“Jo In Sung’s girlfriend” turns out to be Park Min Young

20061104090130608e70lv7.jpg picture by Coolsmurf

Internet search of “Jo In Sung’s girlfriend” topped the internet search. The truth of the mysterious girl is finally unveiled.

She is Park Min Young and is a student of Dongkuk University, in the third year of Theatrical Arts. Photographs of her and Jo In Sung together on the campus were splashed across on internet cafes and blog sites which caused the misunderstanding of “Jo In Sung’s girlfriend”.

Park Min Young expressed that, “much misunderstanding was received during the time when Jo In Sung senior and I went to school together frequently.” Friends whom she was not in contact normally would also call to ask about this matter. There were also threats coming from her homepage and mails. “However I am not upset as there is nothing more to our relationship except a junior-senior relationship.”

Park Min Young’s entertainment world debut story is also rather unique. Her management company was searching for a mini-homepage last year and came to look at Park Min Young’s homepage by chance. They found her to be a charming person as well and decided to offer her a casting call and she was thus signed.

Translated from: Newsis (4/11/06)

21 thoughts on ““Jo In Sung’s girlfriend” turns out to be Park Min Young

  1. Love Jo In Sung with Ha Ji Won. They’re great together. Their acting are superb, joyful, determined, funny with great chemistry.

  2. ampir gila klo mikirin jo in sung….seandainya di lahirkn di belahan dunia yg sm mkn lbh mudah bg q utk jd belahan jiwa jo in sung….damn….damn…damn…cant stop thinking about you…oppa…///

  3. she’s not the type of girl that i expected to be Jo In Seong gf bec. she is so plain..

  4. Ha ji won and jo in seong is the best couple i’ve ever met.they are perfect together…i hope and always wish they’ll marry and if it happens I will never be jealous…..i’m crazy abaut them..yeah..if you see them together like coming with my heart beat

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