Football Manager 2008 Skins

I get lots of request recently asking about skins for Football Manager 2008. Frankly, I don’t really dislike the default skin in the existing game after a while because I have gotten used to the color and interface. But then again, I could do with a change because I am always seeking new stuff. Skins take longer to create because it requires designing so there aren’t really much to begin with at the present moment that looks nice and is easy to use.

BlueStone for FM 8.0.1 by ~boogiesbc
This is for those who love blue themes.
Download | Mirror

Black-in 2 v1.3 – Mirror 1 | Mirror 2

I love the dark background and it looks great. The attribute colors are brightly colored to show the obvious difference.

Ensure that all extracted files go to C:\Documents and Settings\”username”\My Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2008\skins.

66 thoughts on “Football Manager 2008 Skins

  1. i downloaded the skin bt cant get it too work its still the old skin that shows when i load the game. can any1 help???

  2. scottty, did you extract it exactly to
    C:\Documents and Settings\”username”\My Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2008\skins

    if you didn’t, it won’t show up. u then have to manually change the skin in preferences after you load fm 2008.

  3. I love the look of this skin and would love to use it, but unfortunately that CRAP site that is being used to host this file is not letting me download, it comes up as page not displayed.

    Please use a 2nd mirror and PLEASE PLEASE host the file at a good free site like FileFactory…please dont use crap waste of time sites like RAPIDSHARE as thats the same SHIT site as Turbofile or whatever it is…

    anyway looking forward to downloading the skin…..cheers.

  4. i did what you said, my friend has a skin and he said the folder skins was made for him, but it wasnt for me. i made it and did the above but i still come up with default skin. heeelp? ;(

  5. besides doing the folder creation, you have to manually change the skin in the preferences after loading the game.

  6. how do i do that? i canot find it under skins, once i clikc reload skin, i go back to perefences, and the only skin there is “fm 08″ and fm 08 right”

    help 😛

  7. first, are you absolutely sure your downloaded skins are extracted to

    C:\Documents and Settings\”username”\My Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2008\skins

  8. the patch shouldn’t make a difference. try this, why don’t u screenshot your folder and i see if there’s anything wrong with the structure…

  9. @Kingo, you could do a print screen, paste it in photoshop or ms paint, upload it to and paste the link here.

  10. something, just one step u might have missed out on i guess. hope u will get it right somehow but the default skin doesn’t fare too badly.

  11. @recce, hmmm, that’s weird. try changing to another skin to see if it works. if not, reinstall the game. ur data will remain but backup just in case.

  12. Erm hi i have reinstalled the game and changed skin still no progress i put the skin on the wrong patch and it been like that since please help beacuse the pitch just looks awful

  13. @recce, ok try this, install the game to a different directory, start the game from there and ensure everything runs fine. if so, then move your data over to the new folder. try this.

  14. hey im having troubles downloading the skin, ive extracted it to skins but its not showing up on manager 08?

  15. the skins are wkd thanks but ive got a problem
    when i load the skin its fine, all except for the text.
    for some reason the text doesnt change to white like its supposed to be it stays grey which is hard to read.

    I was just wondering if you know why this is happening and how to sort it out.

    Ive even tried using different skins but its doing the same with them too

  16. @carl, all the skins? now that’s weird…try re-installing, and load one new skin to see what happens.

  17. @josh, Sports Interactive have very kindly created a ‘skins’ folder in “My Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2008” ready for you, so just extract a skin you’ve downloaded into that folder and then go to the ‘display and sound’ tab in preferences and use the drop down box to select which skin you wish to use.

  18. cheerz smurf for the skin loads better mate thx agen an any more updates bring em to me lol cheerz kid matty from the u.k

  19. Where can I download this skin? Tried the link someone posted but didnt take me anywhere. Any help appreciated.

  20. hi
    i have tried everything. ive put it into the correct folder in documents/sportsinteractive/footballmanager2008/skins
    and it just wont work.

    if you could write back and let me know if this has ever happened to you or any other possible solutions that would be great.

    thank you

  21. Hello.

    Downloaded the Black-in 2 v1.3 skin.
    Skin works properly, but i have found an additional panel inside the zip, with possibly useful information.
    Id like to try it, i just dont know how to use, where to copy it.

    It says, just “Simply copy the files into steklo\panels, and relaod the skin.”

    Where should i find these steklo/panels ???
    Havent find anywhere.

    Please if someone using it and know how to do it, help me out wid this…
    Thanks in advance.


  22. Yeppers 🙂
    WinRar for example

    Then just copy the files and folders you got after extraction to the folders you can read above…


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