Truth behind Love Letter variety show

Executive producer and director Jo Eun Jung shares with us the secret behind the Korean variety show, Love Letter which always have 20 cameras positioned around to capture every exciting moment that happens on set…


Q:Does the program have a script?
A:Yes, there is, mainly it’s about the program flow, the timing that the guests appear and the opening and ending performances, at this point, I would get together with Kang Ho Dong (host) to brainstorm ideas and then rehearse it once with the involved guests.

Q:Are the guy-girl couples decided before the show?
A:Yes, before everything begins, we would gather photos of all the guests and let them take a look. We will then say, “Is there anyone in particular that you are interested in?” these sort of questions to them, this is to make it easy for us to arrange for program scheduling. Once the program starts recording, it would be up to them to develop those relationships, there are also instances where they would change their targets midway through the recording too.

Q:Are there instances where the guests request specially that they would want to couple with someone?
A:Yes, for instance, they would say, “If so and so were here the next time, that would be great!”, these kind of quotes. The most popular female guest is Han Chae Young while for the guys, its Min Kyung Hoon. There are also times where some guests would say if they knew Junjin, U-Know Yunho or Micky Yoochun was here, then they would also come then for that recording.

Q:Is it true that during the segment where the girls throw the flower bouquet, the most occurrences of NGs are here?
A:There is really nothing about it usually, but once you stand on that platform, it’s a whole new ball-game all together. Bin would get all nervous when she is on it. And sometimes, the girls would throw the bouquet too far or in some obscure direction, so NGs in this segment are very commonplace.

Q:We always see how competive it can be during the couple games and competition, is it really like that?
A:When we use celebrities, it does really get very edgy during recording. Althought knowing that all this coupling aren’t real at all, but when it comes to the real selection at the end, their hearts would beat really fast and if you don’t get picked by the one you like or when the one you like doesn’t pick you, some do get hurt at the end.

Q:Do those guests who get coupled meet up after the recording ends?
A:This I am unable to confirm for you. But as far as I know, there are people who aren’t really close at first, but after recording the show together, they become extra close and they would leave each other their numbers after the recording so that they can keep in contact again in future.

Q:Does everyone eat together during break time and meal time?
A:Although everyone eats in the same building, but often you would see guests that are in the same company eating together, also their agents/managers and crew would also eat together. Guests who have a lot of fans is another matter altogether. For example, fans would send Min Kyung Hoon ginseng chicken soup while Dong Bang Shin Ki would have fried rice cakes sent to them, at times like this, everyone benefits from it.

Q:During the couple selection time, will there be feelings of uneasiness or sympathy?
A:The guys are always very calm and collected, if they don’t like the girl, they wouldn’t step out.

Q:In those triangle relationships, the person that doesn’t get picked, isn’t she very sad at the end?
A:There can only be one couple and thus one of them would definitely not be picked, we only hope that she wouldn’t feel too sad about it. But if you are talking about people like Jang Young Ran, she is on good relations with practically most of the guys, so there is really no worry about her getting hurt.

So there you have it, all the speculation over whether Love Letter is scripted or not, it’s quite clearly indicated in the above-mentioned interview. This was published in a magazine in the early days of Love Letter Season 2.

So the final verdict is Love Letter is a semi-scripted variety show and this is likely to be true for all other variety shows like Xman, etc.

(originally posted @ Coolky forums)

22 thoughts on “Truth behind Love Letter variety show

  1. Hey there 😛 is it just me or in Xman in the Dangyunhaji games they tend to look over to where the PD’s etc? cause maybe (not that it changes the fact that is a super funny and a great part of the show) that even Dangyunhaji is scripted since they sometimes look like the are reading when they look over ? ^^ (if it is known that is is then my bad hehe)

  2. yes. it was kind of pretty obvious especially in latter episodes of the Dangyunhaji games. It was kinda freestyle in the earlier ones though. The latter ones if you notice tend to be long-winded and not so funny. But we all know that the show is semi-scripted.

  3. OMG!! U watch Love Letter too!?!?! Hahahahaha!!! It’s damn funny!! U drama freak like me!! LOL… I just finished watching Tokyo Tower starring Hayami Mokomichi. He’s a bit too black for a japanese but so cute lah! Hahahaha.. The last 2 episodes of the show is a killer.. So sadddd!!!

  4. but my love letter post is about korean variety show…but i also watched japanese love letter drama b4…haha yeah, i am a drama freak.

  5. Ya i’m talking about Love Letter the gameshow.. The dangyunhaji game is damn funny.. You can’t go wrong with episodes that has Kim Jong Min in them… He’s super goofy lah!! Omg his michael jackson dance in Heroine 6 is the bomb!!! So suave!

  6. thankyou for posting this. i’ve been wondering if it is really scripted. but for a scripted show it’s soo funny lol. i get really jealous when yunho and hye bin gets together tho so now im glad it’s scripted lol hahha

  7. wow.. soo cool.. i know this is old.. but its still interesting haha.. thanks for the post.. ^^

  8. i was rewatching some episodes online, and in the comments someone brought up the idea of the show being scripted (which’d never occured to me!)- thanks for the clarification! it doesn’t stop me from enjoying the show, but still really interesting to know!

  9. why don’t they have yoon hye eun on loveletter!
    i bet it would be a good hit if she was on =]

  10. Hello, I’ve been trying to find out the name of the cute women with the dimple on the left side of her face. Sometimes she would put her hair in pigtails. I’ve become addicted to the show now living in THailand.

  11. does anyone know who sings that rose dance song? female singer and starts with “Babe i’ve been missing you and i hope you miss me too”.. sometime like that…

  12. thanks for posting this..
    so it is semi scripted just the program flow, but not what they’re saying, is that right? the guests are the one who will think their words or statements to what they want to say..

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