….

  58. Yeah well it was great that the director didn’t show the original ending cos it sucks. No offense but the King was very heartless in it. Kiha died to save him and yet he still ended up with Sujini.

  59. I finished the TWSSG n all i could think of at first was OMG….NOOOOOOOOO THIS CAN NOT BE THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!
    kinda thought it reuined the great rep made by the past episodes. I dont understand and have to ask, do they just kill off everyone (CR, JMC, DD, HG, KH, SJN)? or do they just get injured and live on, n if they do who dies? i really dont get the ending. someone plz explain it to me.both endings.PLZZZ

  60. Thank You! for doing all that.
    I was REALLY disappointed at the ending..The movie was overall good but the ending….Sucks. I hope that they at least redo the movie again or make a sequel.
    And question…Where did you find all of these answers?

  61. @Zoey, due to budget and impossible to get everyone back, I think this is the last you will see anything from it.

  62. Oh BOO DD: Well the original script was WAYYY Better 😉 than the actual ending ): My Family thought this movie/Drama was a Waste of money )): -Sighsigh-
    Well anyways Thanks for translating or whatever you did 🙂
    My heart is at peace after reading this Lmao

  63. No to ask so much Even though I am ( Lmao )

    Anyways…What’s the other song besides the one sang by DBSK?

    I keep hearing its “Unrealisable Love” Or something >>;

    I want to know so I can download it ;D

  64. woah, i love the actual ending more than the movie one . It is more detailed cant’ wait anymore if there is season 2 in this series. XD…..

  65. ok, i just finish the drama in 2 days.. i have vaguely heard that it was a bad ending, hence put it off until now..

    yes, the darn ending sucks – big time and this soo very much for writing the original version of the ending.

    My question is has there been ANY drama that RESHOOT their ending because fans hates it?

    i seriously doubt it….

    i thank this site for providing me a clearer picture of the original ending, as i dont want to spend a week badmouthing the ending in my brain.. hahah

  66. “this soo very much for writing the original version of the ending.”

    shoud have been “thanks soo very much ….”

  67. i am a big Lee Ji Ah fan

    i’ve finish watching twssg months ago but juz kept watching over and over because i juz love this drama so much especially our cute Sujini
    bt really , the ending gives me a lot of ?????? (see, so many question marks)
    well, me too prefer the original script very MORE
    thank you for the original script,i appreciate this really much ^^
    wish to see more drama from LJA + LJA can sing too
    her song: Love virus

    providing also the download link of the song

  68. yeah i agree to all,,,the ending really so absurd,,what after a thrilling start they will end up to this kind of ending,,,
    i sympathize both kiha and sujini ,,,,
    but jiah and yong joon is such a great couple i hope to see more of them together,,,

  69. Just finished it and glad I found this because the ending was so disappointing! This cleared things up a bit and the intended ending would have been great.

  70. Wow! This drama series really gets into people. Still gets me. *LOL*

    I really loved reading this blog. I forgot to thank you the last time coolsmurf. Thank you so very much for sharing all of this and letting us frustrated and too much affected fans of this drama to let out our feelings.

    If the original script was done, maybe, there would be a part 2 but the ending was different.

    Well, I thought of a story for the part 2 (if the ending was the original script). I’m still writing and rewriting but it goes like this…

    The Jhujak will surpass time, it will come alive again when reincarnated Sujini and Damdeok meet again.

    The Jhujak is in the possession of DD’s family. It was stolen but was recovered with the help of SJN who’s a detective or something. The Jhujak glowed when DD and SJN got close but nobody knew what caused it (story filler here.. don’t know what.. lol). DD and CR are brothers. That’s when CR met SJN who turned lovers and gets married, but CR died that lead DD to feel some responsibility to SJN because of her loss, she became reckless and never cares if she dies herself.

    But on the other side of the story, DD was in love with KH who married HG, but HG was hard on KH. Since DD and KH are closed friends, she always runs to DD when they fight or something like that. Then KH used DD to make HG change (conflicts and details in between).

    In the end, KH and HG ended up together happily. That left us to DD who gradually falls in love with SJN. SJN gradually notices DD but feels guilty. Many hardships, conflicts, etc. in between involving the Jhujak which will disappear when DD and SJN have their love realized. HAPPY ENDING!

    Well, anything goes. ;D

    If something like this comes up, that would be wonderful! For BYJ-LJA fans forever! ;D

    Oh well… Just some thought. Thanks again coolsmurf!

  71. i might be a little late here but still wanna say that the ending is not as good as it could be. i agree with many here,esp the sujini/damdeok shippers that their love relationship lacks development.
    I can see that Damdok loves Sujini towards the end or maybe since the middle of the story but there aren’t many scenes of them tgt that shows their love.We can see that sujini loves damdeok and protects him from the beginning but how abt damdeok?
    I really want to see more solid confirmation in tthe drama that shows damdeok’s love for sujini, esp since she was his lover in the previous generation and in the 2nd generation he liked Kiha at first,but never really got tgt with Sujini…soo bad!!
    And they had a hug tgt while Damdeok n Kiha has a baby..oh well..and sujini became the son’s guardian?
    I really hope there will be a part 2 to this drama..a disappointment for sujini/damdeok fans not to mention ji ah and yong joon’s good chemistry!
    it would be better if the ending showed that damdeok had no more feelings for kiha and totally loved sujini in the end..

  72. Well i agree with the rest. But just to check is there really season two for twssg???Can some one give me an answer?thk you!!

  73. I only started following this series lately. Is there a historical basis for Damdoek & Sujin? I gather that the real Damdeok died at the untimely age of 39.

    I must congratulate the makers of this series and the actors.

    It must have taken alot of physical effort and sheer guts to see some of the action scenes through. The romantic tension is very appealing, the fight scenes well choreographed. Even the comic relief works although I don’t know Korean and have to rely on subtitles.

    I really appreciate coolsmurf publishing the original script ending. It is really good that the left it ambiguous and that Damdoek dissappears. The romance fans can still hope the Damdoek and Sujin live happily ever after, in their next incarnation.

  74. This is an excellent series and thanks for recommending it coolsmurf although I also read good comments of it before I decided to watch it.

    This drama really left a deep impression upon me and the finale actually enhances it although there were quite number of questions unanswered which we need to crack our brains to find it *sigh* and the history narration add to the confusion too. So am glad to find a few answers here but I feel ending in the drama is more appropriate than the original script and yes I do agreed that if they could extend to one or two episodes for a more detailed ending it would have been more satisfying and won’t be that sloppy. I have come to love most of the characters here except the evil immortal human.

    I pitied KH cos the break up with DD is unavoidable and if it didn’t happen DD will still be together with her and will treat SJN only as his best friend. But then SJN is more suited to be DD’s woman as they more compatible but cos DD’s subjects comes first since he is first and foremost the King, he has to choose that over SJN which is sad (he has got to save the world from being engulfed into fire). Although DD’s feelings for KH is strong but it’s SJN who touched the core of his deeper feelings of love for her. Remember there was one time DD mentioned to SJN that he couldn’t remember KH’s face but he still remembers SJN even after 9 years of not seeing her.

    As for the other guardians I believe they still live except without powers from heaven and KH sort of disappeared (I still don’t understand this part) whilst DD stepped into heaven (alive).

    Thumb ups to all the cast for their great acting and dedication.

  75. can you tell me where you got the script and if you know Song Ji Na’s official website?

    plz and thank you

  76. “All happy endings are cheesy.” Shirayukierione is right(I know where you got your name. They should have pushed through with the original script. It would be really worth it. The last ending looked really rushed. VERY disappointing ending. It would be really nice if they show that heaven was kinder than that and weaving a fate where all of them are reunited in a more friendly situation. sigh. and with BYJ injured… they could have at least wait for a little until he’s okay then shoot 3 or four more episodes. I WOULD not mind watching more from this drama. did not deserve the rants because of a mediocre end.

    really disappointing.

  77. Actually, the show as telecast DID suggest what happened after Damdeok destroyed the relics and entered the bright portal. The key lies in figuring out what year the final part is set in. And that year is AD 400, the tenth year of Damdeok’s reign.

    It matches what DJR said about SJN reappearing after 8 years (she went into hiding in 392, the same year in which Damdeok made his very first foray into Baekje and Khitan— as represented by the hunt for the Cheongryong and Baekho relics respectively). Also in that year, according to the Gwanggaeto Stele, Damdeok sent a 50000-strong army to aid Silla against a three-prong offensive by Japan, Baekje and Gaya (which IS mentioned by General Heuk Gae in this
    last episode).

  78. [continued] The very last shot of the show has a chronology of what DD did AFTER 400. The first statement talking abt Goguryeo attacking Later Yan and obtaining int’l trading rights is dated Yeongnak 14 (AD 404), and so on until his natural death in Yeongnak 23 (AD 413). This implies that he survived the destruction of the relics and continued ruling as a normal human. The “death of the Jyushin King” as stated on the ancient Cheonggung manuscript (seen in ep 23) means death of superhuman powers, not physical human death.
    Indeed, the official novel (in Taiwanese) written for the series does mention DD, SJN, and Kiha surviving the holy battle. It says that after the Abullansa battle, Hwacheon lost all power and was dissolved for good, never to threaten the world again. DD then continued ruling via his intellect and wits, without supernatural assistance, until his natural death. The end.

  79. there was no black jujak when kiha lost her control because she wasn’t the jujak.. she was just the priestess of fire so she releases fire.. when she lost her control all we can hear was the sound of fire..not the the sound of the phoenix.. sujini is the phoenix.. dont be confused..

  80. ขายยานอนหลับ ยานอนหลับแบบน้ำ, แบบเม็ด ทุกยี่ห้อราคาถูก สินค้านำเข้าจากต่างประเทศ พร้อมปรึกษาการใช้ยานอนหลับ โดยผู้เชี่ยวชาญโดยตรง รับรองคุณภาพสินค้า

  81. when i was reading all of the comments, there was a mention of season 2? i hope that there is, please pretty please, it’s so vague, i really wanted to see sujini uses the fire power, the original script is way better than what was shown in the tv.. still crazy for this show, even though it has been years already…

  82. well, many thanks for your post. I appreciate this much cause I love this drama and this couple- DamSu a lot. I’m also really disappointed with the ending. It’s blurred and I can’t get to it. Maybe the orginal ending is much better but I hope it would be more scenes between DamSu. I have seen a lot of posts and fanfiction to fill my broken heart after seeing the ending of this movie. After several years, it’s hard to have a ss2 but TWSSG has always been on my top list of the best K-drama ever. I think that BYJ really did a great job and I love his character in this movie the most. Morever, soundtrack which was composed by Hiraishi Joe is really majestic. Love this drama a lottttttttttt…

  83. to be satisfied i will just imagine the original script is the finale…feel happy for it at least his majesty was with Sujini really love them!!!

  84. Looks like I am the only one who likes the edited ending over the original one. As a Kiha Damdeok shipper, I am really glad that she still meant something to him in the end.

  85. So many sleepless nights after watching ep 24 of the legend.I watched yhe movie several times to really find out who the red phoenix guardian was and who really was the love of the king. My thought is this: Sujini. From the start of the movie up to the final epidode the love between the king and Sujini was the. “Unrealizable Love”. Lee Ji Ha played her role very impressively as Sujini.

  86. I am a suzini-damdeok shipper and I am disappointed that Damdeok waited for suzini for 9 years just to be separated again and suzini waited for Damdeok to love her just for Him leave her again, But espite the ending I still believe that Damdeok true love was suzini.

    But what made me really disappointed at the ending part of the drama was that they did not show the awakening of the phoenix and how the phoenix symbol chose its guardian as it never really acknowledge Kiha as its guardian before.

    I felt like that the drama wasn’t complete without the awakening of the phoenix symbol and the acknowledgement of its guardian, because the drama started with Lord hwanwoong created the Phoenix heart symbol and chose its guardian but it just ended without the awakening of it?

    I know many of the fans of this drama was still confused about who the real guardian of the phoenix is as it never show in the drama and also some people thought that Kiha was the real guardian because she turned out to be the black phoenix like Seoh in the past life while suzini was just there sitting doing nothing like her role was just a waste. That made me really mad and disappointed because I truly believed suzini is the real guardian.

    But I was Relieved when I read the Original Ending from the Original Script. Atleast now I know that Suzini is the real guardian and that the symbol was awakened and acknowledged Suzini as its guardian and that she used her power to put out the fire that the black phoenix caused. And I was satisfied by the original ending.

    I remember when I first watched the ending, I was liked, that’s it? That’s the ending? Like what the hell? There is so many questioned left unanswered!! I watched the drama over and over again because I really want to know the real guardian of the phoenix but it just made me confused over and over again. Thankful that I saw the original script 😁

  87. I watched this when I was young like 2008 and I rewatched it several times over years and now it’s 2020. After I watched the last episode today I was somehow led to this news that there was a supposedly different ending. After 12 years. I just found out.

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