Rainie Yang new image


Rainie has recently revealed her new image for her upcoming album called <<缺氧>> due out on September 7th. She cuts her fringe short, lessen her hair volume and the result made her head look like a “jellyfish”. Yes, her new hairstyle termed “jellyfish” took her 16 hours to get it done.


It looks not too bad then what her two similar competitors had when they went about a radical change from their normal style. Looks kinda unique, wonder if it will spark off a slew of copycat wannabes?


Exactly what were they thinking of using that picture of Angela for her Taipei concert dvd??? Simply ridiculous…makes her look like a freako. Didn’t mean to look at it in the CD shop but that picture simply drew me to taking a closer look before i realise who it was.

4719760024015s.jpg vs 4719760024350s.jpg

At least, Cyndi did manage to come with a better-looking 2nd version album cover compared to her ridiculously looking 1st version. Pity those people who got her first album, they must have felt short-changed. But hardcore fans would most probably just buy another copy.


Simply can’t fathom what they were thinking about putting that thing on her head, makes her look funny…still haven’t got an idea…

16 thoughts on “Rainie Yang new image

  1. i wanted to look like rainie cuz i thought she was SOO cute but now…wth did they do with her NICE haircut? WHY WHY WHY 😦

  2. they can’t be always sticking to the same thing, they need to try new stuff but in this case, it’s either you like it or hate it!

  3. I think Rainie’s hair is unique and different. I like different and it’s not ugly. I will say that at first, i asked why she cut that hairstyle, but it is becoming of her.

  4. rainie yang is still a cute girl. , even if she had a new hairstyle now. , but not for insulting her new hairstyle. , but i like her last hairstyle. , hihi. , but i like the couple of rainie yang and mike he. , i love it!!!. ,

    Tc Olweiz. , ^_*


  5. i love rainie yang songs..

    the latest song i love is ai mei..

    rainie yang..

    i am your number 1 fan here in the Philippines

    and ur movie “devils beside me” together with your handsome leading man Mike He.. i love it.. and its funny.. ^^

  6. Rainie looks older with that hair style… TT____TT
    I hope Rainie change her hair style like before…

  7. At first I didn’t like Rainie’s Hair, but after seeing it again, I don’t mind it. But 16 hours?? Come on.

  8. Whatever hairstyle she wears….she is still Rainie Yang….pretty and talented. I think she looks gorgeous in her new hairstyle, who would’ve pull it off better than Rainie……Chow!!!

  9. well i guess its a different hairstyle..
    but she’s still the cute clumsy girl…
    at least she didnt change her personality
    it matters wahts in the inside too..
    kekeee. (=

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