Erika Sawajiri creates PR disaster

Over the weekend, actress and singer Erika Sawajiri caused a stir when she displayed prima-donna attitude while at a PR event for her upcoming movie, Closed Note. She was lambasted for it subsequently and is facing the threat of a one year suspension by her company. The video below clearly shows why and the poor girl must be either feeling dead tired or suffering from depression to be behaving like this in public. She looked really scary in the video if looks could kill.

Note her crossed arms, her bored expression, her glare at the off-screen show host, her incredibly short answers (which measured, ends up to 4 seconds of talking) and then lastly, the non-existent traditional bow at the end. Seriously. What kind of Japanese actor/actress/celebrity/anybody doesn’t bow after well, anything?! (I quote from Rikayla@soompi)

Early on Tuesday, actress Erika Sawajiri issued an apology on her official website for her unprofessional conduct this past weekend. She showed up at a PR event for the opening of her new movie, “Closed Note,” but she was visibly upset about something and spoke only three brief sentences during the event. The incident reinforced her negative reputation as “Erika-sama” and drew sharp criticism from the media, other celebrities, and fans.

The actress was vague regarding the reasons for her attitude, but she acknowledged her lack of professionalism and admitted she had betrayed her fans. She also recognized that just an apology would not end the matter, so she plans to make amends for it in the future. Hoping to clear any doubt, her agency asserted that Sawajiri herself had formed the contents of the letter.

“Closed Note” is screening at the Pusan International Film Festival, which opens on the 4th. Sawajiri was scheduled to walk the red carpet with director Isao Yukisada for the opening ceremony and to appear at the film’s showing on the 6th. But due to the incident (which reportedly caused the movie’s website to temporarily shut down after a flood of comments), her agency and Toho decided to cancel her appearance. Yukisada, however, will still attend as planned.

Meanwhile, one of Sawajiri’s responses (“betsu ni…”) during the PR event has become somewhat of a catchphrase among her critics. When the host tried interviewing her, she said ‘toku ni nai desu’ (nothing in particular) and ‘betsu ni’ (nothing). When they asked about her favorite scene, she said “I don’t have any”. They asked how she felt baking cookies for the director and she said, “I didn’t feel anything”.

Original article credited by Tokyograph.

Erika was going to appear on “Super Morning” (TV Asahi) for an exclusive (120min) interview today. It’s the first time that she will speak about the truth behind the recent events. However, it is already known that Erika seems to be going to DENY THE 1YEAR SUSPENSION!…? The trailer for the interview shows that Erika is seemingly body here but soul not here state.

Just fast forward through it. F*ing hilarious. You know, I think I could’ve made a few interviews like that back in college.

Interviewer: Why are you such a bitch?
Me: …. *blind stare*

*2 minutes later..*

Me: … *blind stare*
Me: Whoa dude! I have like, 2 hands. Man I’d eat some pizza with mustard, some doritos with sardines, some ramen, a few dozen donuts…

Seriously, I doubt this clip was aired on tv in it’s integrity. She looks tired, (and that’s from someone who’s at work at 1:30am and got in at 10am). It’s like she was trying to cry to make us say: “poor little girl”. Usually for an interview like that, they have all the questions before even agreeing to film.

Still remember the image of her in 1 Litre of Tears and also her follow-up drama, Taiyou no Uta but since that, have not been following her career. She seems to have grown up too fast or that the image her company is forcing on her isn’t to her liking to contribute to this PR mess that has come about.

It’s apparently not something new and this was coming since her attitude was reputed to be like this, totally different on camera and off-stage. Can’t believe that she played the sweet, innocent girl in 1 Litre of Tears. What a shame. Pretty girl, nasty attitude. Hope she manages to find her way out of this mess and learn. More information can be accessed @ Soompi Forums.

13 thoughts on “Erika Sawajiri creates PR disaster

  1. Please you got to change fast or your fame is done but, many of us see and saw your attitude when you cry I feel sad. I would not accept that your just faking it that cry to make the audience feel bad for you.

  2. people how do u no c is faking…
    omg dont just judge her..
    c probably cried cuz c was goin through lots of pain
    c is also human u noe…
    erika c is da best

  3. hmm what ever she does , thats not erika wants, i think they just force her to do so,, to mak eit short,, i still like erika what ever happens.

    you can share me any new updates from erika

    my email adds (have messenger active) (have messenger not active)

    share some erika’s photos send me my email,,


    akire irijawas uoy evol i
    erika sawajiri i love you ^^

  4. Even after that interview, that apology, that crying that I thought was only acting for people to pity her…

    She doesn’t even change…

    It’s proof from the video where she arrive in airport in august last year and she not even answering any of the reporters questions…

    It’s like she didn’t hear anything…

    She’s preety on outside but disgusting and ugly inside…

    I hope you wouldn’t comeback for you to learn what you’ve done…

  5. You GUYz ARe So Mean ANd Bad ……..
    To Those Who Critizes her……….
    Does ERika Sawajiri Doesnt Deserve
    Every One deserves It……..
    DiD you Guys perFect?…
    Didn’t U Do Bad Mistakes……..?
    HOw Do YOu Know Its Fake or Just Acting
    And How Can U Fake Cry When Your Whole
    HEART is at Misery…….
    How CAN You do That..
    I Know SHe Is A Great acTress..
    BUt She CAN’T FAKE IT…
    Sorry 4 My English…..
    Ara Shane,, PHILS>>>>..08

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  7. yes, this infamous issue was way back 2008. and yes, my comment here is very, very off now, i think, but i really can’t help it! i just want to make it clear that i’m not an anti-ES nor a fan of hers. it’s just that i hate her (only) in that issue..

    to express my intense animosity towards her, to me, t-o-t-a-l-b-i-a-t-c-h spells erika sawajiri’s name after showcasing her award-winning “prima donna” attitude in the PR event of her upcoming movie. and she successfully grabbed the trophy for “worst attitude aired on national television!” ugh, wtfh is wrong with her? getting tired/exhausted (more appropriate term based on the video) from a shoot, or having an obviously fake blonde hair, or even having a personal problem/PMS/or whatever her reason was – neither of these is an excuse for her to act that way. she entered showbiz so she should know how to sacrifice IF she really had a problem during that PR event.

    also, BEING HUMAN who commits mistakes or going through lots of pain (as i have read from one of the comments) was her reason behind that, she could have just not attend the event and just rest/hang out with her friends to ease the “pain” she was experiencing at the moment instead of making a disaster and ruining her name on-cam. this proved that ES isn’t a professional actress after all.

    a question for the admirers and to all die-hard supporters of ms. notorious before i end this: if you happen to be a star that is of the same level as erika’s and let’s say, you were undergoing something – a problem, exhaustion, or whatsoever – would you also act the same way as she did, knowing that there’s always the overused “I’m just human” excuse to say? (probably) yes? well, better think twice.

  8. for someone commented above me . .

    i get what you mean.
    what u were trying to say.
    but well . .
    why is it so hard for people to understand that the level of pain or desperate inside a person can’t be shown just by appearance ?
    we never know what was her problems at that time, or what was going on inside her head.

    you know, i think when someone being forced to do something he/she doesn’t want to do, he/she will show anything to express the feeling. if a person being banned from refusing the work that being forced to her/him, he/she will either disband from the company or, show the feeling by attitude.

    you are you, n erika is erika.
    if you would “ease your pain” by hanging out with friends or whatever you will do, that’s becuz it’s a desicion you make, that comforts you. maybe she is different. and has different ways to “ease her pain”.

    and doesn’t anyone here think that what she did was a reclamation for her company, for forced her into the film she didn’t want to do ?

  9. hmm.. i honestly think that she is kind hearted.. but her heart not as strong as Aya.. maybe she’s been through some difficulties ,but sadly she didn’t apply what she learned from Aya into her real life.. well still,aishiteru ! hope all of them forgive you ^ ^

    Erika-nee,be strong like Icheuki Aya ! 🙂

  10. To quote Atticus from the book, Mockingbird, you can never truly and fully understand a person until you have crawled under his/her skin and walk around in it. Whatever happens, we fans/anti-fans alike have no idea what had really happened. Some judged and criticised, others sympathised. What we can do, is to see her as a normal person and not the characters that she played on-screen. I think something major must have occurred during that period for her to act so atrociously. She even went so far as to claim that she felt no remorse at all and regret her apology for that incident. ( She also denied feeling proud of her 2 No.1 hits in 2006 and says “everyone must be crazy to buy them”. You can feel so much vengence reflected in her attitude and words, it’s as though she is trying to get back at whoever/whatever that had disturbed her so much for her to be that way. It really doesn’t help that her marriage ended in failure and rumours of her taking drugs were circulating in the media. Whatever it is, I hope this poor girl can find back her place in society.

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