Kim Jong Kook and Yoon Eun Hye real love story


Even outside of Xman, there are too many uncanny links between them that is either too coincidental or they simply just want to show their affection for each other in public. You might have hated them together, think that either one of them aren’t good enough for each other, there are others suitable for them, etc. But you are not them, what matters is that they enjoy being with each other and that’s what really matters.

I like many of you, got acquainted with Eun Hye through watching Goong and know that Shin Chae Gyung (Eun Hye’s role) belongs to Prince Shin in it. But her name is Yoon Eun Hye in real life. Everything ends after the director shouts cut. You can say the same for Xman, everything ends after recording. But, this apparently isn’t so if you manage to finish reading through this entire post of information and pictures.

I am not forcing on you that they should be together. But you could take a neutral stand, watch and decide for yourself. Besides this, my Youtube library of videos can also testify to that plus the hundred of comments posted on them.

Once again, have to give thanks to Kim Jong Kook and Yoon Eun Hye supporters for compiling and creating all these information and pictures as evidence of proof of their romance. It isn’t easy to spot all these and then take the time to stitch them up together…

1. This unusual appearance of them together happened during the period when their newspaper scandal broke out in November 2004 as they appeared on SBS I Am variety show. They look ultra compatible in their matching outfits, seating together and being continually teased by the hosts and guests on the show.

2. Eun Hye attended the premiere of his Letter music video which was also his birthday party. (link) Eun Hye was supposed to be his leading lady for this MV but could not find an appropriate slot in her calendar for filming.  The role later went to Park Shin Hye. The song ironically appears as Eun Hye’s background music on her cyworld blog during that period.

3. It appears that Eun Hye seem to be using her own wardrobe for both Goong drama and then later in Jong Kook’s music video, Letter. Looks like she went shopping particularly to look for something similar to match Jong Kook’s outfits.


4. There was this radio interview in September 2005 between Cha Tae Hyun and Kim Jong Kook where both are the best of friends.

Radio transcript|Radio interview

The highlight of the interview was Jong Kook pretending not to know the actual age gap between him and Eun Hye to cover his tracks. But Tae Hyun ruined it for him again by saying the actual age gap even though he is not that close to Eun Hye, yet he knows that their gap is only 8 years.

Also, Tae Hyun was also pretending to be single as well because he made it seem like he was single. This even though he has been with the same woman for 10 years and married her this year. Denial is the name of the game in the showbiz industry.

5. In November 2005, Jong Kook finally admits that he would like to date Eun Hye during a LIVE interview on Yoon Do Hyun Love Letter so things must have gone well since then, cause Eun Hye appeared in his music video, Saying I Love You and on the pretext of thanking her, he gave her a diamond ring and a scooter as gifts for her assistance.

Eun Hye was no longer in Xman last year but they still created another new scandal in July 2006 which made the news with this music video. Jong Kook had a diamond ring custom made for Eun Hye at a famous jewelry store, Agape and also gave her a red scooter.

Sure they did damage control saying that he just gave it to her because she participated in his MV but the diamond ring he gave her was bigger than the couple ring that he once gave to his ex-girlfriend. And who ever gives such expensive stuff just because they were in your music video?

6. The pictures of Eun Hye were actual photos that were placed on her cyworld blog in January 2006. They were then stitched together by fans to show the stark similarities between her and Jong Kook. See and decide for yourself.

They even have the same pose, just look at their hands…how sweet


7. In another program called Nal Ah Ra Shoot-Dori on KBS channel dated 26th Feb 2006, this was where Jong Kook used his phone to call Cha Tae Hyun to tell him the good news of Shootdori winning the first game. When he passed the phone to the kid, Kim Tae Hoon, the screen showed his phone accessory that was kind of similiar to what Eun Hye had on hers. The caps of Eun Hye was coincidentally taken around that same time.


8. One of Eun Hye’s favourite brands is Burberry, so it’s no surprise that she would shop for matching Burberry helmets for them to wear on their music video, Saying I Love You.


9. Who could be the one driving Eun Hye to Jong Kook’s brother wedding in May 2006? Both of them would later appear at the same wedding not together though and Jong Kook had changed to a suit to receive guests but just too bad. It was a private reception so no media was allowed in. Although after this, Jong Kook has been avoiding the media very smartly in future weddings he went to.


Eun Hye was at the wedding early. The wedding was to start at 3 pm but she was already there hours there before since she had to help out at the reception. These field report came from a source who prefer to remain anonymous.

There were 2 receptions, one for the honored guest/family and the other one set at a later time for friends. The first reception for honored guest and family happened at 3 pm. Eun Hye was there but sat at the bride’s side, not the groom side, to avoid needless gossip. The bride’s side were so surprised to see that Eun Hye was already there before everyone else.

Yeh also attended the second reception held for Jong Kook and his brother friends that same day at a different time. She was there the whole day but she avoided being photographed together or sitting next to Jong Kook because they were scared that one of the guests might leak the photos to the media, so they kept their distance all the time.

10. Guess Eun Hye was giving him the thumbs up after knowing that the One Man was allowed to play soccer on this date while serving the military because she posted this pic on her cyworld blog on June 4th. (thanks to lhasha)


11. During Jong Kook’s four weeks of military training, he was not allowed to contact anyone, at that time his squad leader posted a picture of Eun Hye (that pic where she was getting prepared for the Bali photoshoot) on his Cyworld blog and put it under the “Special Lover” folder along with some Jong Kook pictures. Why would his squad leader put Jong Kook’s and Eun Hye’s picture under the “Special Lover” folder?

What made it even more suspicious was that his Cyworld was open to public before this but after smart fans found out about his blog, he edited that folder and later took it down due to a lot of fans asking him for details..

but it was too late, we already knew it…

12. Not to mention Eun Hye and Jong Kook’s name were used as an example in a learn to speak english book for children. How about that, teaching the children from young not to practise denial of relationship from public? Haha…


13. In this particular interview published on December 10th 2006, a reporter asked Eun Hye for her opinion on the two men linked frequently with her, Joo Ji Hyun and Kim Jong Kook. You can see clearly that the answers she gave leaned more towards Kim Jong Kook!! (Translated Interview)

14. This is what Eun Hye had to say about Jong Kook in an interview

In the beginning we only exchanged greetings but after the scandal we became really close; we occasionally eat out together and we also call each other on the phone. He has really good manners and that’s what makes oppa charming.. My mother likes him especially. He has a good character, and is also fair/just. Is there anyone in the entertainment world that doesn’t like him?”


Now as we all know, there’s very little possibility we will ever see them again on variety shows. Xman is gone and there’s no able replacement now. Eun Hye has a very successful acting career since leaving Xman and she is very much the IT girl now. Jong Kook meanwhile is in the army and counting down to his departure. So until his discharge from the military, let’s keep our snooping of their relationship going on… 

If you don’t want to be left out, check out the Kim Jong Kook thread @ soompi forums or Kim Jong Kook and Yoon Eun Hye thread @ asianfanatics forum where the worshippers would update once there are notable mentions.

Many thanks to jade411, endurance, mikki, cuttiegirlsu, thehay1 over at asianfanatics forum for compiling all of these, just putting them together…

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  1. I read from asianfanatic that on June 4th 2006, the military finally gave permission to Kim Jong Kook to play soccer with his team.

  2. ok so like what lhasha said, the date is where KJK was allowed to play soccer which he does weekly now, and YEH took that picture with the soccer ball to congratulate him!

  3. Ohh this brings back good memories of our Jong and Yoon couple. When will we ever get to see them together again….like you said there’s no able Xman replacement right now and YEH is considered an A-list star now (she probably won’t be appearing in any variety show anytime soon) so looks like we’ll have to wait a bit longer to see them together.

    Love this couple to bits…thanks coolsmurf for writing this so I can reminisce and recharge my love for this couple.

  4. june 4th was also the day when MS officials allow
    KJK to play soccer. I think, YEH knew that KJK can play
    soccer so she’s sending him a message to go for it and
    kinda congratulating him for that. i love this couple.
    they are the very reason why i watch xman.

  5. I’m a YEH and KJK fans from France( I’m Chinese )
    I ‘m so happy to find your clips at youtube and go to your home page. It’s great !
    So I post the adresse of your home page at youtube also the adresse here in the jongyoon cafe (cn ) where I go lately
    I’m so happy to share this treasure that I forgot to ask your permission
    Can I share your information with them?

  6. What about Joo Ji hoon? what did she say abt him? i heard he tried going after her but she rejected him. is it true? still, i’d root for joo ji hoon anytime, he’s so darn sweet in goong and so funny offscreen. LOVE!

  7. They’re a cute couple. It’s a perfect match made in heaven. I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen once he gets out of service. And when will that be? Anybody know?

  8. Are yeh and kjk still having communication?
    I’d like to know if yeh is really waiting for kjk?
    Do you have any ideas if they have any promises to each other about the (ring)symbol in their near future?

    Please give respond about this….thank you


  9. we don’t know if they are since its a private thing but there are subtle hints shown that they are. until its official, all is just pure speculation on our part. we believe that things would become clearer once he is out of the military.

  10. Thank u for yr information about their scandal. I really hope they’re a couple. Share with us if u have any evidence of their romance. We wish kjk and yeh have good time together, ok?

  11. What happened to all the KJK and YEH’s pictures? I can’t see them on your website here anymore. Do I have to install anything to my computer to view them? Thanks.

  12. i just recently got done watching the whole coffee prince drama and i can’t pinpoint what episode it was prolly the 8th or 9th episode but there was a scene where eun hye’s character go eun chan is crying in her closet while her younger sister eun sae is practicing her singing and dancing in front of a mirror and as eun sae is practicing she references kim jong kook sayin “one day jong kook oppa i will become famous and sing a duet with you” i don’t know if those were the exact words but it was something that stuck out and made me think that they must have put that line in their considering kjk should be getting out of military service soon and even funnier that they made the little sister say it instead of eun hye’s character

  13. ^^^ HAHAHA yeah now u’ve mentioned it, it did happen! eun sae was singing infront of a mirror. how come i never thought of the famous Xman scandal? dang!

    i wonder if KJK’s gonna be an actor after this. if he does that his popularity will rise to YEH’s level…wow.

    altho i personally prefer Lee MinKi’s sweet honest character with YEH, but i just cant deny all these. (and now my media player decides to play KJK’s saying you love me. impeccable timing)

    aja KJK/YEH!

  14. i still hate da fact that they’re together
    i just finished watching goong and the feelings of wanting the on screen couple be a couple in real life is so strong ..
    haizz .. i guess I can only say screw KJK then.

  15. i’ve just finished coffee prince, although i like gong yoo-yoon eun hye couple in that drama but i guess i prefer kim jong kook-yoon eun hye couple in xman ^^

  16. they really should do a drama similar in style to coffee prince with kjk and yeh but without the mistaken girl for a boy thing…yeh is damn hot so they should exploit that if you’ve watched her in vineyard man(coffee prince is ten times better i believe) she was lookin damn hot in some of her outfits so reallly…they should show that in the next one

  17. i love the couples, KJK & YEH.! They’re sweet in Xman. Hope they’ll be in any entertainment show again! =x
    Or wish tht they could be in any dramas. ^^

  18. I’ve read all the comments,but there is some are mean to kjk. If I don’t agree to yoon eun hye’s lover..I don’t be mean saying “kjk screw you”. “Not nice”. Actually in the artist industry Jong Kook is a very vulnerrable man than anybody. Who sacrifice his time artist for such enlisted man. I am proud for yoon hye to give her love to JKJ and they are compatible both gorgeous, sweet, and mind body strong.
    “That’s the ONE MAN”. AJA!!

    I’m waiting for KJK on March homecoming event. I can not wait for seeing his you tube. I am missing him..and so Yoon Eun Hye ,I believe on her.

  19. wag kah nah!!!!
    Joo Ji Hoon kme!!!!
    mas bagay cla noh!!!
    mag break na kayo!!!
    di kayo bagay!!!
    pede na rin si Gong yoo!!!
    eew…kadiri ka KJK!!!
    mxdo syang mgnda pra sau!!!
    mkrmdm ka nmn!!
    we are disappointed!!! as in super duper to d maXXX factor!!
    feeling mo nmn!
    bkit ha? kcing gwapo kba nina gong yoo tska joo ji hoon???
    gandang lalaki ka ba?????????

    PS.. khit anong mangyari, solid fan kmi ni Yoon eun hye!!
    ung boyfrnd wg knah! WE H8 UR BF!!

  20. @ G2J

    I can understand what you’re saying, and you know what..
    Before you bash try watching X-Man where KJK and YEH both guested so you’ll know where all of this is coming from.
    and before you say “we hate your boyfriend” (WE H8 UR BF), read first please, it’s not yet confirmed/official, it’s just that there’s a huge possibility that they’re dating. if you’re really a fan (hey I’m also YEH’s huge fan) try understanding. I agree that JJH and Gong Yoo looks better than KJK and there’s also chemistry between them on-screen but there’s just something about KJK and YEH, at first I also didn’t like KJK physically but after seeing them together in X-Man, it changed my mind completely ❤ Hail to the Strongest Couple! Peace V(-_-)

  21. wait…
    if they have the same necklace at xman#14…
    then, does it mean they are already close at that time or it was just a coincidence…
    ‘coz from what i know xman#14 was the first time they were coupled…
    but they said they became close only after the scandal…
    please enlighten me…
    i think i got confused…

    lastly, hoy G2J…
    alang pakialamanan dude…
    kung si KJK ang type ni YEH wala ka na dun…
    tsaka sabi ni YEH gusto sa mga interview nya gusto nya nang maskuladong lalaki at si JJH masyadong payat para sa kanya…
    ibig sabihin nun di nya type si JJH…
    mas gusto nya mga tipo ni KJK…
    kaya shut up ka na lang… okay…

  22. Yeh and kjk are cute together and i understand why eun hye likes kjk, although his not that really handsome enough but his cute and charming…
    But wait, i also hope that eric and eun hye will be partners in a movie.

  23. KJK and YEH r together!!!! Cool!!!
    I just started to watch X-Man 2 months ago on True X-zyte and now dat show has became big part of my life. I m da person who ‘s not interested in Korean nor Japanese stuffs before but seeing them together on da show has turn me over. I couldnt stop smiling while watchin like i m in love myself. I even wont go out at all on Sunday coz i have to stay home staring at TV,ofcourse.
    YEH is outgoing and has a great personality.
    KJK …. a lot to say abt him.. He is so so so cute n he has such a great smile.
    They r just perfect for each other. ^-^

    Thanx to Coolsmurf for posting on YOUTUBE!! I have such a good time watchin them.

    PS. I m new w/ korean stuffs so would you tell me how can i buy x-man w/ subtitle? Thanx in advance.

  24. @AM

    don’t you know what the word comment means????
    do you know min yeop of coffee prince?
    I think he looks better than KJK..duh…
    use your eyes…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    shut up….
    and how dare you to say JJH is only a skeleton man?!
    There is also cosine sine law and tangent law with them!!duh!
    also chemistry biology and physics…
    For KJK and YEH’s chemistry there is no reaction!!Its like NH3NO3 + HCLO4 = NULL REACTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PEACE DUDE! V(‘_’)V

  25. hey you dude , bakla ka ba? your words are like sound baaaading. Okay Joo ji hoon pero not Gong yoo nooooh…. He’s mean. N don’t say bad about KJK. My Korean friends loves KJK coz he got a golden heart towards people,, rich or poor. Masyado kayong rude. Be nice to the artist.
    r u a guy or a girl? Mga hypocrites kayo akala mo milyonaryo kayo. Baka sa enternet cafe lang kayo. Ang yayabang nyo, Be nice. iether you like it or not just don’t say it.
    Also I can understand your language da….
    Sorry! you made me mad with your comment. Bastos kayo n you just waisting your $$ from sweat n blood. (from your nay&Tay)

    This website is to say good words. “YOU ARE JUST JEALOU.”

    Note: Do you allow that kind of comment ? It so harsh.

  26. G2J! basahin mo yung comment ko para syo. You are hypocrite.

    Don’t waste your mom & dad’s $$ from sweat n blood. Yes comment but not harsh. They have feeling ,too. It seems your personality show that your not well educated.

    I believe KJK is not gwapo but have a good heart and YEH, they are the most sweetest couple on earth… “BAGAY SILA “Sira ka pala!!

  27. wow they are really a couple, i don’t know the man it seems he is a big star in sk, i prefer gong yoo to yeh because they have excellent chemistry.

  28. If i can have one wish…i wish YEH will end up with Gong Yoo. They look good together and i think their scenes in Coffee Prince are the sweetest scenes i have ever seen among Korean dramas. It was like not watching a drama at all…but watching a real couple. anyway…this is just a wish. i wonder if they have gotten close or were there any feelings developed between them.

  29. i guess everyone loves Eun hye a lot huh! everyone seems to have their own bets as Eun hye’s would-be boyfriend. well, in the end, it’s up to Eun hye herself to decide. but we’ll still be here(as eun hye’s fans) to back her up and wish her to be happy.

    to coolsmurf, is it true that kjk visited eun hye in the coffee prince shoots? just wanted to confirm.

    and to coolsmurf, keep up the good work, i always wanted to snoop around the kjk-yeh relationship, eversince watching xman.and here is the site where i almost have it all….very cool.


  30. Hi!! Friends,

    March is coming, KJK is coming to town soon
    (–_–)… Yeh !!! Ó’right …I can’t wait to see him again in the “You Tube”.

    I hope he got another song to promote with YEH,
    they are so romantic to watch.

    Luv ya two.!!!! CHEEERS!!!!!

  31. WGFAN

    May I tell you where? If you want to watch YEH & KJK @ the XMAN . “YOU TUBE” sign up there first and you’ll automatically download the show you want to see. Just type Xman with Yeh & kjk…
    Xman …. trust me It’s so hilarious. You won’t get board.
    Also you’ll find all about Yeh, there too.

    okay then, Have fun!!

  32. leiyanne,

    I saw yeh’s pict with kjk, I believe it’s “Vineyard” coz they were sitting behind the tractor. They were really much made by the heaven…Theeeey are so sweet. Well am just sharing my moments of good feeling about this people. Aja!!! (*/*)

  33. hi coolsmurf! thanks for all the info. im addicted to xman as well. too bed it ended. do you have any updates about eun hye, ji hoon, gong yu, jong hoon(i saw him at 1 ep of xman, but they dont seem to be close)? coz i know that kjk is still not back..

    can u please tell me more about eun hye? i so adore her!
    whats her cyworld blog u were saying? thanks.

  34. @jeary, in goong drama, yes. outside of it, no one knows.

    @assassine, yah, outside of goong, yeh not much contact with jung hoon. both different career paths. gong yoo is in army now. joo ji hoon, i not sure what he’d doing. yeh is now resting apart from recording a song for mighty mouse. yeh cyworld

    kjk is known as one man because he has a song called “Han namja” in korean, when translated it’s one man. that song is very famous and almost everyone knows it. perfect for pledging your love to someone u like.

  35. pangit nmn syota ni yoon eun hye,, ano yan bote dyaryo..
    punta ka sa pilipinas MAS MARAMING GWAPO DITO..

    just leave your boyfriend now,, go to philippines, there so many handsome guy’s in the philippines,,

  36. hi coolsmurf, thanks for yr information about YEH and KJk
    But it’s march already do you kwon when kjk get out of the army, and can you give for me some website have news of yeh or kjk by english , i tried to go to a lot of website but all of them is korean……….is yeh’s cyworld write by korea too…

  37. @yennie, kjk will be out sometime in May but i can’t remember the exact date. as for website, well there’s nothing better than a forum for the two of them. JongYoon Club International

    There’s a ticker on the main page counting down to his return!

  38. i love joo ji hoon and yoon eun hye together…..
    and i can’t believe this article!
    i’m so disappointed!

  39. i rili can’t believe it!
    i don’t like them together..
    i most like eun hye and joo ji hoon together..
    or gong yoo instead!!

  40. Oh mY God…

    Thank you for posting this…i love Them Together..i hope they get married when Joo kook finish his army, joo kook is cool,romantic and Eun hye is cute, pretty…coolsmurf u r they best…i really love them together…

    *Pray for them get married soon*

    ^^ ^^

  41. Hai Yeny,

    i will answer ur question, if i am not wrong, this may 22 2008 joo kook will finish his army i heard from joo kook fans…i really excited what will happen…? ^^

  42. hello…

    ahh so kim jong kook is in military now..?i though he is finish in the army so they are the same with gong yoo…?

    i really love kim jong kook and yoon eun hye i love you both….

  43. @michelle, kim jong kook entered army in 2006 and will be out in slightly less than two months. gong yoo just entered this year and will be out some time in 2010.

  44. hello coolsmurf…thank you for the information… are you from what country…? Philippines…?

    anyway…were is yoon eun hye now…? i really love the both of them super and i mis them when i watch the x man variety show the new one because they are not thier huhu…

    last question…? who’s fun of x man variety show in Korea…? It is still air now every Sunday in Korea…? or no more x man..? please answer who know about x man..?

    thank you

    God bless you…

  45. @michelle, from singapore I am.

    yoon eun hye is currently on break and considering her next drama/movie.

    there’s no more xman. it ended 2 years ago in april 2006.

  46. @michelle, where are you from? anyway, after i watched all coolsmurf videos (xman, ysmm), i agreed to this couple. Im really excited on what will happen to both of them after jong kook, himself will leave his military service next month.

  47. I love kjk and yoon ern hye.. hope them go together and be a lover.. do u agree with me? not korean but i like watch korean movie.

  48. hi im angelie im a fan of eun hye!im from philippines…well i must say that at first i really dont like kim jong kook,i like lee minwoo better and gong yoo but when i watch their video on you tube i started to like him….he is a romantic guy…and they are match made in heaven and i think eun hye is happy with him…hope that you can send me some information and can i join?if you have fans club…thanks

  49. thx a lot coolsmurf .. 2 years ago because of you so I fall in love with KJK & YEH ^0* thx a lot

  50. *Note: I am sorry if I have offended anyone by writing this. I am just offering a neutral statement regarding this matter. This is NOT an attack against anyone (i.e. YEH, KJK, or their fans’ opinion).

    Okay, I have to applaud at all of these “explanations” to serve as evidence for this “secret romance” that’s going on between YEH & KJK. I do kind of like this pairing, just a tad bit… ^_^…

    However, the pictures and document what they wore are ridiculous! xD I mean, if you go around and say people who wear the same brands of clothes are couples, then there would be a lot of embarrassed and/or upset people in this world. I mean, take Adidas for instance. That brand name designed similar patterns of clothing for men and women, so you can’t say that YEH & KJK wore Adidas as a “couple” attire. O_o

    The hats and the poses and the dogs are purely coincidences. I mean, those dogs are cute, so celebs would probably get them. :/ Regarding the poses with the heart and bears and other poses, I’ve seen so many Korean celebs posing in such a pose that it’s become almost like the “V” sign taken in pictures. 😛 And the hats, so what if it’s the same brand? (I’ve already discussed brands in the above paragraph.)

    The Mickey Mouse T-shirt & the red shirt in “Goong” wree probably from her wardrobe and the director had let her wore it for those scenes. And she chose to rewear them for other casual occasions, so you can’t say that she had planned it out. :X I mean, can’t celebs wear their casual everyday clothes more than once and not be questioned? xD

    And the picture with the cellphone charms. I can’t see clearly what KJK’s charm looks like, so that topic is inconclusive and I have no comment regarding it.

    Regarding YEH’s interview where she described the type of guy she’s interesting, she said she likes guy who are “muscular”. There are many muscular guys out there, including Eric, who was on Xman several times with YEH. There are also other “buff” guys beside KJK on Xman, so you can’t make the assumption that YEH was describing KJK. :/

    Lastly, YEH loves Burberry and maybe she was allowed to choose the helmets in KJK’s MV. So what? O_o The “explanation” reads TOO MUCH into this minor detail and blow it out of proportion.

    All of the clothes comparison and the dogs and the miscellaneous objects that these two share, I see other Korean celebs have them, too. So are we to say that all celebs who shared these things are dating? :X

    I’m in favor of any guy YEH end up choosing and I have no grudge against KJK in anyway. He’s such a kind, nice, and sweet guy that any woman would want to bring home to mother and father. I’m happy if YEH is together with him, but I won’t hold it against her if she’s not; however, I do not accept the “explanations” that read TOO much into something innocent, if you may call it so. Everytime they do something, why do people read soooo much into their actions and create these little plots to “explain” them? O_o If you look at his objectively (from a neutral stance), you’ll see my point. :X

    A fanatic’s stubborn mindset will develop into some form of psychosis that will create something that does not exist and persuading his/herself to believe in it as the truth. The more you scrutinize, the more you’ll blind yourself from reality. -_-

  51. i think coolsmurf have explained something about those evidences so no need to detail it one by one…..

  52. @angelie, no offense, but if you’ve read my comment, I was offering a rebuttal, which I have the right to do; you also have the right not to read. 😀

  53. hi!! 😉
    Thanks for your creative idea>>:))..(to smurf good job)

    Smurf when is kjk will be back in the show biz? I thought this month he’ll be home? I am like crazy looking for him in the enternet and everywhere? I am wondering? Please give me info.. thank you

    CHEERS!! :))

  54. It was announced that KJK will be leaving military service on May 29, so don’t worry he’s coming back.

    As for the comparison, clothes can be a concidence BUT the wedding and soccer ball entry had me caught.


  55. ok….chori chori!just huamn not perfect
    whew im no lawyer so dont know anything bout rights….
    lol just kidding…hey can anyone here be my friend?
    for u water is life just dont be so serious….be happy jolibee

  56. @AeroSky, KJK & YEH are close friends, so he invited her to be his date for the wedding. And…? O.o The soccer thing, perhaps YEH is trying to show some support for KJK in that matter. Can YEH support her close friend without it looking like she’s his girlfriend? 😛

    @angelie, a rebuttal means “the speech act of refuting by offering a contrary contention or argument” or “contradiction or opposition by argument, plea, or countervailing proof”.

  57. @AeroSky, I seriously didn’t get what the soccer thing way about anyhow. YEH gave him the thumbs up to play soccer? Why wouldn’t it be okay for him to play? O.o

  58. @angelie, aww, thanks! xD If you look at things in a neutral light (objectively), you’ll see where I’m coming from, too. ^_~

  59. Hello coolsmurf I’m Quelyn from the Phil. I love watching the videos of KJK & YEH Specially the one so sub thank you for the translation’s.

  60. coolsmurf would you be able to put kim jong kook in you tube for his coming back home from military? Also is yoon eun hye will greet him from coming home, too? 🙂 We as their fans missing them a lot.

    Please …I wanted to see him how is he doing from military.


  61. Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii:))

    I saw him at the Truveo site but there’s no eng subs. Friends he’s so well fit and still macho man.

    Smurf pleaaase can you find that for us with english subs. Appreciated your effort 🙂


  62. haha i miss this couple on variety shows! wouldnt it be great if they appeared on “we got married”!! ^^ awaiting their return..

  63. hye coolsmurf!!thx a lot for all the subs!!
    i wanna ask..kjk is coming back this 28th may right?
    omg im so excited!!
    is he going to release a new album?
    btw where do you live?im curious.
    do you know kjk fansite?
    i’ve been searching for it but its hard to find!!
    help me pleaseeeee
    i want to know more about him..

  64. btw can u email me about kjk latest news?
    thx alot!!!plz plz plz email me about his release from army!!thx!!
    my email is

    ps:to the readers if u have any information regarding kjk,feel free to email me.

  65. hey!! Mark!!!!!

    Kim jong kook is a charming guy that’s make his personality handsome….EAT YER HEART OUT DA !!!!
    SO there,,u ugly maaan.

    At least Yeh likes her not u.


    We luv u,,, AJA!!!

  66. hey!! Mark!!!!!

    Kim jong kook is a charming guy that’s make his personality handsome….EAT YER HEART OUT DA !!!!
    SO there,,u ugly maaan.

    At least Yeh likes him not u.


    We luv u,,, AJA!!!

  67. hi, just wanna asking for permission for saving kjk and yeh’s picture and soon to use it at any video’s of kjk songs. thanks in advance… im they’re fans, kook used to have a blooming career here in korea and #1 singer back in old times… now that he’s back wish he could be more popular than ever….
    i missed those days when x-man still on air…. the reason why i got a lot of chances of seeing them both….
    thank you for this site while reading all those informations, i believe they really have a special feelings to each other…
    God speed…..

  68. @WaterIsLife #65

    I definitely agree with you.

    I think matching all those kind of things, and explain too much for them.
    I love YEH, and I would be happy with her to end up any guy she likes.


    Frankly, first time i saw KJK i really thought that he’s not cute!!!
    but, okay, I admit that after watching a few episode of xman, I realized that he’s not the type of guy found handsome at first sight. But it’s his lovely things he’s done which made he’s a lovable one.

  69. im so happy when they r dating.they r the best couple in heaven.i love them so much.nobody can replace its couple.i cant wait for their new MV.if anybody know that website,would u please give it to me.i really want to watch them.please help me out!thank you all!!!!

  70. I Love Eun Hye (she’s my favorite korean’s celebrity) but I don’t really care about this
    cause I’m not Gay la!

  71. I’ve watched all of coolsmurf videos where kjk and yeh in it and I really enjoyed it a lot!! Hope there’ll be news about them soon since kjk is out of his military service.. I’ve watched in youtube that he’s going to the U.S to record his new album so I guess it will take some time before we can hear about them… I really hope they can work together in a drama 🙂

  72. yeh is my fave korean celebrity and as far as her personal life is concerned, we can’t do anything about it. we can’t force her to like/love someone she doesn’t. personally (with all respect to those loyal to yeh and kjk), i don’t feel any chemistry seeing them together. i still go for gong yoo! haha! they are such good actors that makes me think they are really like that character (eun chan and han kyul) in real life! <:
    but if yeh and kjk really like and are happy with each other, then let them be.
    lets just wish she will end up with someone worth waiting…

    ei coolsmurf, keep this up, cool entry… by the way, got any fresh news about yeh? i miss her /// thanks

  73. 65 WaterIsLife:

    Regarding YEH’s interview where she described the type of guy she’s interesting, she said she likes guy who are “muscular”. There are many muscular guys out there, including Eric, who was on Xman several times with YEH. There are also other “buff” guys beside KJK on Xman, so you can’t make the assumption that YEH was describing KJK. :/

    while it is true that there are many muscular guys out there
    including Eric. but the point is, it was only KJK who happened to be muscular who is romantically linked to YEH (with their scandal on headline newspaper?. she added on that she likes having a scandal with KJK. and it was still KJK after GOONG who was still much linked to her with MV saying you love me. and the presumption still went on when YEH said in her bday fanmeet that KJK is the only male celeb close to her.

    YEH has also said in some interviews that she doesnt contact her leading actors after the drama is finished.

    recently, there’s a TV report in korea about KJK where YEH was mentioned as his woman.

    we cant surely say that KJK & YEH are couple not until
    they both admitted it in public. but for the fun of assuming
    things, it is only KJK who is the most candidate since
    they are both associated to each other up to this time
    after xman ended years ago.

  74. I hv chatted with a koeran girl and asked her about the couple’s relation. She said that X-man just did it as it’s scripted. They are not real couple in Korea.

    That ruined all my belief and hope. I still want them to be couple.

  75. por:

    i met a group of koreans while waiting for boarding
    at the HKIA. i approached them and asked if they like
    kim jong kook – a K-pop singer. they were surprised why i
    asked. i said i like his voice and i saw him at “shoot dori”
    at youtube. one of them said, you should watch xman…his partner there is the young girl warrior is his girlfriend and they have a scandal together. I said “is it true that they are couple?” yes, said the one i asked. he gave him a diamond
    ring and they have a music video together. Are you talking about this man? i gave him my ipod for him to listen to the KJK song loveable. he said yes. you’re his fan? i said yes.
    i thank them.

    maybe not all know KJK & YEH’s real relationship, thus, giving
    different opinions.

  76. honestly…he was not a good looking person…i hate this article…i’m still praying for JJH AND YYH…………

  77. wakokook asan n ung mga fans ng robot n bf ni yeh reply n sakin dali asaran tayo bf ni yeh mukang robocop taena walang kwenta yan

  78. So this is your website?

    Unfortunately the vdo here are not avaliable anymore. But I’m also a fan of KJK and YEH whether in xman or real life. I’m glad that KJK is ready to ‘come back’ for a new album. I heard a bit of it in youtube and so love his voice. He’s gonna be in Family Outing next week. I’m so excited to watch.

    Anyway,….. forever YKF ❤ ^^

  79. uhm…in my own opinion, JOO JI HOON and YOON EUN HYE is STILL the BEST COUPLE EVER!!!(ON OR OFF CAMERA).
    they looked VERY GOOD at EACH OTHER….
    KJK for me DON’T HAVE ANY SEX APPEAL…(my opinion)
    he is not a good match to Yoon….
    THAT’S ALL!!!
    U’R D BEST:)

  80. am watching episodes of xman. not sure if anyone has sported this yet – but in episodes 37 & 38 (Xman 14) KJK & YEH are wearing similar necklaces – Yeh’s spells out ‘yooneunhye’ & KJK’s ‘kimjongkook’ or ‘jongkok’.
    necklaces are similar to what Sarah Jessica Parker wears in Sex and the City.

  81. YEH and KJK are a so cute couple. But I wish that YEH would play Xman again because i can’t take it when chae yeon said ” Can i take YEH’s place in your heart?” in the of course game. That made me so made. In KJK’s heart is only YEH! In xman#43 KJK in the couple game helped YEH stand up and in xman#45 KJK didn’t cared about Yuri. KJK just walked away.

  82. hi…

    i’m so confuse after reading all of this comment. if all of you go to youtube, you can see that many mv made by the fan for jjh and yeh and all this mv shows that what a romantic couple and perfect couple they’ll be.

    i still praying that jjh and yeh will be a COUPLE in real life. if i was yeh or jjh i will surely touch with these mv. it was soooooo romantic, the parts where they look at each others, smile at each others, hug each others, hold hands…….. i’m very TOUCH and SENSITIVE when look at the mv.

    please ……… YEH go to JJH.
    please………… KJK go and find others girls. go and watch jjh and yeh mv in youtube, i’m sure you will understand how PERFECT YEH and JJH will be.

  83. i dont like kim jong kook….i like joo ji hoon to yoon eun hye…yoon eun hye and joo ji hoon are good couple…really cute couple i hope in real life joo ji hoon and yoon eun hye have a relationship…i am so excited of that…i hope have a goong 2,,…

  84. please kim jong kook find other girl..even you are rich we dont like you for yoon eun hye…the ring that you give her..we are not happy to see it in the youtube…leave alone to yoon eun hye…we dont like you…

  85. Do you crazy ? It’s stupit . Yoon eun hye like or love whoever make she happy . I’t her private , who are u ? Do u can talk hate and love someone in herlife? U was hiralious

  86. The Crazy commnt from a fans of YEH, like hellme said, who are you? we can’t decide who’s YEH gonna date..

    you couldn’t tell KJK to leave YEH too, it’s a private matter for both of them..

    we can’t bother them…

    i’m KJK and YEH fans, but if they didn’t date each other it’s fine for me…

    i think, someone who think that KJK must leave YEH because u don’t like him, your mind still like a kid…

    a small minded mind…

  87. i dont like KJK to be YEH boyfriend….. better LEE MIN KI…. his so honest, sincere. sweet and very loyal to YOON EUN HYE until now….

  88. get d fuck outta here U haters!!
    JJH??he’s a drug pusher so he’ll never b w/ YEH!!!


    if a person is a genuine fan, he/she must support his/her idol all d’s up to her to choose d man tht she really likes…she deserves d best, ‘n tht’s KJK

  89. Hi there to all fans of eun yoon hye… i wasn’t yet able to watch xman… i feel sad when i read the news about eun yoon hye and kim jong kook, because i love the love team of eun yoon hye and joo ji hoon… when i watched princess hours i saw chemistry between of them and hoping that they will be together in REAL… is it official that eun yoon hye and kim jong kook are together…?

    and stop saying that joo ji hoon is a drug pusher or user rather, altough it’s true or not …. i believe that he will overcome this…because i knew some celebrities who used drugs before but still became popular, but i’m not saying that it’s good to use drugs-definitely it’s not…


  90. KJK is with hyori now right? they both are now on FO, Family Outing and there’s a rumor that they are potentially in love..
    i think there is no intention at all between YEH and KJK right now, since they’re really busy with their own career life..
    and with JJH, i don’t think either..
    because they never seen having an off screen or what, it’s all only for “on screen”. even both JJH and YEH ever told that they don’t like each other as a type of GF or BF.
    i read it on magazine, that JJH was saying that even YEH is so pretty, but she isn’t his type. that’s all… so no more JJH..

    i’m not really care who’s going to be her side right now, but as much as i love anyone to be her BF, even if it’s JJH or KJK, actually, i would like to choose for GONG YOO.
    it just that what i see they have a potentially a very close relationship, even on last Christmas 08, we knew that GY is on Miliary Service right, but YEH visited GY on his radio for a special occasion on his radio… right on the special day like christmas… how cute is that?
    well, that’s for me.. 🙂
    back again, whoever her BF, i hope he could makes YEH happier than ever…
    sincere, big fan of YEH ❤

  91. I don’t know but I am really puzzled by YEH. Usually, she goes to Japan for a fan meet before or after her b-day(September/October of every year) but this time she went to Japan a week before JJH’s bday and 2 weeks after his drug scandal. JJH was supposed to go to 2 fanmeets in Japan on his b-day. It was even rumored that this tickets would be refunded but suddenly YEH left for Japan with 2 fanmeets and the rumor of refund stopped. I thought it was so sudden because I have read that all this time she was so busy that its good if she had 3 days left in a month for herself. While in Japan, during those fanmeets while the video of Goong was being played on the background, she would sing “Sweet Memories” and “Perhaps Love”. It was reported in PopSeoul that while singing “Perhaps Love” she was crying and so as if understood by the audience they cried with her and not just crying but they are crying out loud. It was mentioned in the report that was she shedding tears for her “Prince”? Just trying to analyze the situation…

  92. you don’t have the rights to judge Yoon Eun-Hye’s beung closed to kim jong kook… you are so judgemental,, they deserve to be happy so just leave them alone..

  93. My Goodness! I’m against it! I like Eun-Hye and Ji Hoon as couples! Too bad Ji Hoon doesn’t like Eun-Hye.. *sigh*
    Wish it would change. hahaha!

  94. its just surprising after seeing Goong; that both shin chaegyung and lee shin didn’t end up together in real life but instead; lee shin ended up with min hyorin and shin chaegyung with someone else. but i still like the movie though.. two thumbs up.. i can add two more including my toes.. LOLOLOL..

  95. guys you dont have to say bad things about kim jong kook ..we dont really know whats goin on between yeh’s rumored lovelines to: jong kook, gong yoo, lee minki, jo ji hoon….etc.

  96. eun and jong ur such a lovely couple……
    stay happy and dont mind others…jaz stay

  97. …i like the chemistry of yoon eun hye and joo ji honn….i hope there is a part 2 of goong with same cast…………
    i lone yeh and jjh………

  98. part 2 of goong is still the same cast. hopefully, coz the PD wanted it too. and also both of them either..
    but the best couple for Eun Hye is Kim Jong Kook, I think..

    but, can anybody tell their relationship for now??

  99. bakekoq & cherrydinn… how both of you knew that there is gonna be goong 2? where did you guys heard that from?

  100. oh my god! u knw what dat man is lyk ur uncle..he is too much matured for u yoon hye..think twice..ur fans dnt lyk ur tandem…eyyuhhhhh….u are compatible with ji hoon…i swear! i miz both of you…

  101. i think they dated but broke up before my fair lady started to air on kbs. just watch happy together when yeh was asked about kjk. she seems so mad 😦 oh well they will always be my otp 😛

  102. Dear : Coolsmurf

    jadi bener yoon eun hye dan Kim jong kook pacaran?
    terus kalo joo ji hoon gimana?katanya yoon eun hye dikabarkan memakai kalung yang sama dengan joo ji hoon….

  103. kjk and yeh fans, no offense but i do agree with ji hoon and eun hye together.. ive watched their interview at goong about dating in personal life.. and eun hye said, sure. they both agreed in dating and they do confess that they are dating.. jjh had confess his feelings for eun hye in that same interview that he liked her and for eun hye, she said that ji hoon is one of the special persons in his life.. hope i wont offend anybodyim just sharing the truth and my opinion..

  104. i love their tandem and characters as crown prince and princess of korea in goong.. i do hope that will do the goong 2 cause princess hours had captured many filipino hearts.. go shin and chae-gyung,, we love you!! fighting..

  105. aww their cute together! one of the reasons why i want to watch x-man but i can’t find is anywhere with english subs

  106. Yoon Eun Hye is really beautiful.Hope that there will be Goong 2,with the same casts as the first one. No offense but Joo Ji Hoon and Yoon Eun Hye really look good together. They’re really a perfect couple. Goong 2 please.!… :))

  107. watch running man if you want to know more about kim jong kook…i believe he became more famous there…it’s a variety show and still airs right now and i admit after watching that i became a fan of kim jong kook…and about their relationship i believe they really dated and after some time they split up…i understand some people that want her to be together with her leading man in goong but as a fan you should also understand who she wants to be together with…

  108. I love eun yoon hye and if she likes kim jong kook then I’m happy for them. kim jong kook looks nice so i will support him if he really likes eun yoon hye. fighting ! love you. ❤ . 🙂

  109. eun yoon hye and kim hyun joong, I hope that your going to have a series. you two looks nice. you are perfect match.:)

  110. I think they were still together.. however they do not want to reveal it publicly since they were avoiding criticism and they want to leave peacefully… Come to think of it both of them are not married yet… yeh do have bf same with joong kook…

  111. YEH should be free to choose who she likes… all the other “bf” whom she worked with were just that – costars. Goong 2’s never going to happen. It also looks like Joo JiHoon’s a finished has-been since his drug scandal. Who would want to hire him now??


  113. you guys should all just settle down. coolsmurf and the rest of YEH and KJK fans, i know that you would love to see them end up together, but unfortunately it’s never going to happen. @kishi’s analysis of this is right on. while your so-called “evidences” point out to similarities in their clothes, YEH’s own words is more telling – in the series Happy Together when asked about KJK, she says “it’s not true.” as for the concert of KJK she says “i go to my friends’ events whenever i can, like i also went to Daniel Henney’s premiere night.” the host ji sook, who was also in Xman said that KJK has said that “he wished he’d snatched up YEH back then.” has she denied JJH? the answer is no! when asked in the Goong special if the 2 of them were going to start dating, their answer was a resounding silence. that’s cuz they were already dating, as I’ve personally seen from pictures where they were caught holding hands, not similar clothes, but actually holding hands. we already have JJH saying in public that he would never cheat on YEH. in the drama he did after Goong, The Devil, there was not even a kissing scene. he dis not want to gie YEH any reason not to trust him. he only did The Naked Kitchen after YEH has thrown down the gauntlet with Coffee Prince, and all the kissing scenes in it. yes, there were names attached to him, but none of them were true. fortunately enough ever since JJH’s problem, YEH took off. Her last drama before LTM was in 2009 with MFL. so, she doesn’t have to answer questions pertaining to JJH. fortunately for YEH, also, bec no one is asking her abt JJH since, at this time, JJH has already been blacklisted by the networks so he is off-limits. however, in 2011, 6 mos. b4 JJH was scheduled to be discharged frm the military, YEh talks abt a husband and wanting to get married. 6 mos. later JJH goes to his fan meeting singing U2’s “with or without you.” he sang an english song to an audience who don;t normally understand english, which is not a slight on his fans. it’s just the way it is. check out the lyrics of that song “…you give it all, but i want more, and i’m waiting for you… i can’t live with or without you, aaah….” then YEH sings Lonely in Feb 2012 and with her signalling that she’s ready to give what he wants, JJH what are you waiting for? perhaps he doesn’t have the confidence right now cuz he’s just restarting his career, but i predict we will see these two come out in the open in the near future. maybe after JJH finishes his first project after the military. yes, it’s YEH & JJH all along. they were together, now separate, but not broken-up, and in the future, it will still be JJH & YEH, YEH & JJH, our prince and princess. FIGHTING!

  114. and to toni, there wasn’t anything bet YEH & KJK, except friendship, so it’s all good. whereas YEH and JJH have suffered long enough, waiting without each other. i know it was a decision they made for their careers, but still….how deep is your love, right?

  115. hi i’m Ms. Lady Laarnie from philippines just want to ask if there a chance that Ms. Yoon Eun Hye can visit here in the philippines? I’m one of her fans here…i wish that Ms. Yoon can visit us here..thank you and God Bless =)

  116. @esigh why are you trying to persuade us to believe you. You can believe your own thing and we will believe ours. Don’t be such a hater and a killjoy.

    We will believe whatever we wanna believe, we dont need someone like you to post a novel on how YEH is with drug addict Joo Ji Hoon. Get it? If you want druggie Joo Ji Hoon that bad then take him yourself!

    All those pictures of you saying that Joo Ji Hoon and Yoon Eun Hye were seen holding hands and dating, bring them over here and post them as evidence. Cause I can assure you I’ve seen those pictures those fake pictures that you were referring to and they were all photoshopped, and the original people were Vic Zhou and Barbie Hsu of Meteor Garden when they were still in a relationship. Some crafty Yoon Eun Hye and Joo Ji Hoon fans photoshopped YEH and JJH’s pictures on those taiwanese celebrity couples.

    And as you can see, this is a Kim Jong Kook-Yoon Eun Hye lovers blog, so why are you so insecure, as to post here if you really believe that there’s nothing going on between these two? Why even bother if you are so sure that JJH and YEH are a couple? You do this in every site and in every YEH and KJK related posts….you are just plain disrespectful!

  117. any updates on yen and kjk, i really hope that they end up together, they bring this special feeling to me whenever I am able to watch their xman episodes, hope and pray that they marry in the future.

  118. oh my god. maybe its just coincidence that they happen to be wearing a lot of matching clothes? people do that. i think people are overexaggerating but i think KJK and YEH look really cute together.

  119. i really hope Kim Jong Kook and Yoon Eun Hye are a couple while i watch Xman, but Kim Jong Kook’s attitude at Running man made me think đifferent.
    so, when i read this post, i think their love it’s true. but why they’re broke up?

  120. bout Jong Kook attitude at RM don’t take it personal.. They’re trying to make up a character out of Jong Kook that way.. RM show (90menit), only take about 10% of the current filming…

  121. Ms yoon is very beautiful actress so why his partner is to ______________ /…
    my god . your soulmate is kang ji hwan :))

  122. if your going to check news about the two of them, i mean kim jong kook and yoon eun hye, anything that is related to relationship/love, they tend to link their names with each other. eventhough they dont say each others names, they keep on describing each other as their ideal type.
    Friends won’t tease you to a specific person (yoon eun hye) if there’s nothing between the two of them or if your not hiding anything. People tends to be guilty and felt shy if one of your secrets would be revealed. Kim Jong Kook’s actions, can be interpreted that there is something going on between them. His reactions once YEH’s name is brought up on the topic/show. How both of their names had been linked together for how many years already since 2004. Both names had been linked to different celebrities in the industry but how come not even 1 celeb would lasts being with YEH/KJK.
    for the past years, there were no relationships admitted by both parties; they keep denying celeb names that has been linked to their names.
    at present, though both dont appear on the same shows, but couple clothes are still CAUGHT by the eyes of fans worn by them during shows.(their couple clothes can be seen in soompi posted by fans).
    Fans do understand both of them that they are just protecting each other from any negative comments, from antis and preventing any untowards incident that may happen once truth would announced. Supporters would always be here for the both of them, since we know that not all fans are infavor for KJKYEH couple.

    PS: kjkyeh supporters/ JYC’ers hopes are still at par from any shipping. Our bet may not act together in a show but they have their own way on responding to each others interests.

  123. @WaterIsLife: I agree that some of that pics are too exaggerating.. Some celebrities got couple shirts from their fans/shippers. Sometimes, they just use it to honoring the gifts. if you dig deeper, you’ll find out that some of the facts between KJK & YEH are just too good as a mere coincidence.

    1st: Minnie Mouse shirt.
    Apparently, that’s not the only time they caught to use Minnie Mouse shirt. If you type “1000 won kjkyeh” on youtube search, there is a video about 1000 won show, I believe it was broadcasted on SBS around 2005, where Min Woo (Shin Hwa) strolling around SBS building looking for something. He accidentally met KJK in a room with a mysterious girl. The girl has similar posture with YEH and she awkwardly covered her face with a book (I believed to avoid the camera). Min Woo expression was like ‘shit! why should I enter this room’. As you know, Shin Hwa members were also regular guest on XMan show, so it’s safe to say that there was really something going on between KJK & YEH, Min Woo would know it. If you search further, that time KJK supposedly waited for his performance at SBS Inkigayo, since another video shows that he wear that shirt & same hair style during the performance. That exact white Minnie Mouse shirt (couple shirt) used by YEH on one of her drama scene (CP if I’m not mistaken).

    2nd: KJK referred several times at Coffe Prince.
    On episode 7, YEH’s sister said that she would train hard so someday could perform on one stage with KJK oppa. I don’t know the exact time line, but maybe it referred to Chae Yeon’s confession toward KJK in XMan #50. Apart from YEH’s Minnie Mouse shirt, KJK lyric was also used in the drama script. Why would a director do that??

    3rd: Both comes up on several special events
    YEH came to KJK’s brother wedding. As you know, his brother isn’t a celebrity. YEH came to KJK birthday party & sat on family table. During military service, KJK team made a special MV in the form of picture slides. The team collected KJK fans pics with the pose theme: expressing love. Among the pics, there are four KJK & YEH pics.

    I’m not saying that they are dating. But, certainly all of it gives more than a reason to suspect that they shared something special, whether it’s love or a close friendship. My guess is they WERE dating, but it’s not anymore. Judging from KJK reaction, he never so furious when YEH mentioned in XMan or FO, instead he became shy or giving silly explanations. But in RM, he seemed to be very annoyed.

    @kieulinhdan: I agree that KJK character a bit annoying in RM. Many people would judge him wrongfully if they only got to know KJK through RM show. He was not like that in the early episodes of RM, he’s like a gentle giant. I even sympathized every time he got betrayed by other members or bullied by YJS. His kind attitude is showed by the fact that several times he gave his gold or prize to the guests or cutely took away from other winners and gave it to the guest. He never went to the show for the prize. Have you noticed that no other RM members did it (give their prize to the guest)??

    Lately indeed his ‘character’ shifted into some talk-active, dominant person in RM. And I myself found it annoying. He’s not like that in real life or during XMan & FO filming. Maybe RM producer feel that the RM casts need that kind of character and there’s nobody suits better than KJK. During interview, KJK admit that it was a made up character. Kwang Soo lately also said that KJK is one of the nicest ‘Hyung’ you could ever meet in Korean entertainment. Even now that LKS has been successful, every time they go out together, KJK always takes care of everything and LKS never has to reach his pocket.

    I don’t like KJK’s current character in RM, it certainly an act. Surely it’s funny every time LKS made fun of him in RM & some times it feels that certain character needed in the show. Too bad that it’s KJK that has to run the character.

  124. Well i don’t know why but i got the feeling that kim jong kook and yoon eun hye was in relationship but they were already break up after watching running man episode 2 and 24. Just check it out and think why i got this feeling.

  125. wag nyong maliitin si kim joong kook you don’t know him .. so please don’t judge him……….

  126. i wish for the both of you soon you getting married,,,,, because you to look perpect for each other saranghae yooneunhye and kim jong kook……

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