Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi Episode 23

Start offs with Damdeok deciding to interfere in Later Yan politics and lend assistance to the crown prince. He instructs General Ko to have 5k troops on standby near Shin and Hyeon-Do Fortress. Damdeok decides to bring only Cheoreo with him this time and leaves General Ko behind with Jumochi to deal with all the piling administrative work.

At the blacksmith shop, Jumochi is peeping at Dalbi from a distance. He actually wants to go closer but he can’t bring himself to do so because he is shy. He then passes his ax to Ba Son asking her to sharpen it but it’s just a lame excuse for him to loiter there. In fact, he has been doing it everyday without fail. Ba Son teaches Jumochi how to say be my woman to Dalbi but he doesn’t really catch it and ask for another demonstration.

At this moment, Dalbi comes over and asks why is Jumochi not leaving together with Damdeok and he is peeved that he is leaving him behind. Jumochi scoots off but then stops and returns, wanting to ask Dalbi to be his woman, but he just can’t say it. He walks off again but Dalbi stops him and tells him that Damdeok had left her a house, and asks if he would also take a look when he comes back. Indirectly, she is asking him for his hand which leaves Jumochi grinning with delight. He walks away laughing before slipping on a pile of snow. He picks himself up sheepishly before walking off again, funny guy!

We see a group of people gathering at the residence of Gao Yun (adopted son of Murong Bao who later usurped politics and renamed Later Yan as Northern Yan, read more about him here). He steps into his residence and lo and behold, Sujini reappears with long hair now, looking so matured from her short hair days. Apparently, she is now a teacher teaching Gao Yun’s daughter. Gao Yun is a native of Goguyreo and wants her daughter to know the language even though they are in Longcheng now. He wants her to look after her daughter as he plans on shielding the crown prince, Murong Bao from Murong Hui impending attack. She agrees and asks if there is any word from Goguyreo regarding relief but Gao Yun believes that they wouldn’t send anyone over.

Damdeok and men arrive at the entrance of Gao Yun’s residence and proclaim themselves as messengers from Goguyreo. Meanwhile, soldiers are mobilising in the city as Sujini hands over the baby plus Gao Yun’s children to a maid, saying that she will catch up with them and tells them to leave now. Sujini takes her bow and arrow with her as she heads back to Gao Yun’s residence.

viewimagejb8.jpg picture by tokieda

Gao Yun meets Damdeok and men at his residence as he wants to know if Goguyreo would send an army here. Damdeok says they will not and says that these are all the men that Goguyreo had sent. Gao Yun had a hope since Sujini had said that Damdeok would send an army over here. Damdeok is curious as to who wrote the letter as Gao Yun explains that was by a language teacher he hired from Goguyreo. Damdeok wants to meet her but Gao Yun says she has already left the residence much to his dismay.

Word arrives that Murong Hui has surrounded the residence of Murong Bao with over a hundred men as they seek to launch an attack in broad daylight. Gao Yun explains that Murong Hui is seeking to kill the Crown Prince, Murong Bao because of the throne. The current emperor has decided that the one who survives will become the next king. Gao Yun wants Damdeok to protect the crown prince and says he has gathered 50+ men but most of them can’t fight. He proceeds to ask how many men had Goguyreo sent and Damdeok replies only the four people here. Gao Yun feels insulted by this as he walks away feeling hopeless. Damdeok decides to interfere though.

Sujini is back at Gao Yun’s residence as she chances upon Damdeok and his men at a far distance. Damdeok scans the men that Gao Yun gathered and deduces that more than half of them can’t fight at all. Damdeok proposes that he would protect the crown prince and tells Gao Yun about the present situation in detail. Gao Yun adds that Murong Bao doesn’t have his private army because the emperor doesn’t allow him to. Damdeok suggests not to fight headlong but to bring Murong Bao secretly out of his residence, but Gao Yun has to tag along because they don’t recognise him.

20071129123034564e7_123535_0.jpg picture by tokieda

At this moment, Sujini casts a long gaze toward Damdeok while Damdeok and Cheoreo does likewise as they feel something but can’t see her. Gao Yun decides to take Damdeok’s suggestion and invites him back into the room for further discussion. Damdeok stops and looks towards Sujini’s direction who immediately hides herself again, Cheoreo pauses for a long time before proceeding on as well.

viewimagejb3.jpg picture by tokieda

We are now at Murong Bao’s palace where Murong Hui’s men has it surrounded. Jumochi wants to rush them but Damdeok decides against it saying that they are outnumbered and walks away. They walk to another gate that has lesser people and Damdeok is happy with it. They start rushing and slashing the men who doesn’t know what hit them. Gao Yun stands amazed at their excellent skills of the trio. Just in case the main door gets penetrated, Damdeok sends Jumochi and Cheoreo there.

Another side, Hyun Go directs the men that Gao Yun gathered to play hide-and-seek with Murong Hui’s men but he has a hard time getting them to understand. Damdeok kicks the door open to find a despondent Murong Bao drinking away. Damdeok escorts the drunk Murong Bao to the main gate and meets up with Jumochi and Cheoreo who tells him that the main gate is going down soon. The gate does indeed open and we see Murong Hui marching in with his legion. Damdeok and gang rushes at them regardless of who it is. They don’t show us the process but what were you expecting? Hyun Go learns from an informant about the language teacher that Gao Yun hired and is convinced that that person is Sujini herself.

The next day, Gao Yun’s daughters arrives back home safely but Sujini is not with them. The reason given was she had to visit her relatives. Damdeok is anxious to know the place but Gao Yun doesn’t know a thing about that and it’s a dead end. Damdeok then learns from Gao Yun that Sujini is carrying and looking after a child. Hyun Go inspects the carriage and finds something familiar, Sujini’s arrow, he feigns tummy ache to stop Damdeok from further queries and diverts attention away from it.

Gao Yun starts talking about how Murong Huang, founder of Former Yan had invaded Goguyreo and took King Gogukwon’s mother and the body of King Gogukwon’s father King Micheon back to Longcheng as hostages. Among the hostages was Gao Yun’s grandfather who was part of Goguyreo royalty. Gao Yun passes him something which Gogukwon’s mother had given his grandfather, he wants Damdeok to give it to the Goguyreo king. Hyun Go leaps up and recognises it as Cheonggoong as he explains that it is the bow which Hwangwoong used and itcame from Choomoshin’s sword. Damdeok is amazed that it has only two letters as Hyun Go explains that the other words are hidden and this should be the second page as the first page is at Black Water village right now. 

We see Cheoreo walking around the residence as he comes to the spot where Sujini was in the day and feels her lingering presence. He is really a stalker isn’t he? He brings a bottle of wine to Damdeok, adhering to Sujini’s request to look after him. Sujini is once again in some spot looking at the both of them. Damdeok passes the wine bottle to Cheoreo who chokes on the wine as he & Sujini smiles. Both Damdeok and Sujini pining for each other but they can’t be together as they recall their past wine drinking moments. Sujini departs in the end with tears.

We are now at Black Water Village as Hyun Go starts to unravel the hidden words in the Cheonggoong scroll. A worried look surfaces on Hyun Go’s face after reading it. Damdeok is at the palace now asking about the Cheonggong scroll and Hyun Go explains that the words on it described the usage of Cheonggong where only the King can use it to either save or kill the symbols. In other words, it can destroy the symbols and that happens if Cheongoong is shattered itself. Once it shatters, the king, the owners and the symbols will all be destroyed. Great, the one and only thing that kills all the powers! Hyun Go advises him to burn the document but Damdeok finds all this all peculiar and he even drops the Cheonggong onto the floor much to their horror. Word arrives that Baekje is attacking Goguyreo and are heading towards Soogok Fort.

Baekje keeps on attacking Goguyreo with large armies but Damdeok manages to repel them with a small number of troops. There were four major campaigns by Baekje but all was repelled with success for Goguyreo with substantial gains. The last campaign sees Baejke again actively drafting people for the army but most escaped to nearby Shilla. Goguyreo finally launched an offensive instead on Baekje after reports of Baekje people rebelling against King Ashin. Han Fort, the capital of Baekje was occupied with ease as the people anger was directed at King Ashin instead of Goguyreo.

King Ashin came to surrender to Damdeok but asked him to let the name Baekje to remain on. Damdeok said he would if Ashin killed himself. As Ashin was about to, Damdeok stopped him, and said that Baekje and Goguyreo came from the same people. He then put Ashin in charge of taking care of Baekje’s affairs for Goguyreo which is imo a big mistake! Essentially, Damdeok was testing Ashin’s loyalty to his people and his country and his commitment to his surrender.

20071130072858325e7_073034_0.jpg picture by tokieda

Hyun Go advises Damdeok to think twice about that decision since Baekje is likely to betray his trust. Damdeok said he has thought about that possibility and is already regretting his decision. But he has no qualms and feels like he is fighting against heaven’s will. “Jyushin king, four gods, do you know how much I resent that title? Because of that title, I have lost my parents and my people. I, am going to make it so that I can reunite Jyushin lands without help from heaven.” Hyun Go argues that how far can a person go without help from the heavens. Damdeok then argues that does the heaven just want us to depend on them and not do things ourselves? Hyun Go is left speechless and Damdeok clutches the perfume bottle and starts asking, “Where are you and what are you doing now?”, an obvious reference to Sujini.

viewimagegl7.jpg picture by tokieda

Years have passed by and everyone has a new matured look. The facial hair on Damdeok shows his maturity over the years in the numerous war expeditions. It also implies that despite his success in taking over lands, there’s something missing in his life in the form of Sujini. It’s interesting to hear Damdeok talking about fighting against heaven’s will as well. Both Kiha and Damdeok feel the same way about the heavens and that they are bound by their destiny. They are both victims of circumstances and in this drama, Damdeok is on the good side while Kiha is on the bad side.

Kiha with a new gold image look to her gets information that Hwachun minions still have no news on Sujini’s whereabouts and neither has Gooknae Castle. She instructs them to work doubly hard to find her because she is her sister. She blurts out Saryang’s name unknowingly but of course the man isn’t. Nice work here to show that she did care for Saryang.

viewimagezm4.jpg picture by tokieda

We are at Dalbi and Jumochi house as Ba Son and gang look upon them enjoying marital bliss. Dalbi is now pregnant with his baby as they talked about their love story. Then we see Dalbi and Jumochi talking as she keeps on out-talking him with ease while outfitting his armour. They nearly kissed before the horns start sounding about another invasion. But they do eventually kiss…

Various news filters in that Later Yan is sending 30k troops to Goguyreo, the Japanese are invading Shilla and the latter are asking for assistance. Damdeok finds it weird since Northern Wei had destroyed them not long ago with 40k troops and the king of Northern Yan had passed on as well.

We are at Abullansa now as we see a new-look Ho Gae who is undoubtedly the mastermind behind this. He orders the Hwanchun elder to make King Ashin send troops to attack Goguyreo as well. He also gives instruction for the Kaya and Japanese troops to keep on attacking Shilla so that Goguyreo will send troops to help them. In this way, Goguyreo’s army will be divided.

viewimageyp1.jpg picture by tokieda

In the war room, everyone is waiting for the latest news to arrive from the battle field. News comes in as they report that Later Yan has broke down and taken Shin Fort. Damdeok is in deep thoughts. We can see the contrast between Damdeok and Ho Gae once again. Damdeok prefers to rule with as little bloodshed as possible while Ho Gae prefers going to war.

We see Ho Gae talking about his plan once again. It’s a no-win situation for Goguyreo because whether they decide to help Shilla or counter Later Yan, Baekje would be waiting in the wings to pounce.

Damdeok gives Gochooga 50k troops to wipe out the Japanese troops and push them down to the far south of Kaya. In this way, Baekje wouldn’t dare to enroach into Goguyreo’s territory since it is en-route. Damdeok instructs Dalgoo to bring two generals here, one will be in his house and the other in the forest, in case you are wondering, it’s Jumochi & Cheoreo respectively.

Ho Gae gets wind that Damdok would be attacking with 7k troops. He instructs the Northern Wei troops to move quickly, moving 20k troops first and then 20k simultaneously for 10 days. The ultimate goal to to lure Damdeok to Abullansa for the final showdown!

We see Kiha talking to Dae Jang Ryo that she will entrap Damdeok. But she needs his help to get the two remaining symbols from Black Water village so that he can fulfil his lifelong ambition of reclaiming the lands of Tiger tribe.

We see Gao Yun at a tavern where he encounters a child serving him. He is called “Ajik” and is probably Damdeok’s son as Sujini soon appears. She and he recognise each other but Sujini quickly disappears from view. As Sujini is preparing the food, Gao Yun appears and recognises her. Apparently, he is on a secret mission with a message for Damdeok. She says sorry for leaving without a word the last time.

Gao Yun soon arrives at Hyeongdo Fort of Kokuryo which is the first fort in the south among the occupied forts. He informs Damdeok that Later Yan is now controlled by someone and Murong Bao whom he had helped last time had been poisoned to death. He tells them the present king of Later Yan is controlled by Hwachun and their influences stretches into Northern Wei. It was Hwachun’s idea to send Later Yan as the front vanguard. They then talked about someone called Kim Hoin who had used just one year to mould Northern Wei soldiers into a formidable army. His training methods are similiar to Goguyreo and he is a native of Goguyreo as well.

Gao Yun adds that the Shin Fort operation was conceptualised by Kim Hoin and Later Yan was a bait who would run off to Maboel once Goguyreo attacked Shin Fort. Hyun Go then finally sees the big picture, Maboel is where Abullansa temple is, the headquarters of Hwachun. Gao Yun finally reveals that he saw the language teacher at a tavern not far from here as Damdeok gets all sentimental.

We then see Damdeok and men riding horses to the tavern but they see no one there upon arrival. Cheoreo reports that they might not be far away since they left not long ago. Damdeok rides alone and comes to a small port and sees a woman repairing the wheels of a pushcart. He must be wondering whether is that Sujini. He stands motionless and sees the child Ajik standing at a distance doing the chest pumping action that Sujini does in the past. Sujini stands up and their eyes start to meet as they finally meet again after so long. And we end the episode here.

20071130070031308e7_072031_0.jpg picture by tokieda

This is a preview picture for the final episode

Damdeok : wherever you are, is where my palace is.’

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  1. hi, i just able to see this amazing drama lately, if you can and i do hope that u can, please give me the english translation of “forgive me” one of this drama ost, thank you!

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