Black Glasses MV by Eru feat. Kim Hyun Joong & Young Ah

Really surprised that there were no english translation for this excellent song and so I decided to translate it and this would be my second Eru mv that I have done. This is the song that really launched Eru’s career and made him famous.

Starring Kim Hyun Joong (SS501) and Lee Young Ah (Golden Bride) of a love that wasn’t meant to be in 1950 Korea. Really sad song performed by Eru and Daylight although they don’t appear at all in the music video. The storyline is pretty straightforward to understand after I added the translation.

4 thoughts on “Black Glasses MV by Eru feat. Kim Hyun Joong & Young Ah

  1. I’m not a big fan of SS501’s music coz I really don’t think they’re that talented nor can they sing live decently. But that aside, I think Hyun Joong is the best looking in the group. Yummy.. Hahaha.. Their “Thank You For Waking Me Up” show was really funny. It was so hilarious seeing them goofing around instead of sleeping, and disturbing each other till the late night, and then Park Kyung Rim having a fireball time trying to wake them up the next morning. LOL..

    Hyun Joong: I shall wake up at 6.30am tomorrow!!!
    *alarm rings endlessly the next day and he’s as dead as a log*

    Jungmin: *pulls Hyung Joon’s hair, pulls Kyung Rim’s hair, pulls whoever’s hand* OMG he’s so rough in the morning!!

    And speaking of Eru, his 3rd album rocks. It’s even better than Super Junior’s 2nd jib which is quite overrated to me. I adore Super Junior to bits but their 2nd album is really quite a disappointment isn’t it?

  2. Oh I already was attracted to hyung joong ..
    but now I have fallen deeper for him…His acting is really good never knew that …
    Eru”s voice just completes everything …
    Really beautifull mv……^0^

  3. Both Young Ah and Hyun Joong are very cute! I love their smile. They’re look so happy and their love is beautiful.

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