Bypass Filefront download problem


For those into downloading facepacks, logos, kits from those wonderful creators found in, FMGLive forums, etc, most of their downloads were uploaded onto Filefront which was a super-fast and convenient place for most of us to get them. They were so much more reliable and you hardly have to wait unlike Rapidshare, Megaupload or what have you.

This happened about a week ago. Suddenly it became impossible for you to get absolutely anything from Filefront. You would always be faced with this now familiar yet frustrating error:

There was an error processing your request; it appears to be invalid or there was an error with your conection. Please wait while your request is retried…

If you need further help with a download, please contact FileFront support.

I thought Filefront was doing maintenence work so I let it pass and waited for a few days. But it doesn’t seem like now. Most likely, Filefront has decided to go the way of Megaupload and limit users or maybe even block them off.

I have seen threads pop up in Filefront Support forums and the staff have brushed it off and just said, “Connection is limited, try again later.” Apparently, most European nations doesn’t have this problem at all, it’s mostly targeted at Asia, Middle East and South American users from what I have gathered.

Let me tell you how to bypass this silly restriction. Visit or any other similar free proxy website and then access Filefront downloads using that. No more waits or restriction, just instant fast download like the past!

So until further notice, this is the best solution thus far for users that are blocked by Filefront. Whether they will change it is another matter altogether.

24 thoughts on “Bypass Filefront download problem

  1. hmm..thanks for the heads-up.

    i rarely use filefront but nice to know about the change. i wonder if north american people have these troubles….=?

  2. nope, there are no mirror sites. But you can just type free proxy in google and use those sites that come up. but the ones i listed above work for me!

  3. thanks for the info. i get this problem with files over 1.5mb and i live in england. its really annoying. as for megaupload, i cant download anything from there anymore.

  4. azz, i just updated the post with a new proxy site that has no restrictions for filefront whatsoever! as for megaupload, forget about it unless you are willing to pay, just doesn’t work anymore.

  5. Hey guys , here too in Finland we are since a week restricted , I mean we cannot access (I asked my friends to try ) any filefront sites , nothing , I tought I add a problem in my PC first , I used to go in filefront for years.

    I tried S3RF Web-Unblocker proxy and magicaly get in the main site , thanks a lot for the tips , try to find the problem for hours , thats s*cks

  6. Im from Finland to and have the same problem.. Now I can access to their frontpage and that stuff, but can’t get any download link to work.. -.- kinda sucks…

  7. thanks for the tip, i was having difficulty with this! it worked for me! don’t use download managers if you use an anonymous proxy. it won’t download.

  8. it says “The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to the site owner reaching his/her bandwidth limit. Please try again later.”when i enter tht side -.-

  9. The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to the site owner reaching his/her bandwidth limit. Please try again later. what the bloody hell is this?

  10. As a forum moderator for a forum of an online game company, we were using Filefront as a mirror for most of our game patches, until I stumbled into your site and looking for answers. I was shocked that know that Filefront is now filtering IP addresses, which screws up our attempt to provide support to hundreds of players.

    Guess I may also ask the management to deploy new FTP servers and added bandwidth. What a shame Filefront never told us about their access restriction.

  11. I whant to thank you so much!!!!!
    It works flawless!!!

    Just note ppl!
    DON’T USE ANY DOWNLOAD MANAGER, because it will just NOT WORK!

    Thanks Again!!!

    Bye, MerolaC

    BTW: Nice blog you have 😀

  12. Thx for the info; Now I know that the “download servers are busy” replies on the forums are just a lame excuse.

  13. I have this problem as well! the pages’ end URL adds /11/1 and says “Your download has failed. There were no available download servers. Click here to try your download again. Click here to try your download again.”

    I’m in South Africa. perhaps they’re doing this all over the world.

    This is so sad, if they want to make money, at least mention it!

  14. First of all I want to say thanks for the information… That explains why the file couldn’t be downloaded after hours of attempts, being in Taiwan myself.

    For your information, even though I can’t download files without using proxy, I can still upload files. So very merciful of them 😎

  15. yeah, I have this problem, but I live in South Texas lol.. wtf? Can anyone post a few proxys that allow the downloads of larger files? Most of the one’s I go through either have a limit or the download breaks off spontaneously after some point.

  16. same problem in the us to bangkok.

    disable any download grabbers/managers or proxy it.

    all of the little individual download sites (mu,rs,df,etc..) have always been so messed up and now it is happening to video sites left and right as well (you have watched 20 minutes of video please wait 2o more, fragmented 8min sections like youku,etc..)

    When is some company going to step in,drown everything in ads and put these people out?

    Gets annoying bypassing all these people

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