I Am Sam

This was another drama that I never thought of watching in the first place if not for me being smitten by Park Min Young. The relatively young cast meant that it was not going to do well in the ratings and it showed. But frankly in a period where the television stations are flooding us with saeguk dramas weekly, this drama was a good avenue of release back into the modern world, plus its a funny comedy drama at that with all the serious politics in saeguk world.

In a nutshell, the story is about about how a timid and incompetent teacher, Jang Ee San (Yang Dong Geun) comes to teach the only daughter, Yoo Eun Byul (Park Min Young), of a highly dangerous mob leader (Park Joon Gyu). Eun Byul also is a new student at Myung Moon High who knows nothing whatsoever. Not even of the school’s “jjang” Chae Moo Shin (TOP from Big Bang). Sparks fly when the incompetent teacher and blur student stays together in a house forced by her mob father without them knowing that they have taken a liking to each other as time passes.

It’s a pretty light-hearted and funny drama to watch. And you have to say the writer was real crafty with the entire drama and especially the last 5 minutes of the ending, making it seem like there was an alternative intended ending. Overall the pace was just right, without the usual lagging in the middle episodes. There wasn’t any big scenes but all of the characters just have such an endearing layer of affection for each other.

Yang Dong Geun as Jang Ee San

Yang Dong Geun is really perfect as a loser teacher. He just amazes me with his talent and timing at comedic roles. You can’t help but just feel and be one with his character. He just got the ability to capture so much complex romantic feelings with his expressions. His relationship with Eun Byul was not too absurd plus they had good chemistry. Loved his relationship with his students and it was certainly not in the mould of a kick-ass teacher..

It’s funny how he always takes lines from movies and TV dramas and other authors and passes them off as his own but his students always manages to find out it’s not.

Park Min Young as Park Eun Byul

Frankly, I watched this drama because of her. She is simply so cute and adorable in so many different styles in the drama itself, I lost count of the number of times she came out in different outfits and hairstyles. Athough at times, her character was annoying but that can be excused since she was playing a little spoilt brat afterall. Nice to see her change a lot through her many interactions with Ee San. Loved her friendship with Sa Kang and Moo Shin.

Son Tae Young as Shin So Yi

Never knew about her but now I do. I do think she is very pretty and she was wearing a wig for almost the entire drama. She tried her best to accomodate Ee San most of the time but eventually it comes to nought. Her character was very unfortunate in the drama but there’s always light at the end as she hooked up with another great guy in Ji Sun Hoo. She has a passive character and goes well with Sun Hoo who is active and the same goes for Ee San who is passive and Eun Byul who is active. Passive and passive don’t go well together apparently.

Park Chae Kyung as Sa Kang

Another pretty girl in the drama and certainly making waves as the loyal, unassuming character of Sa Kang. Aloof at first but slowly opens up thanks to Eun Byul. Likes Moo Shin and shows affection for him bit by bit instead of throwing herself at him which was nice. Has great affinity for drawing and eventually becomes a teacher back at her high school.

T.O.P as Chae Moo Shin

Member of Big Bang and he doesn’t have much scenes in the beginning probably due to his performance commitment. The resident cool guy who can win any fight. Very cool in the drama and doesn’t talk much. Fiercely loyal and actually liked Eun Byul in the beginning but eventually ends up with Sa Kang. Funny that the policeman who wanted to put him behind bars, actually uses his help four years later and even wanted to recruit him into the police force.

Ryan as Ji Sun Hoo

Playing as a relief teacher, he is the one that all students, teachers included confide in him. Cool and confident always. They actually incorporated his real-life career as a singer into the drama. Falls for So Yi and doesn’t really make a move on her until she finally sorts out her mess with Ee San. Perfect match for So Yi.

Class 3-8 of Myung Moon High

The “worst” class in Myung Moon High has Jang Ee San as their form teacher and gradually he manages to tame the class with his unique teaching method. The class is littered with many interesting distinct characters besides Eun Byul who joins the class as a transfer student.

All of the class members were really adorable. The class head using latin with almost every line he speaks, the nerd with awful timing and always coming in second, bin trio, Sa Kang, Moo Shin, etc!

Rest of the cast members

Eun Byul’s father, Secretary Hong and Mr. Kim were equally good in their limited roles. The most funny scene for me was Eun Byul’s father and Mr. Kim in episode 9 when they visit Ee San at his home.

Special mention must go to the Bin trio of Da-bin, Ye-bin, and Hyeo-bin. They are always so lame but yet so hilarious. You can’t help but love them in the drama. They are not really bad girls even though they are troublemakers who are so full of themselves because they think they are ‘celebrities in training.’ How I always laugh when they make inferences that they are celebrities in training. They end being nothing like celebrities four years later!

Can’t forget about Mo Se who is always hanging around them. Heck, Mo Se eventually hooks up with Da Bin and gets married with babies.

Memorable Scenes

Chance meeting in Ep 1 changes their dormant lives…

Eun Byul getting slapped by Ee San after saying words unbecoming of a girl…

Eun Byul shocking her father by saying she wants to go to school!

First day of school sees Eun Byul slapping the resident cool guy, Mu Shin over a misunderstanding…

Eun Byul leaving Ee San to do the household chores…

This scene is so deja-vu, very familiar aint’ it?

They look adorable here trying to whip up something to eat…

So Yi always confiding in Sun Ho about her problems with Ee San…

Ee San forced to wear Eun Byul’s t-shirt after So Yi discovers it lying around, so hilarious as he explains only by wearing this, can he show off his muscles…

Ee San and So Yi finally kisses after the second try, their first sees them knocking each other noses…

Ee San is a cool teacher who defends his students from the irritating cop. When the cop calls the students poop, he says, “What’s wrong with poop? If you keep saying it stinks, then from the poop’s stance, it’ll be sad.”

The class head on the extreme right is always hilarious with his poetic English interludes…

Dabin, Yebin, Hyeo-bin camping outside of Eun Byul’s real house to catch her and Ee San red-handed, but ends up with hilarious results…

Taking a photo with Moo Shin and Mo Se had to butt in, haha…

Hitching a ride on Moo Shin’s bike, she is so cute ^^

Eun Byul pretending to be “So Yi” and charms Ee San’s best friend who envies Ee San for snitching a beautiful wife…

My favourite and i reckon the funniest part of the drama! Eun Byul’s father and Mr. Kim becomes Ee San’s “father” and “younger brother” with hilarious results. Just too funny for words.

Being forced to wash dishes as Ee San’s younger brother…haha

Eun Byul hiding herself when So Yi visits Ee San at his home unexpectedly…but So Yi eventually discovers that they are living together…

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

So Yi dancing her sorrows away, funny how she dances…

So Yi forgives Ee San but thinks about the worst possible scenario of Ee San and Eun Byul living together under the same roof…

So Yi decides to move in over the weekend to make sure nothing happens between Eun Byul and Ee San and creates friction between all of them…

Eun Byul and Mu Shin stops by and helps Sa Kang with her job when Eun Byul decides to create some fun mischief with the paint…

Eun Byul’s father makes another surprise visit and gets Ee San all flustered together with So Yi as the earlier decides to cook them something to eat…

Ee San reciting a poem to Eun Byul while they were being held captive. Before Ee San recited the poem, he told Eun Byul not to be too moved by it or else neither of us will be able to bear it. But afterwards, Eun Byul said she has heard it before because it was one of her mother’s favourite poem.

Until I spoke the name Eun Byul,
you had been no more than a mere gesture.
When I spoke the name Eun Byul,
you came close to me and became my silver star. (Byul means Star)
Just like the way I spoke your name Eun Byul,
one fitting the brightness and fragrance of mine,
My name, You, (to Eun Byul)
how do you decide to say my name?
Sam? (teacher?)
You are Eun Byul,
I am Sam.
You are to me,
and I am to you,
to become an unforgettable gaze.

Spending time together at the beach…

So Yi and Ji Sun Hoo ends up together which is simply a great match…

Sa Kang becomes a teacher at Myung Moon High School

Moo Shin and friend become detectives…

Moo Shin and Sa Kang four years later…

Eventually together after four years of separation…

Adorable Animations

Good Kimchi: Overall good production drama. 4/5 stars.

kimchi-cover1.gif picture by tokieda
If you are interested in the series, visit Cococrust Repository to get your fix.

Many thanks to all the folks that updated I Am Sam at Soompi forums with information which made following the drama a joy.

36 thoughts on “I Am Sam

  1. Haha. This show is indeed good. It’s funny how much you miss a show after it’s over. I guess the ending sorta makes way for the possibility of a season 2. Hopefully there will be!
    Oh yah, by the way, one of the Bin Trio actually becomes a celebrity. Ye-bin, the uglier one, becomes a model, so I guess that’s partially a celebrity!

    Ooooo Park Min Young!

  2. coolsmurf: I’m impressed on how well you showed the series and its characters. Great job !
    The 3 most memorable scenes for me are:
    * The ending… after experiencing all they gone through i think it was a perfect ending. Each and every word they said would bring up memories from the whole series… its as if with those few words they refreshed all the things they passed through…
    * I also think the funniest part was when Ee San makes Eun Byul’s father and Kim look like his father and brother… If you think about it, although its a comical scene, it also shows how much they love Eun Byul and willing to do anything for her.
    * Last but not least memorable is the time they spend on the beach… They knew that it wasn’t going to last long but still went on. The saddest moment for me was when Ee San read the letter from Eun Byul — T_T —

    There is one more thing about this show… i think they did a really good job with the script. There was not a single dialog that didn’t make sense … on the contrary, each of them was perfectly chosen.

    i would go on but i think the rest has already been very well explained by you =D

    I understand how you feel DN… its been 2 days since i finished watching it and i still cant stop thinking about it… It really got into me.
    Every time i think about the last words from Eun Byul : ” I’m back home, Sam” i feel a mixture of happiness and emptiness. Happy for them and emptiness cause all they have to go through to be finally together… It was really cruel from the directors to make a finale like that xD

    Park Min Young: She is just too adorable T_T Although its only acting i really think there must be something of her from the real Park Min Young… I wish her luck on both her personal life and work.

  3. Yeah the part where Eun Byul’s dad pretends to be Ee San’s father is indeed one of the most funny parts of the whole show. However, I feel that Ee San in the standalone most funny part of the show by himself. The way he acts is already funny enough and that was what hooked me to the show in the first place. When he kept on making fun of Mr.Kim when he pretended to be his brother, that was honestly the clincher for the most funny part of the show.

    Like what you said incube, all the dialogue was meaningful, especially in the later episodes. The script is full of latent meanings, fitting for Ee San who is a Korean teacher. I actually sat and thought for a while what the words meant so that I could truely understand what was going on. Hahahaha. it just sounds weird, thinking deeply about a drama.

  4. 5th day after watching “I am Sam”

    Im slowly recovering from my injuries inflicted by it. After posting my feelings about it in almost every korean show forum and watching it over 5 times, im finally finding my way back to my real life. T_T


    I think i never mentioned it but i love the way Park Min Young laughs…. specially the scene where she is on Ee San’s back at the beach. Its so pure and natural ! T_T

  5. Coolsmurf: This is great job you have done here. Thank you for your wonderful compilation.
    I bought this drama for my high school son to watch. After watching half of the drama, I was enthralled by Park Min Young’s beauty. Her smile look so sincere, pure, and innocent. Now I become a big fan of her’s. Whatever drama or movie she will be in, I’ll be watching it for sure.

  6. OHHHH MAN i’ve been downloading the episodes from d-addicts….kinda feel inlove wid park min young…..in the adoring way not like crazy stalker way, but i was reading the forums and it said that the 40min subbed eps were heavily edited. so i was wondering if anyone knew where i could get the unedited version with subs >.>

    i really want this series its soooo enjoyable. i dunno why i download the shows then end up buying it 😀

    If u watch this show u’ll just fall in love with it probably because of Park Min Young 😛

  7. love this show so much since there is PMY on the show :p
    like u coolsmurf :D, i watch this show ‘coz naturally i attracted at her on the dvd cover (lukcy me …hehehe)
    there was a lot funny and memorable scene on this drama indeed :p
    the most funny from my perception is the part where Eun Byul’s Father and Mr Kim pretend to be Ee San’s father and Ee San younger brother 😀 those part make me laugh so hard that make me cry with joy
    now i’m still recovering from my addiction on PMY T_T
    and actually i found this blog ‘coz i search all the things ’bout her :p (lucky me to found this blog)

  8. I’ve been watching this for the past few days, and I love it so far…I know that once I finish it I’ll be really, really, really sad..T_T

    The only thing bad about watching good dramas is that when it’s all over..you feel really empty inside..lol

  9. Thanks for ur review, pics, and gifs. they’re great. i love the drama so far. i’m on episode 8. definetly wished Musin had more speaking parts. Tho i kinda ruined it for myself after reading what happens, but i don’t regret it. Eun Byul is pretty. i wonder what project she’s doing next.

  10. I finished watching it last Sunday, i spent whole Sunday watching from morning to night.

    I really like her characteristic in this film. I will not in love with Park Min Young but Eun Byul instead. The character makes me fall in love with her.

    She is 1 year old younger than me 🙂 I thought i will not be crazy for any younger celebrity but not this one. I have watched so many Jap and Korea drama and none makes me really touched.

    I like her adorable action/smiles and her voices. Even though her nose may be fake , i still try no to think of this.

    I am planning to have second watch on this drama.

    She is just too cute, i plan to learn Korean Language myself now.

  11. Know how you feel DN and incube. I finished watching this 2+ wks ago and am still searching for more info on it.
    I too liked Park Min Young’s smiles and laughs. When she was carried on the beach was one part but also earlier in the series when they were on the bus ( going to the tree pathway) and when she put her fingers up Ee San’s nose (while walking home) her laughs were great. Also cute how she sticks her tongue out sometimes when she laughs. One cute scene was near the end when she calls Ee San and she is standing by the window and motions him to come out (right before talking about taking care of the spider).
    Ee San was too funny with his facial expressions, sounds and flopping on the sofa. I agree the scenes where the dad pretends to be Ee San’s dad are truly hilarious.
    The ending was good, but was hoping for more.
    Thank you Coolsmurf for your photos and comments. So much hard work.

  12. Oh, Pis, go to Veoh.com and download episodes from cindym87. She has full unedited episodes with English subs.

  13. OMG! Man! I thought that Tempo and the main girl was going to get end up together!! BOOO!!! MAN!!

  14. I had a narrow nose, which made my friends to comment on the same. I had fallen in depression and did not recover until I got a cure for the same with non-surgical nose job done. Good post to go… Thanks guys!

  15. I finished watching it a few days ago and I really love it so much. Your review is really nice and it brought back memories from the previous episodes.

  16. I’m currently on the tenth episode but I just wanted to say a few things. I really hate Mr. Jang’s character. He gets on my friggin nerves. This guy is a douche bag. I know, he’s shy and can’t take up for himself but man it’s really getting annoying. First of all, the actor is really horrible. I understand that his character is supposed to be awkward and shy and whatnot but the actor is just horrible. Even though he’s supposed to be a good guy and doesn’t really want to do any bad deeds, he keeps on agreeing with those lies that come his way.

    Throughout the episodes, I just keep thinking to myself, just friggin TELL the art teacher the truth. Sorry but I just have to rant. I’m not much of a Korean drama person. This is the 2nd k-drama that I have ever really gotten into. Coincidently the other one is “Romance” where a female teacher falls for a male student. That’s like the only Korean drama that I like and hope to purchase the dvd soon. This drama (I Am Sam) is so predictable but I don’t know why I watch it. I think I mainly watch it because I’m watching the High Definition versions (I’m a huge fan of anything Hi Def). And also because of Park Min Young (although after reading about her plastic surgery, my adoration of her dropped a few notches. But she’s still a cute one.)

    I made the mistake of reading your (Coolsmurf) extended review and so I know that Shin So Yi doesn’t end up with Mr. Jang. I did however hoped that they both would end up together. I think I would like that better. Haha. Okay that’s enough ranting for now. Back to watching the drama.

    If anybody actually read all of this and wish to discuss it, feel free to email me at alixkong@hotmail.com

  17. i really enjoyed watching this drama… though im good at predicting the ending from the start… im having a hard time with this one… well this drama is worth watching again…

  18. no one seems to have realised that mo se (or moses), the cute kid whos always hanging around the bin trio & likes eunbyul, is played by lee minho ! whos now starring as the lead in the korean boys over flowers 😀 😀 😀 😀

  19. Hi all, I would like to know the ringtone used in this drama. The one that Jang Isan used when people called him. If you know what song it is, please tell me!
    Thank you!:)

  20. I just finished watching this drama for the 2nd time. I had to say that it is no difference watching from the first time. I feel empty again, Im so touched with the story. It will take days until i will get back to my normal life again. This has been a life changing for me. Thank you Park Min Young.

  21. i hate this. I hope eun byul with chae moo shin. not with the teacher. couse he not handsome 😦

  22. hello cool smurf do you know the title of the song that yi san sing for eun byul and home 8 sing too when yi san left, in english sub i have the title is “happines” but i’m not sure, i’m trying to find the original song but i have no clue

  23. don’t think there’s a high chance, but which particular episode and the time in the video when it happened please?

  24. you know when eunbyul angry of being accused by yi san, its episode 3 at 36:19 yi san sing in front of class for eun byull sms request and thank you for reply

  25. hi everyone,please I wanna to know ring tone of teacher from this movie.If somebody know about that please let me know.I am from Myanmar.It is very difficult to find in here

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