Stars that illuminate Love Letter

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It’s time to say goodbye to Love Letter, it’s kinda hard seeing that how every weekend I would be anticipating watching it. It would be Love Letter on Saturday followed by Xman on Sunday. It was a super weekend for me and possibly a golden era of variety programming for SBS. While Xman is pre-occupied with finding the Xman and winning the various games, Love Letter was more about interaction between guys and girls and geared heavily towards romance. It was fascinating to watch as they were all celebrities and not the average joe on the streets.

Was first introduced to Love Letter by my KJK/YEH coalition over at Soompi Forums, regarding his comments about one woman and how Chae Yeon “fought” with Jeon Hye Bin over Kim Jong Kook. So off I went to see that and I was kind of intrigued to see so many familiar faces from Xman gathered together. There were others that I didn’t see before but I grew to like them, people like Chun Myung Hoon, Jang Young Ran, etc..And the rest is history.

The latter episodes of Love Letter wasn’t that interesting and probably due to a lack of ideas and the change of format. The ratings were also dwindling and viewers started feeling that the “romance” factor was kind of fake. It was believable intially because of the novelty factor and the guests were more well-known and outgoing. All good things must come to an end. But at least we were there to see it when it was at its best.

To everyone who contributed to the success of Love Letter, we thank you all!!!

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1 – Shinhwa
Shinhwa of course must be in first position! Why? Because they are Shinhwa, because the program started with them and most of season 1 episodes had them. You can’t deny that towards the end of season 1, the show suffered because Shinhwa wasn’t on it. As one of Korea’s longest running group, they contributed a lot to the success of Love Letter. No one would have expected that this Love Letter program which was designed intially for them as a platform to promote their album became such a big success that it was expanded to season 2 and 3.

The six members of Shinhwa has boundless charisma and you can see them displaying and showing it off during the recording of the program. Actually each of them has the capability to go it alone but they are afterall a group, forever Shinhwa! Everyone knows that Love Letter is scripted, but I suspect that this only came about after Shinhwa left the program as one group. The reason is simple, Shinhwa was able to act their natural self and in a relaxed manner, plus appearing on the show as a group, is like a gathering with your family members, who needs a script when you are with your close ones? The first seven episodes of season 1 also became a series worth collecting for every Shinhwa fans. Each member of Shinhwa displayed their outgoing bubbly self, witty side and their athletic self in the various games.

Most of Shinhwa fans came to like Love Letter after watching it while non-Shinhwa fans started liking Shinhwa after watching Love Letter. If you have watched season 1 and said that Shinhwa isn’t to your liking, then probably you won’t love anyone ever again. It’s difficult not to like Shinhwa after watching Love Letter.

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As the leader of Shinhwa, Eric has really done what is required of him. He doesn’t talk much nor do much but still is a guy brimming with charisma. His bright sparkling eyes always shows a level of deep profound meaning to them. Be it concerts or variety shows, he never seeks attention and always gives his other five members the chance instead. He never puts much effort during his appearances on Love Letter and always lets his brothers have their opportunity. Still remember how he pawned Shin Jung Hwan in a one-on-one conversation with Kim Jung Eun.

He always puts them ahead of himself in work and personal time. The way he led his members out of SM entertainment without any problems left those remaining there in awe of his ability. Maybe it’s the responsibility of the big brother that allows him to know how to protect them.

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The shortest member but is also the all-rounder in Shinhwa. He can sing, dance, compose and act and excelling in them all. Every time during concerts or various award ceremonies, his presence always overshadows everyone. He is also the first to call Shinhwa fans, “Orange Princesses,” what a beautiful name. He is known as the creative boy in Love Letter, and whenever the skit requires a dance, he would perform something different. In the concentration camp segment in Season 1, the punishment was so painful for him that he had to grab Ho Dong’s hair and fat face and then saying this after it was all over, “I would if there’s no Shinhwa!” These words really left an impression on me.


He is the most popular member among all Shinhwa members, why is that so? Remember in the later parts of Season 2, Ho Dong once said that Junjin would be recording Love Letter very soon. But this didn’t come true and cause a credibility hit to Ho Dong’s reputation and saw many people debating about this and even saw thousands of people petitioning for his return. I am sure you know it better than me, since Junjin left Love Letter, his record of five consecutive leaders and record setters of various games in Love Letter was unrivaled although it has since then been broken in later episodes, but he is the fore-runner of a all-round sports champion.


Kim Dong Wan
If you ask Shinhwa fans as to who is the most humorous member, they will tell you that it’s Dong Wan for sure. Dong Wan isn’t the most eye-catching person in Shinhwa but the words coming from his mouth often leaves people laughing their heads off. That is why often in Season 1, he is always requested by the females guests to be grouped together with Shin Jung Hwan & Chun Myung Hoon. Even then, he always smiles along with it. Dong Wan’s charisma is one that if you inspect closely and with heart, you will find an extraordinary surprise awaiting you. One of the biggest regrets is that we wasn’t able to see him nor Eric in any episodes of Season 2 in Love Letter.

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Hye Sung
The nucleus of a group is singing and Hye Sung himself possess angelic vocals and is the real prince. He is the only Shinhwa member that Lee Soo Man of SM Entertainment wanted to keep to groom him as a solo singer. He has said before that, “Shinhwa is not my group but my family.” He is also the only member of Shinhwa to have been picked as the “Perfect Man” in season one. The crab dance and mummy, please buy me that! dance are very comical and the fighting dance that he always does to lead everyone on is what I felt for the first time that Love Letter is a lively place where everyone got along well. He is the main vocalist of Shinhwa and will forever be our comet (hye sung when translated in korean means comet).

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Andy is one of the most adorable guys I have seen in my life, every time he smiles, every action he does, is always so candy cute and really high echelons of cuteness. Young Ran puts it very well, “He is too cute, how is it that he is so cute? As a guy, if your biggest charisma is cuteness, it would be rather unacceptable to most people. But for those who think it that way, just look at Andy. Do you know what an angelic smile looks like, we haven’t seen the god, but we are lucky to have met an angel. Andy is an angel. This member of Shinhwa doesn’t dance as well as Minwoo or Junjin, doesn’t sing as well as Dong Wan or Hye Sung, doesn’t rap as well as Eric, but he is the only one most doted upon by them all. The heart dance that he always does in Love Letter is always so cute. Love it when he places both of his hands on top of his head to make a heart shape, how could anyone not dote on him when they see that?

Shinhwa members are busy with their own activities. Dong Wan, Hye Sung, Minwoo, Jun Jin released their solo albums this year. Eric is heavily involved with acting while Andy is scheduled to appear in a musical. Shinhwa will also hold a series of concert of mark their 10th year anniversary.

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2 – Kang Ho Dong
In the three seasons of Love Letter, there’s not one guest that has appeared in each episode. But thankfully, there’s one MC that managed to achieve this record of appearing in every single episode of Love Letter, from season 1 to season 3. You can’t really get tired of seeing his face week in week out. The classic scene of a tall fat hguy leading out a group of charismatic guy/girl guests at the beginning of each show from season 2 onwards is unforgettable.

I have a bias opinion which is that he is better than MC Yoo Jae Suk. The long-winding 3 seasons of Love Letter has seen him taking on the MC role by himself and his contribution to the show must not be overloooked. We can say that Love Letter can afford not to have any guests but cannot afford not to have Kang Ho Dong onboard. There are always many articles on Love Letter but always overlooking his presence. Korea must be really lucky to have a former wrestler turned MC that has such a panache for hosting. He is really suitable for this line. You really can’t think of anyone else who could have hosted Love Letter. You can always link exagerrated reactions to him in the show but you won’t think that that is absurd but grow to like it. This is Ho Dong’s biggest charm. He is really a god-send to the hosting world.

When Ho Dong got married, he revealed on the last episode that he started dating on the first episode of Love Letter and got married by the time it ended. The only one who managed to find true love on Love Letter is Kang Ho Dong himself. All the best to your marriage!!! Still the host of many variety shows including Ya Shim Man Man and Are you Ready?

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3 – Shin Jung Hwan
When Shin Jung Hwan starts dancing, he is able to make me laugh my head off. Among the guests on Love Letter besides Shinhwa, he is my most favorite person on it, reason being he is too funny for words! Being funny can be considered to be a higher level of intelligence I suppose, although he is able to make you laugh with his wacky dances and funny expressions, what he excels best is with words. His reaction is also very fast and this is very evident in many instances over the recording of the program. If you have to do a poll on who is the funniest person on Love Letter, it must be him definitely without question. For three seasons, he has been doing that without fail and the number of brilliant quotes from his mouth always have me clapping to acknowledge his effort.

Everyone should know that he belonged to the special forces unit in the army, its hard to imagine how someone like him so interesting and funny can complete the missions handed to him? I would just stop and laugh if I see him. If you say Love Letter is scripted, I can believe it. If you say that the couples are pre-determined before recording, I can accept that. If you say that the gags in the program are pre-arranged, I can believe that as well. But if you tell me that Jung Hwan antics are pre-set as well, that I won’t believe even if you beat me to death!

Still heavily active in several variety shows.

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4 – Chun Myung Hoon
Myung Hoon is one of the guests that I respect the most on Love Letter. Among the many other male guests on Love Letter, he is actually in no way poorer than them, but he would hide his charismatic side and take a backseat to them. He managed to cast away his “burdened” image and showed off his dancing skills in #16 of season two and also sang a few lines of a famous song. Just as everyone is laughing at his “burdened” antics just like me included, I am also sad for him because afterall he was once a pretty boy, Korean wave founder, genius composer but now is relegated to being a clown and clowning around in variety shows. This must be really unacceptable for most of NRG fans. But there isn’t much to be sad about because from another perspective, most of those who know him know that he is a talented person with ability. But I shudder to think if someone from Shinhwa or DBSK were to face a fate like this few years down the road.

Myung Hoon is one of those who have appeared on Love Letter many times, and in the period of three months in which he was away, something seems to be lacking especially in season three. Still remember his touching opening address at the beginning of #7, season three. The viewers who have been petitioning for his return has seen their wish come true, “Love Letter is incomplete without your presence.” Will be serving his military service in due time.

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5 – Kim Jong Min
When I really understand Kim Jong Min do I realize that many of the dance moves that I liked but didn’t know where it come from, originated from Koyote. The first time Jong Min appeared was on #5 of season one. At the beginning, Shinhwa plus Jung Hwan and Myung Hoon was already a classic combination so I wasn’t really pleased with the sudden introduction of Jong Min into the mix. But following that episode, I started liking have this guy around. The way he looks tells you that he is a good guy and every time he starts laughing, you would feel at ease with him. I am not sure why, but every time he starts laughing, I tend to laugh along with him as well and it is not forced but just enjoying it happily. He is really great at acting like an idiot although we all know it isn’t really like that. In the period of time that Jung Hwan wasn’t around, Jong Min volunteered and took his place and continued his comedy act. Even during #16 in season 2, he insisted on appearing even though he was carrying an injury, this showed that he was a really diligent guy at heart.

There are too many classic scenes involving Jong Min and one of them is the number of love quotes that comes from him to please the girls and it works most of the time. Compared to Jung Hwan and Myung Hoon, he has more luck with girls like Jung Eum, Soo Jin, Ayumi, Lee Yoon Mi, etc. And many of them got even more exposure thanks to him and usually those that got coupled with him left a deeper impression on me as well. If I was one of the girls, I would gladly take Jong Min any time of the day, because I would be tickled to laughter everyday.

Late on then I realized that he and Myung Hoon went through a lot before achieving their current success. From a replacement dancer to being the leader of Koyote, the glow surrounding him is getting brighter and brighter. Thank you Jong Min for bringing so much fun and laughter to our screens through Love Letter together with Jung Hwan and Myung Hoon. Unfortunately, he will be serving his military duties by the end of the year, he will be sorely missed.

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6 – Jang Young Ran
Young Ran is the second girl that I liked a lot on Love Letter. Not sure who gave her the nickname of “Human Vitamin” but it suits her perfectly. She has good looks and figure and has a loud and natural laughter, she also has a outgoing character and all of these constitutes into good relations with almost everyone she comes into contact with. The best impression she left is how she tends to go after each and every Shinhwa member fervently. Similarly, everyone knows that the part where Shin Chun Jong makes fun of her is pre-arranged by the PD while the “unfair” treatment she gets is also the same case here. In another program on MBC, Happy Shares Company, we see her silently playing the piano and that is another side of her that we don’t get to see often. To me, her relentless chasing of the Shinhwa members is what led me to like her. Everytime you see her trying to get coupled with them, you hope for just that one time she would succeed. You can half-heartedly say that you can find someone to substitute either Shin Jung Hwan, Chun Myung Hoon or Kim Jong Min but you can never find a replacement for Jang Young Ran.

There’s an interesting proposition that every Shinhwa or Young Ran fans would like to know which is exactly which Shinhwa member does she like the most? Minwoo did pose this question to her in #4 of season two. Young Ran took a moment before answering, “My first pick would be Junjin.” Then she immediately retracted and said cutely, “But Minwoo you are No. 0 in my heart.”

If you say that it is regretful that Eric and Dong Wan did not appear in season two, then it is even more so to say that it is a waste that Young Ran and the whole of Shinhwa did not appear on Love Letter together. If only Young Ran had appeared once in season one of Love Letter, surely there would be fireworks. Everyone knows that in private, Young Ran has good relations with each and every member of Shinhwa. Sometimes, just being friends than lovers are better, you know. Has recently taken to acting and was last seen on Hello! Miss.

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7 – Bae Seul Gi
Season 2 episode #14 ushered in a girl that looks normal at first sight. No one took particular notice nor put any attention on her which included me of course. During the mid-point couple selection, I was wondering about who Minwoo would be coupled with. At this point, Seul Gi came up to the stage and she looked particularly nervous as all eyes were cast upon her solely for the first time in the show. “Hello everyone, I am the youngest in The Red (her group then), I’m 20 this year, it might not be very good but I have prepared Bokgo (retro) dance. Her wobbly voice showing her lack of self-belief and confidence. Ms Shin was remarking how could a 20 year-old know about Bokgo dance, Minwoo was shooting love bullets to give her confidence, her group member Oh Seung Eun was clenching her fists giving her moral support. She shyly slipped out her tongue and patted her face to psyche herself up and there she goes. When the music hit and she started doing those dazzling hand movements, everyone was like staring at her in amazement! Myung Hoon and Jong Min started clapping in excitement and started imitating her actions, and so the Bokgo dance queen was born on this day!

Among the newbies who relied on Love Letter for exposure, Seul Gi can be considered to be the most successful one! Bokgo dance which was revived by her became a hot topic on the internet and was even penciled in by SBS as one of the highlight stars of Love Letter in their finale special. Although she became more noticeable because of her Bokgo dance, her choice of partner wasn’t really ideal and exactly who does she like, it remains a topic that is still discussed till this day.

Last released an album in Korea and now presumably in China filming a drama there because of her popularity.

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8 – Jang Woo Hyuk
He is forever H.O.T, he is a dance god not only in Korea but also the whole of Asia, he is the sun that never sets, Jang Woo Hyuk. The legend of H.O.T has already long passed but Woo Hyuk remains as close to us even though 10 years have lapse. Woo Hyuk still looks as suave as ever even though H.O.T has disbanded long time ago. Although he only appeared in five episodes, his status as a premium star always sees many girls clamoring to be his partner. In every episode he is in, he would always be involved in triangle relationships, and he seems to be enjoying it himself.

H.O.T wasn’t in my generation so I always thought he wasn’t that passionate since he gives you an impression of “keep away from me”, doesn’t talk much, an aura of arrogance. But he is really not like that and if you don’t watch Love Letter, you would not know he is actually that mischievous and comedic. Can’t forget how he childishly picked up Seul Gi’s shoe and pretended it was a hand phone? It would seem that every episode that he appeared on was hell exciting. As for why I didn’t mention about his dance. Well, his dance cannot be expressed in words, it’s simply out of this world.

Not much is known about his present status but still active in singing I presume.

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9 – Jeon Hye Bin
Looks not too bad, sexy figure and alluring dancing queen, she was the most outstanding girl participant in the earlier episodes of Love Letter season 2. If in real life, there would be someone like her using one arm to hold on to my neck and then having close skin ship with me, plus dancing provocatively, I would probably be blushing like mad. There seems to be no dance that she cannot perform. But I don’t really dig her antics in each episode, if there’s Junjin, she would go after him, sames goes for Jang Woo Hyuk, Kim Jong Kook, she would always be the 3rd party, snatching other people’s partner. She once asked Yunho in #16 of Love Letter season 2, “You are ill, do you need nuna to look after you?” That was really sweet and really impressed with her showing courage to say that out, love should be like that.

After her brief variety show stint on Heroine 6 ended, has made a career switch to acting and has appeared previously in Witch Yoohee and now appears in SBS saeguk drama, King and I.

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10 – Dong Bang Shin Ki
They are currently the hottest boy band in Asia at this moment. They are to teens now where previously H.O.T, Shinhwa ruled the roost. They are not at the forefront leading the Hallyu dream. Only leader, Yunho and Micky Yoo Chun have appeared on Love Letter and frankly my impression of them isn’t that great. They do have a fervent fan following and can also count on Kim Jong Kook during the show for support. They do dance well and look suave and frequently the target of girls on Love Letter.

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11 – Chae Yeon
In Love Letter, there are two female guests that always perform dances that I consider to be sexy and alluring. One is Jeon Hye Bin and the other is Chae Yeon. The two of them duking out in a dance battle is one of the highlights in Love Letter. Compared to Bin, I have more of a liking for Chae Yeon. Chae Yeon small clear eyes gives out lots of charm and her “Two of Us” MV was really sexy spicy hot. This sexy singer will more often than not show that she has another side to her than sexy sexy all the time.

In season 2 #19, her tussle with Bin over Kim Jong Kook which resulted in Jong Kook chosing Chae Yeon at the midway point also shows how strong she can be when faced in such situation. Her wrestling battle with Bin in the same episode showed us her steely determination to show the best side of her in front of the man she likes.

She also bought her “unusual” relationship with Seung Gi from Xman over to Love Letter, pairing up with him all the time when they were on the show together. At least what couldn’t be achieved in Xman since they never were on the same team was finally achieved in Love Letter.

Presently still active in singing and is in the midst of promoting her 4th album.

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12 – Super Junior
13, never in my dreams would I have thought that this was the number of people in one group. It must be a Guinness World record. Do each member then sing one line for every song? Up til now, I still can’t get most of their names except for those slightly famous ones. But undoubtedly, Super Junior will be the hottest group following the footsteps of H.O.T, Shinhwa, DBSK, the world be be theirs eventually.

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Han Kyung
When I was told that there was a person from China appearing on Love Letter, many people ask who that was. After investigating about his popularity ranking among Super Junior members on chinese forums, it was discovered that he was No.1 and the number of votes far outweights the second person. While Han Kyung looks like a Korean, he has been lambasted for his poor performances on Love Letter. But I think he did quite well considering he is not a local and his antics with Ho Dong during one of the game segments on Love Letter where he tried translating words into Chinese was really hilarious. Heard that because of some political nitpicking, sometimes, Han Kyung can’t appear on stage to perform. Hope that gets ironed out in future. Good luck!


Choi Siwon
This boy is very handsome and one word to describe him is manga-like. This boy studied in China before and is pretty popular over there. The deepest impression he left on me was the couple of times he got coupled together with Bae Seul Gi. Many people debated over whether they were compatible with each other ,etc. But there’s really nothing worth debating over this and more over I felt that they were very happy during the times they were together.

Hee Chul, Dong Hae and Ki Bum also appeared on several Love Letter episodes and their performances weren’t that bad either…

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13 – Binwoo
She belonged to the earlier episodes of Season 2 and left a deep impression on many viewers. She was pretty tall, had dark skin tones and a big mouth. Talking about Binwoo, you would have known about her “Love bullets” move. Actually “Love bullets” wasn’t founded by her. If I remember correctly, it was during season 1, during the episode with Kim Min Jung where she fired love bullets towards Andy and Dong Wan. You can put it that Binwoo developed the love bullets move to a greater level.

You can feel that Binwoo was someone who had improved a lot just by being on Love Letter. She usually makes the most glaring of mistakes during athletic games and it was so simply exaggerated ridiculous of errors that you can’t help but laugh and feel sorry for her at the same time. She appeared again at the tail-ends of Season 2 but her reappearance never gave me the same feeling as she did earlier.

She was last seen as a regular on Jiwhaza but that show has since ended its run. Also known as an actress.

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14 – Tim
Tim is pretty popular among the girls and this is what they have to say about him: Tim is handsome, sings well and most importantly is a gentleman. Furthermore, he speaks excellent English and has an accent since he studied overseas. But somehow he gives me an unnatural feel and appearing haughty at times. But the girls in Love Letter don’t think of him that way. Whenever no one wants the girls or rejects them, Tim would be the one to step out and help them without asking; perhaps that’s why the girls always have a good opinion of him. Presently, he is gearing for a career switch to acting and is taking classes in acting.

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15 – Hwang Jung Eum
A classic beauty who radiates light because of Kim Jong Min. She is definitely a pretty girl, and is pretty to the point that you would dream of her in your dreams. Before her coupling with Jong Min, she had already appeared several times in Love Letter but didn’t leave much of an impression. It was only until when she formed the Tung Tung (empty head) couple with Jong Min where she finally got noticed by the viewers. You would definitely be like me rolling on floor laughing at their antics, Jong Min huffing and puffing carrying Jung Eum from one end to another, right in front of Ho Dong, and then giving him the most unthinkable ridiculous answers in the entire world, and then locking daggers at each other with their eyesight when Ho Dong pronounces their answer to be wrong.


16 – Fly to the sky
The impression of them at first was that they didn’t belong as a group but rather as two individual entities. But gradually you would feel that they sought of complement each other strengths and weaknesses. SM Entertainment is a company that is full of debatable issues, and most of the people involved with them has lots of grievances with them. But Fly to the Sky seems to be an exception, totally without a care as to what is happening behind the scenes. They are just focused on stamping their ground as Korea’s best R&B group. Since then, they have changed to a new company too. All the best.


My impression of Brian in Season one wasn’t that good, especially when he starts going hyper on doing those overly cute actions. But with Season two, I came to slowly realise the inate character of the man behind his cute face. Loved to see him ape the face reaction how Hwanhee sings a song, simply too alike, and I will always try not to laugh when I see the real Hwanhee singing.

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Hwanhee is a guy with immnese popularity in Love Letter and almost all the girls choses him when he is on the episode. Besides adept at singing R&B, he is also great at break-dancing. Still can’t forget the break-dancing battle he had with Minwoo during one of the episodes. His friendship with Brian is another besides Shinhwa that is to be envied.

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17 – Park Jung Ah
Jewelry’s leader, she is the type of girl I like, good character, easygoing, acting like she is, broad minded, not too exaggerated, and she has said many times on the program that she is not feminine enough, not gentle, tomboyish, but it is actions like this that makes me take note of her even more.

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18 – Min Kyung Hoon
Which guests makes you feel repulsive at first but then gradually warming up to his/her presence? Min Kyung Hoon is a good example of this. He has a fairer skin tone than most girls and a body frame that girls would die to have, so no matter how you look at it, he looks rather effeminate. You wouldn’t not notice him because he always get teased by Ho Dong and then turning it to his own advantage and getting back at him.

Like Binwoo, he also improved a lot in Love Letter. He doesn’t really know how to dance, but everytime he would move his body of his and try to ape Michael Jackson moves and always act reserved during recording which in a way added a dash of flavor to the show.

Another thing to note is that his song, Coward performed by his group, Buzz is a very nice song.

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19 – Ayumi
Another classic girl guest that left an impression because of Kim Jong Min. When Love Letter moved into Season 3, from my own perspective, those guests that appeared wasn’t much to my liking with the exception of Ayumi. Mixed-blood people usually look extremely pretty and adorable, and this Chinese-japanese mixed-blood girl who had a bit of baby fat face and bright sparkling eyes made her especially loveable to people. Ayumi also appeared to be more eccentric than Hwang Jung Eum even (incidentally both are ex-Sugar members).

There was once at the very end during the couple kiss segment, she once blurted out when she got a repulsive kiss that she didn’t want, “I finally understand that money earned by artistes aren’t easy to come by.” The numerous times she was coupled with Kim Jong Min during games were really infuriating to say the least. Many felt that she didn’t give Jong Min the respect he deserved after he had helped her along in the earlier episodes. I had the same thought as well but come to think of it, Love Letter is a semi-scripted show, maybe it was written into her character.

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20 – Yoon Jong Soo
When Chun Myung Hoon left for a period of time, the PD of Love Letter decided to utilize Yoon Jong Soo to fill the vacant spot. This was obviously a big failure just like when Lee Hyuk Jae became the MC in Xman. No matter how funny he tried to be or pulling off gags, he was a million miles away from Chun Myung Hoon. This ahjussi popularity on Love Letter was also kind of low and didn’t leave much of an impression on me much less the girls on Love Letter. The final words he said to Ho Dong though on the final episode was very touching and it must be kind of a privilege to be finishing the show together with Ho Dong.

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21 – Bada
Bada’s appearance on Love Letter got many S.E.S excited and invoked memories of the past where S.E.S and H.O.T ruled the industry. I’m not really a S.E.S fan and it has been a long time since they disbanded. But I can sort of understand the kind of deja vu and longing those fans had when they saw something related to S.E.S appearing on screen. Bada appeared towards the end of Season 2 and there was once when she was paired up with Chun Myung Hoon and was seen carefully wiping off beads of sweat off his forehead. S.E.S fans should be delighted that Bada is still continuing in her singing career unlike her two other members.

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22 – Lee Ji Hyun
My friends often asked me among the many bevy of beauties, which of them is the prettiest of them all? I would say it’s Lee Ji Hyun. Her fair skin, angelic face, doll-like eyebrows, and big manga-like eyes, all in all, she is like a princess from a manga book. But what I can’t fathom is why she always appears comedic-like in Love Letter. The PD even lets her become a character that doesn’t respond readily. Is it because of her Dangyunhaji Queen status in Xman, that’s why they typecast her role on Love Letter? Last seen hosting Happy Shares Company and understood to be taking acting classes now.

Special Mentions

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Kim Jong Kook
He is well-known for his muscular physique and mosquito vocals. He only appeared in two editions of Love Letter and frankly I only started watching Love Letter because of him. He appeared in Season 2, #14 and it was real funny seeing him erupting in fury over Myung Hoon’s act cute moves because he was afraid that Micky/Yunho’s part would be edited away because of him. His favoritism towards DBSK, especially Yunho is legendary. He appeared for the second time on Season 2, #19 which was also his last. This was like a Kim Jong Kook special in itself because he had the most screen-time if I remembered correctly. From the beginning, the stage was set for a tussle between Chae Yeon and Jeon Hye Bin for Kim Jong Kook. Jong Kook firmly stated that his heart has space for only one woman. Then Jong Kook set the long jump record just pipping Lee Sung Jin to it.

Following which, we saw a thrilling couple selection at the half-way stage where Jong Kook had to make the painful decision to pick Chae Yeon over Bin. Then in the wrestling game, he had to take on the comic quadruple of Sung Jin, Myung Hoon, Jong Min and MC Mong where he won all of them. In the couple game, he won the tug-of-war easily while in the aeroplane game, he lasted till the end and gave up in order not to steal the limelight, giving the win to Sung Jin/Jung Eum couple. Finally at the very end, he choose not to pick either Chae Yeon or Bin so that neither would be left in tears, what a guy and staying true to his one and only love.

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Lee Soo Kyung
For those viewers who have watched earlier episodes of Season 2, you would be familiar with her, even more so if you are a fan of Junjin. The following might be a tad biased but it’s my personal opinion. I have a liking for almost everyone who has graced Love Letter, even those who doesn’t appear often or appear just for that one time only.

The only one exception is this one woman, Lee Soo Kyung. Her looks are plain, her smile and actions make me speechless. The PD always gives her the most camera time and close-ups. And there is always a plethora of guys lining up for her. From the excellent Junjin to the most comedic trio of Jung Hwan, Myung Hoon, Haha and MC Mong. They always show that they have only “true feelings” for her, especially Junjin. Junjin who always appears to be frivolous with his love, suddenly appears to have grown up in the presence of her and becomes extra emotive towards her.

There’s someone else I have to mention here and it’s not Junjin nor Young Ran. You won’t be able to get it correct but the one I am referring to here is Jeon Hye Bin. Curious? Just read what I have to say. Actually they are kind of related in some way. Bin appeared on Season 2, #2 up till #4 and the best female guest on that few episodes is no doubt her. But then, on #5, #6 and #7, Bin vanished! And who replaced her on this 3 episodes? It was Lee Soo Kyung who was on them. After that period, Bin returned and Soo Kyung left.

All of these goes to show that Love Letter had the intention of making Lee Soo Kyung famous. But as to why she left eventually after that three episodes, well if she had continued to stay on, Love Letter might have ended sooner than you thought. So the theory that Junjin had left Love Letter together as a couple with Soo Kyung, it would be the most ridiculous thing ever to happen in Love Letter.

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Shin Chun Jong Group
Shin Jung Hwan, Chun Myung Hoon, Kim Jong Min, anyone that watches Love Letter would be familiar with this trio. But the opportunity of seeing them on screen at the same time is very limited. So when the three of them do grace the screens together, you are bound to be in for an enjoyable time, they are the one that really brighten up and made Love Letter even funnier than it really is.

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Yookgabee, Chuldukee, Palbokee
There was a long period of time when Jung Hwan wasn’t around because of the gambling scandal. Thus Brian was roped in to join Myung Hoon and Jong Min to provide comedic relief. Brian did his best but his cute face and adorable antics really didn’t help much, his performance was passable. But Jung Hwan’s talent for comedy is unrivaled by anyone. If you didn’t know, Yookgabee, Chuldukee, Palbokee are court jesters in the movie, The King and the Clown. Yookgabee is Kim Jong Min, Chuldukee is Brian while Palbokee is Chun Myung Hoon.

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The end of Love Letter
Although Love Letter has ended, but the stars that had graced it are still present. They are continuing their starry lifestyles, it’s just that they won’t ever appear in front of us in the context of Love Letter. Life has to go on and we should also continue life as should be and hope that whoever watches Love Letter will find their own true happiness as well!

I am glad that at least I have season 1 (selected episodes), 2, 3 on archive and can rewatch and laugh along again whenever I feel down. It’s a great tonic and probably I would never find something like this again ever. Fighting!!!

20 thoughts on “Stars that illuminate Love Letter

  1. Wow. Very detailed description of the series. I remember just watching a clip of the series and being hooked.

    I didn’t know that the series started because of shinhwa.

    My favorite person that i love would have to be Kim Jong Min. I love watching this man so funny.

  2. It happen that i was browsing, i co-incidence to read all about their memoires for sharing time in having an exciting moments with the show. I missed all this kids.. They really enjoyed it and even me , it made me so excited and laughed so loud by myself when am here watching to my computer..
    I was a bit late for this..coz I was hearing about this korean show and dramas from my fellow people only this year,and so i went to korean video store bought almost my favourite drama dvds. I was so impressed how they act. They are so natural. Of course, the best my handsome Kim Jong Kook ( his voice) In 2 epi i’ve got jealous for yoon eun hye. Same thing too with yoon eun hye I’ve got jealous for kjk… 😉 I love you all …muaaaah! Keep the good job and best of luck to you all.

  3. GUUUYS:)) ‘trust me i watch the show that i can be able to log in ..I doesn’t make me bored..Like kjk expression am “getting crazy”..i watched over and over ,,never ending. I get EYEBUG watching :)) :D..
    You can’t blame me right? 😉

  4. wow thanks for all the info much aprreciated alvin lim i guess this is your website you did a good job on this for a boy while im added please dont get offened and thanks for the info (:

  5. Thanks alot for writing this entry.I don’t know why i feel like thanking you for this.I miss Loveletter a lot .However i only watched SHINHWA episodes not the rest.I’m smiling happily inside now .Variety game show like this can leave such an impression to me..haha…that’s strange.

  6. Love Letter Season 2 is my favourite, even though I only watched some episodes of LL. Can’t help but rewatch the episode when Lee Seung Gi and Chae Yeon were coupled right from the start. I am also an avid fan of Xman, watching Giyeon successfully coupled on LL is some how of a dream come true.

    Thanks for the feature!

    LL forever, Giyeon forever!

  7. reading through this entry has bring back tons of happy memories on love letter and x-man..
    luv shinhwa the most and they are so so adorable, funny and cute!!
    thank you!! ^_^
    good day!

  8. I love Love Letter..especially Bada :).

    Very nice compilation.

    I thought Ayumi was actually full Korean? I read somewhere that she was born in or lived in Japan in her early life but she is actually Korean. She has also said that her name was formed using Hanja: A for asia, yu for peace (or something) and mi for beauty.

  9. I think that in love letter jeon bin act better than chae yeon because she show a cute and sexy side of her and everytime that she dance she did a exellent jod.

  10. My fave Episode was KJK pwnd every game.
    Also because you know he still stuck to his One Woman, we all know who I’m referring to and if you don’t search up young warrior girl 😀

  11. Alvin, thank you for writing this. It was truly sincere and heartfelt. The words you used to describe each and every single person involved with this program was honestly beautiful.
    Definitely agree LL is the perfect thing to watch when you need a good laugh. Along with Xman. Best two shows I’ve ever watched.
    I will remember them forever. -Tiff

  12. i giggled when i read shinhwa’s part, esp andy. omg so true! i liked eric at first but i couldn’t resist his charm. >///< i came into this show first because of shinhwa, and came back again because of shinhwa. mid 2000 is really the best time for k-varieties and sbs. thank you for writing this. x')

  13. I have to say that I gotta agree with you on Lee Ji Hyun. I didn’t quite like that she was put as an outcast or ‘one of the funny ones’ on Love Letter. I guess it’s because through her body actions she doesn’t show much interest to guys, so she wouldn’t mind if no one picked her. Also, most of the time it’s 2 guys and 2 girls out so it would be Miss Shin and Myung Hoon for guys and Jang Nara and another girl. All the girls wanted a couple and seeing that Ji Hyun is such a free flowing girl, the only option was to drop her out. I’m still sad though…

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